Coming Soon – 1st Annual Blue Ridge Soap Box Derby!

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Want to be in the Race?

The Blue Ridge Soap Box Derby Official Rules as of December 7, 2018

Race Categories

 Category 1: Age 7-11
 Category 2: Age 12-17
 Category 3: Age 18 and over
 Category 4: Corporate Race w/driver of any age (7 and over)


Race Registration Fees

Category 1 & 2 race fees shall be $25 per entry which includes: one (1) event shirt
and two (2)  pit pass & badges.
Category 3 race fees shall be $35 per entry which includes: one (1) event shirt and
two (2) pit pass & badges.
Category 4 (Corporate races) vehicle fee shall be $150 per vehicle which includes:
two (2) event shirts and two (2) pit pass badges. Also required with entry is a
“prize” or gift card worth $25 or more (to be donated as part of the winning prize

NOTE: Race fees are based on drivers entering the race, not vehicles. This
allows families with one car and multiple children to participate without
building each driver their own car. If drivers using the same car are ever pitted
against each other for any reason, the driver with the lower official registration
number will automatically win (unless they specifically withdraw in favor of
the other driver).

Derby Car Guidelines & Rules:

Driver Safety
All drivers must wear an approved helmet. Additional safety gear may be worn at the
driver’s discretion. NOTE: keep in mind the overall weight limit of the car/driver
Restraints are not mandatory, but are recommended. Please consider the age and
ability of the driver.

Drivers must be in a sitting position with legs facing forward. Drivers may lean back
for aerodynamics, but may not lay head first.
Derby Cars
Drivers are encouraged to be creative and think outside of the box; however, derby
cars should be constructed with SAFETY in mind. While vehicle parts may be new,
used, or recycled from almost any material, they should be structurally sound. All
bolts should have locking washers or nuts to secure them while any sharp edges
should be rounded over.

Derby cars must be completely gravity powered. No other mechanical propulsion is
allowed, i.e. springs, rubber bands, pedals, human propulsion, weighted drives,
engines, or motors of any kind.

Derby cars should be mostly handmade, i.e. you cannot simply use a motor less “go-
kart” frame. No “Power-Wheels” or other commercially made vehicle. If you are
unsure of your selection, please ask a race coordinator before you start or continue
construction on your derby car entry. Officials/Inspectors have the final say.
Derby cars must have a minimum ground clearance of 2.5″ and a maximum of 9″
Derby cars must have a wheel base width min/max of 24″- 40″ and a maximum body
width of 40″.
Derby cars must have a wheel base length min/max of 56″- 80″ and a maximum body
length of 90″.

Derby Car Wheels
Derby cars must have 4 wheels, and must be fixed in a single direction, no casters or
Wheels shall have a minimum of .75″ width and a maximum of 6″ width.
Wheels shall have a minimum of 4″ diameter and a maximum of 30”.

Weight Limits
Maximum vehicle/driver weight for Category 1: 225lbs.
Maximum vehicle/driver weight for Category 2: 325lbs.
Maximum vehicle/driver weight for Category 3 & 4: 350lbs
All weights and ballast must be securely fastened to the derby car at its lowest point;
no additional weight can be added to the drivers.

Derby cars must have a reliable steering mechanism, with stops, to limit the
movement to no more than 25 degrees, or any degree to prevent the wheels from
contacting the body, in either direction.

All vehicles must have a braking system! All brakes must be friction based. Brakes
can be applied to the tires, the axel or to the ground (or any combination of the three).
Any ground contact system must be rubber soled and cannot damage the ground
surface. Braking systems must be completely controlled by the driver and cannot be a
parachute or anchor system, i.e. nothing can be dragged behind to slow the vehicle

Vehicle Decorations

Name of driver(s) and/or a "racing number" will be allowed on any vehicle. Drivers
are encouraged to decorate their vehicle any way they want with certain exceptions.
Derby cars in Category 1-3 may not advertise for any business. Phone numbers,
websites, social media links or business slogans will not be allowed. A vehicle may
represent a business theme, i.e. if your family business is a grading company; you
could decorate your vehicle as a dump truck or bull dozer (leave off the business
name/logo). If you would like to advertise a business on your car, you must join the
Corporate Class (Category 4).

Exception to Advertising Rules – Category 4 (the Corporate Class) may decorate
their derby car with as much advertising as they’d like and are encouraged to design
and decorate their car with a theme that matches their business. The other exception
to this rule is “Sponsored” cars, which may only have “advertising” items on its
12”x6” license plate. Finally, certain "causes" will be allowed to decorate their
vehicles without joining the Corporate Class. Typically, these are non-profits;
however, please inquire before decorating.
Topics that include politics, guns, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or otherwise controversial
topics WILL NOT BE ALLOWED on any derby car. If you are unsure if your

chosen theme fits this rule, please contact a Derby Car Official. During derby car
check-in and on race day, Derby Car Officials will enforce this at their discretion.

Vehicle Inspections

To maintain fairness, vehicle inspections will occur. All cars must be at the Fannin
County Middle School between 4-7pm on April 26 th , 2019 for inspection (certain
hardships will be considered if you cannot make the time frame but you must contact
a race official). After cars are inspected and pass all requirements, they will be
moved into the school facilities and stored overnight. No modifications can be made
to the cars after a passing inspection, with the exception of safety modifications under
the watch of an inspector/official. Cars failing inspection will be allowed to exit the
facility for modification and allowed to be re-inspected for entry into the race.
On race day, cars may be inspected at ANY time per the direction of an official. At
the end of each category, cars in 1 st through 4 th place will be inspected prior to
announcement of winners and distribution of prizes. Play fair as you and your vehicle
may be disqualified!
If anyone suspects another driver/team of cheating, please address an official

The Soap Box Derby Race

Races will be held in a bracket style within each race category (age group); each
bracket winner will be determined in a best “two out of three” runs.
Races will be held on a side by side track with two cars racing against each other.
Cars will be launched from the top of a declined ramp. The ramp stop will rest
against the front most structural piece (typically considered the “bumper” or “grill” of
a car); however, the race will end when the FRONT WHEEL crosses the finish line.
Participants will be assigned a number at the April 26th inspection (in order of check-
in). These numbers will later be drawn (at random) to decide the race brackets. The
lower of the two numbers will have first option of lane choice. Consecutive runs will
switch lanes to determine the best two out of three winners. NOTE: this assigned
number will be your official race number, not the number that may be on the side of
the car.

Derby Car Tune-Ups

We are aware that derby cars may require adjustments and minor repairs during the
race. There will be a designated work area with basic power access. Racers are
encouraged to bring their own power tools and back up supplies. Please do not be
alarmed if an official asks to re-inspect your derby car after you’ve worked on it.

Prizes/Prize Package
Category 1-3: Winners shall receive the following prizes;
 1 st Place – $250 cash
 2 nd Place – $75 cash
 3 rd Place – $25 cash
Category 4: Corporate races shall have ONE winner who receives the “prize
package” (provided from all other corporate racers).
Best of Show: $100 cash! This winner will be decided from a panel consisting of one
member from each of the 5 Executive Sponsors.

Event Shirts & Pit Pass Badges

All drivers are expected to wear their event shirt. Whether they choose to wear the
event shirt above or below safety gear (as long as it does not impede with their safety
gear), is the choice of the driver. Additional event shirts will be available for

Anyone entering into the race car pits (car staging under the overhang on sidewalk)
must display a pit pass badge. This prevents safety issues and minimizes liability and
accidents. Additional pit pass badges will be available (for your driver’s crew) for
$10/each during the event ($5/each after the event ends).

Want to be a sponsor? 

Thanks for your consideration in sponsoring this community event! We are The Blue Ridge Soap Box
Derby, a 501c3 organization. With a festival or event almost monthly, there is always something exciting
to do here. However, most of the events are tourist driven and not geared towards kids in particular, so we
set out to change that. The Blue Ridge Soap Box Derby was created by locals and is geared towards the
local community, specifically kids and kids at heart. 100% of all profits go back to the Fannin County
School system, specifically the S.T.E.M program (Science.Technology.Engineering.Math). We hope this
will be a great success this year and many more years to come. Here is how YOU can help.The different levels of sponsorships listed have a dollar amount listed for those wishing to contribute monetarily; however, any combination of money and “in kind” services and/or donations will be considered towards the total amount. The sponsor privileges below are a minimum and more perks may be added as the Blue Ridge Soap Box Derby (BRSBD) progresses towards the event date. Thank YOU for helping us make this event successful for the citizens of Fannin County, Georgia!

Vehicle Sponsorships:
$150 – This special sponsorship is designed to assist those who are unable to
afford the vehicle materials and registration. It will provide both the materials and registration fee for a
participant and includes a 24”x24” sponsor sign displayed in the derby car “pit” area as well as a 12”x6”
sponsor license plate to be displayed on the vehicle. Additional graphics may be displayed on the vehicle
or the driver at the sponsor’s expense. (The sponsor may choose to be anonymous and we will work with
them to design a fitting sign/license plate.)

Executive Level: $1,000 – Executive level sponsors will be provided a 10’x10’ booth space at the event
to use for their own promotional purposes and are the ONLY sponsors allowed to solicit products or
services during the event. A 3’x6’ banner will be provided by the BRSBD and displayed in the most
prominent location. Executive sponsors will have their name prominently displayed in each derby car
“pit” area (24”x24”). The name of the business will be mentioned prior to every race category by the
event announcers. Executive sponsors will have their name listed on top of sponsor boards and/or
announcements and event t-shirts. NOTE: Only 5 Executive Sponsors will be accepted for the event and
will not have “competing services”; for example, if Real Estate Company X is an executive level sponsor,
no other “real estate company” will be accepted as an Executive Sponsor.

Diamond Level: $500 – This level of sponsorship will include 3’x6’ banner will be provided by the
BRSD and displayed at the derby starting area; have their name prominently displayed in each derby car
“pit” area (24”x24”). The name of the business will be mentioned prior to every race category by the
event announcers and will have their name listed on top of sponsor boards and/or announcements and
event t-shirts.

Platinum Level: $250 – This level of sponsorship will include 2’x4’ banner will be provided by the
BRSD and displayed alongside the track; have their name prominently displayed in each derby car “pit”
area (24”x24”). The name of the business will be mentioned prior to every race category by the event announcers and will have their name listed on top of sponsor boards and/or announcements and event t-

Gold Level: $150 – The name of the business will be mentioned prior to every race category by the event

announcers and will have their name listed on top of sponsor boards and/or announcements and event t-

Silver Level: $75 – This level of sponsorship will have their name listed on sponsor boards and/or announcements and event t-shirts.

Bronze Level: $25 – This level of sponsorship will have their name listed on sponsor boards and/or

We hope you’ll help support this awesome event and remember,

· We are an event for the local community by locals, but all are welcome of course!
· We are a 501 C-3, and volunteer-driven, NO ONE gets paid a dime.
· 100% of all the money raised after the bills are paid goes to the school system, specifically the
STEM program.
· We are working with the Boys and Girls Club to allow them to race for free (I’ll be building extra
cars for them)
· We’re also working on a getting Special Needs group together. They will be riding in tandem cars
with a driver, so they can experience the race as well.
· We will be reaching out to all of the surrounding Chamber of Commerce and school systems in
order to make it as big of an event as possible.
· It’s just going to be fun!

PLEASE contact Mike Sullivan (919-273-8315, [email protected]) or Brian
Higgins (706-455-9829, [email protected]) to become a sponsor.

News from Fannin County Chamber of Commerce

Business, Community
Fannin County Chamber of Commerce  eNewsletter
May 2018
News for Members
Fannin Co. Chamber Logo

Leading the way to economic vitality and quality of life in Blue Ridge, McCaysville, Morganton and all of beautiful Fannin County, Georgia.

Two Great Business After Hours In May!


Member News and Events

Don’t Forget to Vote!
Early Voting has started. The primary election is May 22.
Welcome to the Georgia Rural Development Council
The Georgia Rural Development Council will come to Blue Ridge to meet regarding Equitable Use & Compensation of Right of Way Usage for
Emerging Communications Technologies on May 15 & 16. The meetings will be at Bear Claw Vineyards from 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. on May 15 and  8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on May 16.

Fannin Regional Hospital presents 
“Dinner with the Doctor” 

Dinner with the Doctor will feature Dr. Kevin Bunn, Orthopedic Surgeon. The dinner is this afternoon at Willow Creek Falls at 5:30. Learn more about the doctor and there will also be a question and answer opportunity. Reservations are required. Contact Susan Kiker at (706) 964-2730.
Fannin County Host to Georgia Outdoor Writers Association
We were pleased to have Fannin County chosen as the host community for the Georgia Outdoor Writers Association’s Annual Conference. We had approximately 30 writers in the area for 4 days.  Thank you to all of our wonderful partners who worked with us and made this a successful event. They had a great time, experienced many of the wonderful things that our community has to offer and they are looking forward to a return visit.

Thank You Golf Tournament Sponsors!
The Spring Golf Tournament is happening May 22 at Old Toccoa Farm. Good luck golfers and thank you to all those who sponsored this event!
Title Sponsor – ETC Communications
Lunch Sponsor – Mountain Valley Community Bank
Putting Contest Sponsor – Mountain Gateway Appraisal
Teams – Ace Hardware, Appalachian Insurance & Financial Services, Blue Ridge Pharmacy, Copper Basin Federal Credit Union, Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals, Keel Properties, Kevin Panter Insurance, Lifeforce, Mountain Valley Motors, NGYOA, North Georgia Sports Zone, Summit Inspections, Temple Baptist Church, Trane Rental Services, UNG, United Community Bank

Welcome New Members!

Allstar Photo Service

McCaysville, GA, 30555
(706) 455-0912
Jerry Daves
Allstar Photo Services specializes in special events, team sports, custom portraits and posters.
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Daffodil Hill Romantic Carriage House Suite
(706) 851-4430
Barbara Noyes
Daffodil Hill Romantic Carriage House Suite is a custom built suite perfect for those wanting to spend their honeymoon in Blue Ridge, GA. Enjoy a heated Whirlpool Jacuzzi in bedroom with king size bed, a separate large bathroom/dressing room, marble heart sinks and a double shower in this 2,200 square foot custom designed suite for two. The large gourmet kitchen is equipped with all the essentials and guests will have a supply of farm fresh eggs, homemade bread, bacon and waffle mix. The bottom floor houses their beautiful horses and three replica 1800’s carriages available for rides or learning to drive while enjoying your stay. Please call owners for rental availability.
Delivery Dudes
(706) 760-6857
Louis Brian
Delivery Dudes is a full delivery company delivering food, groceries, etc. Whether you are in-town or out in a cabin Delivery Dudes will deliver to you! Riding the train? Delivery Dudes will have your picnic lunch waiting for you to enjoy when you arrive in McCaysville. Enjoy your lunch by the beautiful Toccoa River!
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Ed’s Supply Company
Rodney Hayes
Ed’s Supply Company offers HVAC/R wholesale.
Flying Trout Restaurant
Blairsville, GA, 30512
(706) 745-8000
Michelle Evans
Flying Trout Restaurant offers seasonal “soul satisfying” southern favorites featuring only the finest ingredients. Setting out to be the best food in the South, their culinary team rocks a menu of classics. Always fresh, always new, always comfort food with attitude made just for you. 
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Marketplace Ministries
Mineral Bluff, GA, 30559
Steve Brown
Marketplace Ministries is a non-profit faith based Georgia corporation formed to share Jesus with business leaders.
Southern Comfort Cabin Downtown Blue Ridge Rentals
240 West Main St.
Blue Ridge, GA, 30513
(706) 258-3737
CJ Stam

Southern Comfort Cabin Downtown Blue Ridge Rentals features vacation rentals and lodging options in downtown Blue Ridge, GA. Convenient to all the shopping, dining, galleries and the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.
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The Martyn House

912 Flat Branch Rd.
Ellijay, GA, 30540
(706) 635-4759

JoAnn Antonelli

The Martyn House Farm is a circa 1930’s Homestead located in Gilmer County on 18 beautiful acres and is home to Glamping.Their unique lodging consists of 3 Luxury Sleeping Tents, The Studio, The Cottage and The Millhouse. Guests can embrace the peace and quiet of nature, while still enjoying all the comforts of home. The Martyn House offers seasonal Farm to Table dinners, Second Saturday Workshops, Retreats and is an Artist Residency. 
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Ribbon Cuttings, Congratulations!
April 24 was the ribbon cutting for Viking Outdoor. Viking Outdoor proudly provides custom lighting, sound systems and water features for the mountain community. With over 20 years in the industry, the Viking can create the right system for you – call today! 404-952-3542
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April 25 was the ribbon cutting for High Country Pest Control. High Country Pest Control offers structural pest control; termite, carpenter bees, etc.
(706) 455-8672
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Chamber Member Anniversaries!

El Rio Mexican Restaurant

Aska Lodge B&B, LLC
Huck’s General Store
Noontootla Creek Farms
Walhala Ridge Furnishings

Appalachian Beverage
Blue Ridge Fry Shop
Blue Ridge iClinic
Blue Ridge Medical Group – Dr. Clifford Thompson, F.A.C.S., Dr. Jonathan Bloch, F.A.C.S. and Dr. Nathan Kincaid General Surgery
Blue Ridge Medical Group – Dr. Emily Sue Burnham, Internal Medicine
Blue Ridge Mountain Trail Rides at Hells Hollow
Copper Basin Federal Credit Union
Eagles Rest
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Goodspeed Architects, Inc.
Grumpy Old Men Brewing, LLC
King Heating & Air
Papa’s Pizza To Go
Ray Gaines
Real Estate Around the Mountains
The Farnham Law Firm

May Community Events Calendar
April 27 – May 5 – The Art of Larry Smith, Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association
May 4 – Veterans Fishing Rodeo, Chattahoochee Fish Hatchery
May 4 – Stand-Up Comedy with the Geico Caveman John Lehr, Grumpy Old Men Brewing
May 5 – Meet the cast of the TV show “Quick Draw”, Firefly Music Private Cabin
May 5-6 – Georgia Apple Blossom Festival, Ellijay
May 5 – Awake the Grapes, Serenberry Vineyards
May 5– Kentucky Derby Party, Blue Ridge Lake Front Address
May 5 – Fred Johnson Jazz Musician, Blue Ridge Community Theater
May 10 –   SAAG Spring Art Show, Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association
May 12 – Georgia Mountain Classic Car Show, Downtown Blue Ridge
May 12 – Master Gardeners Plant Sale, United Community Bank Pavilion
May 17 – June 3 – Murder Room – Comedy, Blue Ridge Community Theater
May 17 – Jane the Move, The Swan Drive-In
May 18 – Endangered Species Scavenger Hunt, Downtown Blue Ridge
May 19-20 – Discovery Days, Project Chimps
May 25 – Georgia Mountain Classics Cruise In, Dairy Queen
May 26-27 – 43rd Annual Spring Arts in the Park, Downtown Blue Ridge
May 26 – All Star Monster Trucks, Blue Ridge Motorsports Park
Recurring Events
* Trivia Tuesdays, Fightingtown Tavern
*Visitor Time, 10:00 a.m. – Noon, Tri-State Model Railroaders, Mineral Bluff Historic Depot

Bingo, Kiwanis Fairgrounds
* Trivia Night! Fannin Brewing Company
* Brewery Tours & Tastings:
Thursday through Saturday’s at  Fannin Brewing Company and Grumpy Old Men.
* Swan Drive-in –Now Playing

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Member News & Events
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Ribbon Cuttings
Chamber Member Anniversaries
Community Events Calendar

Chamber Calendar of Events
May 1 – Ribbon Cutting for Blue Ridge Bird Seed Co., 611 East Main St., Blue Ridge
11:00 a.m.
May 2 – Lunch N Leads, Blue Jeans Pizza and Pasta Factory
12:00 p.m.
May 3 – Candidate Forum, Blue Ridge Community Theater, 2591 East 1st St., Blue Ridge
5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
May 3 – Leadership Fannin, Economic Development, Fannin County Chamber
9:00 a.m.
May 4 – Ribbon Cutting for Blue Ridge Motorsports Park, 2252 Sugar Creek Rd., Blue Ridge
10:00 a.m.
May 4 – Ribbon Cutting for Blue Ridge Adventure Gear, 342 East Main St., Blue Ridge
4:00 p.m.
May 11 – Leadership Fannin, Tourism, Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association
9:00 a.m.
May 15 – Business After Hours, Fannin Regional Hospital at Riverstone Medical Campus, 101 Riverstone Vista, Blue Ridge
5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
May 16 – Ribbon Cutting for Vacasa, 21 High Park Dr., Ste. 7, Blue Ridge
11:30 a.m.
May 16 – Golf Committee Meeting at the Chamber
12:00 p.m.
May 17 – Leadership Fannin Graduation
May 18 – Ribbon Cutting for State Farm Insurance/Charles Edmondson, 154 Orvin Lance Connector, Blue Ridge
2:00 p.m.
May 22 – 2nd Annual Spring Golf Tournament at Old Toccoa Farm
9:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Tee Off
May 23 – Ribbon Cutting for Downtown Accommodations by Mountain Top Cabin Rentals, 224 West Main St., Blue Ridge
10:00 a.m.
May 23 – Board of Directors Meeting, Chamber Board Room, Executive Committee at 11:00 a.m, Board of Directors
12:00 p.m.
May 24 – Ambassador Lunch at Masseria, 67 Roberts Way, Blue Ridge
12:00 p.m.
May 29 – Business After Hours, Tri-State Model Railroad, 150 Railroad Ave., Mineral Bluff
5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Member Renewals
Allen Construction
Appalachian Beverage
Appalachian Insurance & Financial Services
Aska Lodge B&B, LLC
Assist Homecare Services
Automated Creations, Inc.
B.R. Fitness
Best Western Mountain View Inn
Blue Ridge Adventure Wear
Blue Ridge Bird Seed Company
Blue Ridge Fry Shop
Blue Ridge Heights, LLC
Blue Ridge Lodging Association
Blue Ridge Medical Group – Dr. Dillon Miller, Family Practice
Blue Ridge Medical Group – Dr. Emily Sue Burnham, Internal Medicine
Blue Ridge Mountain Canopy Adventure at Hells Hollow
Blue Ridge Mountain Trail Rides at Hells Hollow
Blue Ridge Olive Oil Company
Boat Dock Bar and Grill at Lake Blue Ridge Marina
Broken Bull
Brookstone Apartments
Complete Home Services
Coosa Creek Marketing Products
Cucina Rustica
Duplicating Products, Inc.
Eagles Perch Lodge
Eagles Rest
Edwin C. Pound, III, MD, PC
El Rio Mexican Restaurant
Faith Presbyterian Church, USA
Fannin County Board of Education
Gene Rutkowski, Mountain Place Realty
Georgia Mountains Hospice
Grandaddy Mimm’s Distillery
Green Leaf Lawn & Ornamental, LLC
Grumpy Old Men Brewing
Harry Norman, REALTORS
Heartwood Health, Art and Yoga
Hometown Foods IGA
Huck’s General Store
Humane Society of Blue Ridge
Iron Bridge General Store & Cafe
Jan Kantor
Janken Daniels – BHGRE Metro Brokers
John M. Hicks
John Soave Custom Home Builders
King Heating & Air
Lisa Affordable Websites
Maureen Roeland
Mountain Education Charter High School
Mountain Emergency Animal Center (MEAC)
Mountain Gateway Appraisal
Noontootla Creek Farms
North Georgia Cabins & Land, LLC
North Georgia Spas
Ocoee Adventure Center
Old Toccoa Farm
Papa’s Pizza To Go
Pedego Electric Bikes
Perfect Word Data Services
Persimmon Creek Campground,Trout Pond & Gem Mine
Roper’s Heating and Air Service
Satterwhite Log Homes
Scott Nichols, Coldwell Banker High Country Realty
Stonehenge Senior Living
Teatrees Boutique Spa
Terry L. Wilson, LLC
The Cleaning Booth
The Diamond Center
The Last Stop Grill
The Toccoa Lodge
TRC Hauling & Paving, Inc.
Van Zandt’s Riverwalk Grill & Grocery
Vista Scapes
Wilderness Creek Falls & Ridge Brook of Blue Ridge
Willow Creek Falls and Vineyard
Member Events

Andrew Seitz FFA Proficiency Winner

Rebel's Corner

Andrew Seitz Wins Area Proficiency Award


Andrew Seitz, of the Fannin County FFA, recently won the Area 1 FFA Proficiency Award in the area of Agricultural sales for his work on tying fly fishing flies.  Andrew Seitz is the son of Stephen and Connie Seitz of Suches, Georgia and a sophomore at Fannin County High School.

For the past two years, Andrew has taught himself how to make fly fishing flies to use when trout fishing.   He has recently started his own business of selling the fly fishing flies to local customers. He currently makes all types of flies but specializes in nymphs creating many varieties with elk and buffalo hair.  In order to receive the proficiency award, Andrew had to fill out paperwork regarding his inventory, record keeping skills, profit or loss sheet, objectives and outcomes, and resume.

Not only did Andrew win the area 1 but he was also a state finalist.  He will now advance to the state competition held in Macon, Georgia on April 27, 3018.  Here, he will be interviewed by a panel of judges regarding his proficiency application.  He will finish in the top three among the state and will walk across the stage at the state convention and be recognized for his accomplishments.   A first place win at the state level would advance him to the national competition held in conjunction with the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana in October.

FFA is a national organization of over 600,000 members preparing for leadership and careers in the science, business and technology of agriculture.  FFA is an integral part of the agricultural education program in public schools. The FFA mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

Cherie White is the Fannin County FFA advisor.  The Proficiency awards are sponsored by the Georgia Development Authority as a special project of the Georgia FFA Foundation.

Pictured above are some of the fly’s that Andrew has made.

A nymph made by Andrew Seitz.

Andrew Seitz working with his vise to make flys.

Miss Fannin County Middle School Pageant

Rebel's Corner

March 16 was the Junior Miss Fannin County Middle School (FCMS) and Miss FCMS Pageant.  We had 39 participants.  Attached are images of  our winners.  The first image is of Monica Cosentino, first runner-up for Jr. Miss FCMS, Middle is Jr. Miss FCMS Reese Lindstrom, second runner-up Jr Miss FCMS Madison Denton.  The second image is Miss FCMS Kinsley Sullivan and second runner-up Miss FCMS Leah Pope.  Not pictured is first runner-up Miss FCMS Brekailyn Arp.  The last picture is of Kinsley Sullivan, Miss Photogenic, Taylor Poland, Miss Sponsorship,  Adealyn Ray, Miss Congeniality.  Not pictured is Emily Mealer, People’s Choice winner.


FREE Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening for Women 40-64 at Fannin County Health Department

Announcements, Health, Lifestyle

FREE Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening for Women 40-64 at Fannin County Health Dept!

Blue Ridge (GA) – FREE Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening and is provided to eligible women ages 40 to 64 at the Fannin County Health Department.

“Early detection is critical,” said Catherine Knight, RN, Fannin County Nurse Manager.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths for women in the United States and in Georgia, but when found earlier, it is more likely to be treated successfully and women are surviving longer with breast cancer. Cervical cancer used to be the leading cause of cancer death for women in the U.S. However, in the past 40 years, the number of cervical cancer cases and deaths from cervical cancer have decreased significantly. This decline is largely due to many women getting regular Pap tests, which can find cervical pre-cancer before it turns into cancer.

These free Breast and Cervical Cancer screening services are available at the Fannin County Health Department for women who are Georgia residents ages 40 to 64 with limited income and limited or no health insurance:

  • Clinical Breast Examination
  • Mammogram
  • Pap test
  • Referrals to treatment through the Women’s Health Medicaid Program

All women who qualify are urged to call the Fannin County Health Department to make an appointment for Free Breast and Cervical Cancer screening at (706) 632-3023 right away! The health department is located at 95 Ouida Street in Blue Ridge.

West Fannin Elementary Character Ed winners for March

Rebel's Corner

The Character Ed word for the month of March was Optimism.  The definition is “hopeful; focusing on the good in all situations.”

These students were chosen for consistently displaying this character trait throughout the month.  Congratulations to all of you!

Pictured are, from left to right, front row: Sophia Garcia, AbbyGail Grindle, Ella Norris, Ryann King, Scarlett Queen, Makayla Siler, Kaydee Parris, Brody Ingle;  middle row:  Archer Twiggs, Tucker Griggs, Karleigh Cruce, Colton Bradburn, Avery Collis, Yarely Vargas, Isaac Watkins; back row: Ava Acker, Jordan Kinman, Yamilet Lopez-Garcia, Kaden Davis, Callie Lewis, Michael Dunnivan, and Isabella Patton.  Not Pictured:  Jeremiah Wyrick and Natalee Reeves.


The upcoming Spaghetti Dinner hosted by the Epworth Community Club (125 Schoolhouse Road, Epworth, GA) is Wednesday March 21st

The upcoming Spaghetti Dinner hosted by the Epworth Community Club (125 Schoolhouse Road, Epworth, GA) is NEXT Wednesday March 21st (One week from today) from 4:30 – 6:30 pm.  Spaghetti, Bread, Salad & Dessert – $6.Dine-In – Italian atmosphere, checkered table cloths, candles, Italian music, Italy slide-show, Epworth neighbors and more.
 – To Go Orders can be picked up at the door.

CLICK to see a 50 second Promo video with local talent about the upcoming Spaghetti Dinner at Epworth.

CLICK to see the Epworth version of Veni, Vidi, Vici.

News from Fannin County Chamber of Commerce

Business, Community
Fannin County Chamber of Commerce  eNewsletter
April 2018
News for Members
Fannin Co. Chamber Logo

Leading the way to economic vitality and quality of life in Blue Ridge, McCaysville, Morganton and all of beautiful Fannin County, Georgia.

If you haven’t already …
Take a look at our new website!

Free TripAdvisor Workshop for Members
TripAdvisor Class
This is a free class for Chamber members and space is limited! To reserve your seat now,  


Be sure to provide attendee names, email addresses and specify morning or afternoon class.

Candidate Forum is Set for May 3
Join us on Thursday, May 3, at the Blue Ridge Community Theater for the Chamber’s pre-primary Candidate Forum.  There will be a meet and greet beginning at 5:30 p.m., followed by the Forum from 6 to approximately 9 p.m. Included will be local candidates for Fannin County Board of Commissioners Post 2 and two seats for Board of Education.  Both Republican and Democratic candidates have been invited to participate.

Member News & Events
The Chamber is helping sponsor the annual meeting of the Georgia Outdoor Writer’s Association from April 26 to 29. Approximately 30 outdoor writers will be in Fannin County experiencing our outdoor attractions, including the Trout Fest and Outdoor Adventures Festival on Saturday, April 27 in downtown Blue Ridge City Park.
The Chamber will welcome members of the Georgia Rural Development Council to Blue Ridge on May 15 and 16 for a meeting being held at Bear Claw Vineyards event center. More information coming about the times and agenda.

Chamber Member Anniversaries!
Crossrock Cabin Rentals
Humane Society of Blue Ridge
Wilderness Creek Falls & Ridge Brook of Blue Ridge
A & S Clothing
A Step Above Stables
Aska Farms of Blue Ridge
Black Sheep Restaurant Bar and Patio
Blue Ridge Lodging Association
Blue Ridge Olive Oil Company
Blush 809
Cantaberry Restaurant
Cox Farmhouse
Gracious Me!
Mitzi’s On Main
Pink Pig
The Owl’s Nest of Blue Ridge
Wildside Custom Trailers

Chamber Spring Golf Tournament 
At Old Toccoa Farm – Sign Up Today!
(Only Afternoon Availability Remaining)


To Sponsor a Hole for $100.00, email Kim Foster at [email protected]

April Community Events Calendar
April 6-7 – 21st Annual Writers Conference, Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association
April 7 – Ray Fuller and the Blues Rockers, Blue Ridge Community Theater
April 12-29 – The Boys Next Door, Blue Ridge Community Theater
April 21-22 – Bear on the Square Mountain Music & Folk Art Festival,Downtown Dahlonega Square
April 21 – Superhero 5k Run, Downtown Blue Ridge
April 21 – Taste of Blue Ridge, Willow Creek Falls and Vineyard
April 22 – Glen Phillips of Toad the Wet Sprocket, Private Cabin
April 24 – Pops on the Plaza, Young Harris College
April 27 – Georgia Mountain Classics Cruise Ins, Dairy Queen
April 28 – Kid’s Adventure Race, Mercier Orchards
April 28 – 3rd Annual Blue Ridge Trout Fest & Outdoor Adventures, Downtown Blue Ridge
Recurring Events
* Trivia Tuesdays, Fightingtown Tavern
*Visitor Time, 10:00 a.m. – Noon, Tri-State Model Railroaders, Mineral Bluff Historic Depot

* Brewery Tours & Tastings:
Thursday through Saturday’s at  Fannin Brewing Company and Grumpy Old Men.
* Swan Drive-in –Now Playing

Welcome 53 New Members!
2nd Story Entertainment
733 East Main St., Ste. C
Blue Ridge, GA, 30513
(678) 358-1032
Joey Roderick
Coming in April: 2nd Story Entertainment is a family entertainment center with mini-golf, games and more in Downtown Blue Ridge, GA! This unique indoor mini golf concept will feature a variety of themes throughout 9 rooms. In addition, there will be an arcade PLUS various games to through the play area and more!  
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American Heritage Home Inspections
108 Wilson Valley Dr.
Morganton, GA, 30560
(706) 400-8660
C.B. Moore
Home Inspections
Anchor & Arrow Apparel
632 East Main St., Ste. B
Blue Ridge, GA, 30513
(706) 455-1584
Charlie Turner
Anchor & Arrow Apparel offers women’s casual wear. An endless summer apparel shop!
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Avalon Haircrafters
(706) 258-2182
Celeste Lance
Avalon Haircrafters is serving North Georgia and surrounding areas with beauty services from routine salon visits to weddings, formal and print.
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Black Bear Bier Garten
500 East Main St., Ste.  205
(706) 946-4440
Linda Ruud
The Black Bear Bier Garten offers 19 local craft and imported draft beers, 9 varieties of sausage including 6 wild game sausages. Enjoy delicious giant soft German pretzels and a variety of menu items.
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Blue Ridge Creative Co-Op
(770) 713-6917
Jerry Mucklow
Blue Ridge Creative Co-Op is a team of local artisans who specialize in a variety of mediums including photography, pottery, crafting, cooking and more. They offer locally made goods and services as well as an assortment of DIY workshops catering to individuals and small groups.
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Blue Ridge Medical Group – Erich Pearson, Internal Medicine
(706) 946-4272
Susan Kiker
Dr. Pearson is board certified in Internal Medicine. 

Blue Ridge Medical Group – Raymond E. Tidman, Family Practice
(706) 632-4400
Susan Kiker
Dr. Tidman is board certified in Family Medicine and holds professional memberships including the American Academy of Family Physicians (Fellow), Georgia Academy of Family Physicians and the Medical Association of Georgia.
Blue Ridge Medical Group – Shannon Pitman, Family Practice
(706) 632-3670
Susan Kiker
Dr. Shannon Pitman is a graduate of Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, TN. Dr. Pitman completed two residency programs: Wright State University General Surgery, Dayton, OH and Florida Hospital Family Medicine Residency, Orlando, FL. He is board certified in Family Medicine. He is accepting new patients.
Blue Ridge Medical Group – Stan Trigg, Internal Medicine
(706) 632-8787
Susan Kiker
Dr. Trigg is Board Certified in both Pediatrics and Internal Medicine and holds professional memberships including Medical Association of Georgia, Southern Medical Association of Georgia, American Academy of Pediatrics, and American Academy of Internal Medicine.
Blue Smoke World Famous BBQ
Michelle Moran
Coming Soon! Blue Smoke Barbecue. From the creator of Lucille’s BBQ and so much more…stay tuned!
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Burra Burra Seafood Co.
(706) 400-6660
Tim Richter
Coming Soon! Dig into a variety of fresh seafood including; oysters, clams, crawfish, shrimp and more. Offering fresth burgers, wings and tacos while staying connected with multiple media outlets at your family table. Dine in or on the deck while enjoying Conrad’s low country boil, New England clam bake and other seafood platters. Enjoy deep discounts during; burgerMonday, taco Tuesday, wing Wednesday and oyster Thursday, every week (dine in only). Serving lunch and dinner in McCaysville, GA.
Buttram & Seymore Garage Doors
(706) 889-4464
Evan Seymore
Buttram and Seymore Garage Doors offers sales, service, installation and repair on residential and commercial garage doors and openers. Special service plans available. FREE estimates!
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Cabins at Blue Ridge by Wyndham Vacation Rentals
Blue Ridge, GA
(855) 704-2658
Chris Wilkins
Cabins at Blue Ridge by Wyndham Vacation Rentals is a vacation rental company, helping travelers feel at home in beautiful Georgia. They offer unique, home-like experiences backed by on of the most trusted brands in hospitality.
Carroll’s Barbeque
(706) 946-1126
Tom Carroll
Carroll’s Barbeque serves soups and salads, sandwiches and plates, and ribs. Fill the family with a family styled meal of classic BBQ or Ribs and more!
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Clay to Custom Construction
Mineral Bluff, GA
(706) 964-6656
Lucy D’Amico
Clay to Custom Construction is a design-build firm.
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Concetta’s Riverside Bakery & Cafe
(706) 400-6677
Tim Richter
Coming Soon! Concetta’s Riverside Bakery and Cafe is an Italian bakery and cafe with the largest selection of desserts in North Georgia. Relax and enjoy a fresh roasted coffee, cappuccino, espresso or a smoothie with a delectable pastry or dessert. Specializing in Italian street food, featuring Piadas (flatbreads) stuffed with Italian meats, cheeses, vegetables, eggs and sauces. Enjoy their homemade ice cream, shakes, floats and Piada sticks. Open all day including breakfast in Downtown McCaysville.
Confident Carry Firearms Instruction
Christa Forrester
Confident Carry Firearms Instruction offer firearms safety and responsibility classes, situational awareness, etc. Confidence through education.
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Cowanee Restaurant
(706) 400-6675
Tim Richter
coming Soon! Cowanee Restaurant is upscale riverside dining in downtown McCaysville, GA, on the banks of the Toccoa River. Offering slow roasted prime rib, seasonal fresh fish, specialty pasta, noodle bowls and small plates. Home of the areas most extensive wine list and craft beers. Featuring a plated Sunday brunch. Located in the shops of McCaysville. Serving lunch and dinner.
CreekStone Environmental and Geological Services
(828) 200-4585
Ronnie Dilbeck
CreekStone Environmental and Geological Services include; slope stabilization, site plans, soil compaction testing, stream restoration and Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Assessments.
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Cross Country Mortgage
Blue Ridge, GA, 30513
(404) 338-0717
Randi Krasnoff
Cross Country Mortgage is a mortgage lending company. To learn more about Cross Country Mortgage Cross Country Mortgage is a mortgage lending company. 
Deep South Carpet Cleaners
Blairsville, GA, 30512
(706) 745-8455
Elicia Wheeer
Deep South Carpet Cleaners is a professional cleaning company serving both commercial and residential clients in the North Georgia, and Tri-State areas.
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Downtown Accommodations by Mountain Top Cabin Rentals
(706) 258-6220
Tabetha Whitaker
Mountain Top Cabin Rentals offers Downtown Blue Ridge accommodations for visitors who desire to be close or within walking distance of eateries, shopping, and seasonal festivals. 
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Ellijay Coffeehouse and Intown Lodging 
(706) 635-5565
JoAnn Antonelli
The Ellijay Coffeehouse is located in a meticulously restored 1940’s building in Historic Downtown Ellijay, GA. They are a local living room where they encourage you to EAT, DRINK and GATHER! The décor is eclectic with chalkboard menus, and quotes along with the many daily offerings. Our Espresso bar offers specialty drinks, panini’s, and pastries.
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Escape the Line Ocoee’s #1 Escape Room
(423) 436-1520
Gary Redd
Coming soon – an escape room adventure located in Copperhill Tennessee.
Expedition: Big Foot! Adventure Outpost
721 East Main St.
(706) 946-2601
David Bakara
Expedition: Bigfoot! Outpost Adventure is a museum and gift shop of mysteries and legends of America.
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Glamping Under the Big Sky
(706) 333-5363
Gino Zalunardo
Glamping Under the Big Sky offers glamorous tent camping. With queen sized beds, bunk beds, outdoor kitchenette and shower/toilet. Enjoy a fire pit, horseshoes, corn hole, badminton and star gazing! 
High Country Pest Control
Blue Riddge, GA, 30513
(706) 455-8672
Darren Ledford
High Country Pest Control offers structural pest control; termite, carpenter bees, etc.
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Impact Design and Creations
(706) 400-5674
LuAnn Head
Impact Design and Creations offers custom apparel, promotional products, photo gifts and custom gifts.
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Jerry Mucklow Photography and Video
(770) 713-6917
Jerry Mucklow
Jerry Mucklow is a professional photographer and videographer with a fine art background. He specializes in lifestyle, portraiture, events, family and friend gatherings, architecture and more. Jerry also has a large portfolio of fine art photographs from around the world as well as some local scenic images ideal for decorating a home or cabin.
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Lakeside Serenity
(888) 875-5669
Mary Spencer
Lakeside Serenity is a 3 bedroom 2 bath vacation home located on Lake Buckhorne in Ellijay, GA.
McClure Home Inspections
Robby McClure
McClure Home Inspections offers comprehensive property and home inspections. Their services include; electronic radon testing, mold testing, lead paint testing on older homes, drone roof pictures and infrared thermal imaging cameras.
Miller Lake Lodge
Blue Ridge, GA
(561) 596-2550
Alexandra Miller
Retreat Renew Repeat at Miller Lake Lodge. A luxury, private retreat, Miller Lake Lodge is located on the lake close to the Appalachian Trail and offers a quaint little blue chapel on the property. Close to all activities beautiful Blue Ridge has to offer!
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MooBears Ice Cream & Hotdogs
596 East Main St.
(706) 946-2622
Carrie Durden
Coming mid-April is MooBears Ice Cream & Hotdogs. MooBears features hand-dipped ice cream and Angus Beef hotdogs in beautiful historic downtown Blue Ridge. They serve 20 flavors of premium Ice Cream from Ashby’s which is a creamery located in Shelby Township, Michigan. But before having dessert you need to try one of their delicious hotdogs. They have over 10 different dogs.
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Mystic Mountain Pizza
(706) 946-0378
Brannan Mathis
Mystic Mountain Pizza is a family owned and operated pizza joint with fantastic food and a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Come in as friends, leave as family.
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Nicholson Home Builders
(706) 851-4412
Rachel NIcholson
Nicholson Home Builders is a general contractor.
Pic N Vine
104 South Grande Ave.
(770) 371-9083
Melissa Winstead Barnett
Pic N Vine offers unique and one-of-a-kind handcrafted baskets and decor using kudzu vine. You can also learn how to weave your very own basket. Pic N Vine also offers black and white vintage photographs.
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Raymond’s Copper Curve
(706) 851-8781

Candidate Nathan Fitts – Why Infrastructure needs to be a Priority in the City of Blue Ridge


I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when Irma came through Blue Ridge doing relatively little damage. But, what if it had lived up to all the dire predictions? Would the city have been ready?

We know that our emergency management team works hard to ensure readiness when needed. You may have seen them performing practice drills that encompass a variety of possible disaster situations. It is comforting to know we have a fine group of men and women at the ready when we need them.

But, is our city infrastructure ready for the next disaster? We have seen the flooding on Ada Street and on W. Main Street after it rains. One can only imagine the damage that would be done to property in the event of a major weather event. And how difficult would it be for our emergency responders to get to people in need if the roads are impassable?

If elected, one of my first priorities will be to address our outdated infrastructure. We need to know what, where, and why we are having these issues.

Once we have answered those questions, we move on to how we are going to remedy the situation. These are hard questions that will require hard answers, and elected officials that are willing to tackle these issues.

Our city is beautiful, indeed. We have lovely public spaces, a fine playground, a renovated train depot. Our newly completed downtown streetscape makes our city even more tourist friendly. All these are reasons that Blue Ridge is included in so many “best of” articles.






But, it won’t matter how beautiful our city looks if it is not built on a sound infrastructure. We must address this issue now, or pay the consequences later.


Your vote for me will be a vote for someone not afraid to tackle the tough issues!

2015 Fannin Lady Rebels Softball Banquet


softball Link

Could Major Changes in 7-AAA Football be Coming?


Now that the regular season has come and gone, post-season GHSA changes start. The 2016-17 football scene could change for several teams. The realignment comes after a vote to make a new region “Super 44” which puts the top schools with 2,000+ kids in one super region. Now this changes everything from 6A to 1A. For every team that moves up or down another team has to do the same. Schools like Buford whom have more than 3% of there kids outside the county are forced to move up with the new rules. Fannin and Banks Counties are looking like they will move down to AA, while East Hall, Lumpkin, Franklin and West Hall are moving to AAAA. Dawson County will remain the only 7-AAA team if all this plays out like suggested. It is unclear just yet as to what region Fannin will move to, but when we find out after the GHSA makes the changes later this year TeamFYNSports will keep you updated.

Here is a look at what things could look like next football season. Click Here

Fannin Falls to East Hall in Offensive Shoot-Out, 36-50


fannin-county-gaeast hallThe Fannin Rebels (2-3,4-5) travelled to Gainesville, GA. last Friday night to square off against the East Hall Vikings (4-1,5-4) in region play. The Rebels came into the game with a 2-2 record and East Hall at 3-1. Both team have explosive offenses and it showed in the first half of play, scoring 48 points and 572 yards total offense between the two teams. The second half was a bit slower paced, but at the end, the Vikings pulled it out, 50-36.

East Hall won the toss and was able to score quick on a deep pass to go up, 7-0 less than a minute into the game. Fannin responded the next drive scoring a touchdown. The Vikings and the Rebels would continue the first quarter swapping licks and points. With the score 14-7 East Hall and 2:36 left in the first quarter B.Davis found C.Earls on a 57 yard touchdown pass to tie things up at, 14-14 to end the first.


(Photo by Kelly White) Senior Dakota Archie driving against East Hall.

The second quarter was much like the first, a lot of offense and not much defense. The Rebels managed to score first and was successful on a two-point conversion after D.Archie found the end zone from 7 yards out bring the score to, 22-14. The very next drive East Hall duplicated Fannin to tie it up at, 22 a piece. J.Reece caught a 24 yard pass for a touchdown and increased Fannins lead, but the Vikings with 43.6 seconds left in the first half found away to get points and after two quarter and 572 yards and 48 points later things were tied at, 29-29.

The second half of play was a lot different than the first for Fannin. The defense was able to hold the Vikings better, but the offense was unable to protect Davis and make the holes needed for backs. Unable to move the ball or score like the first half, the Rebels defense seen more action and was wore down by the Vikings. Giving up 21 unanswered points, the Vikings controlled the third and fourth quarters. Although J.Roper found the end zone to start things off on a 3-yard run, that would be it for the Rebel’s offense. The Viking ran and threw their way to a victory over the Rebels, 50-36.

(Photo by Kelly White) Senior Adam Ingram stretching out  against East Hall last Friday.

(Photo by Kelly White) Senior Adam Ingram stretching out against East Hall last Friday.


Next up for Fannin is Senior Night at Rebels Stadium this Friday at 7:30 pm. They will face a Franklin Lion team that has had success this year and looking to finish in the top three in the region. Fannin in a 3-way tie for fourth place. Now, with that said, the Rebels are in a very tricky situation in 7-AAA. Fannin, West Hall and Banks all sit at 2-3 and tied for fourth place, but both West Hall and Banks have wins over the Reb’s. Now, with this week’s games, all this could change depending on who wins and who losses. The way i see this is, if Fannin beats Franklin and Banks and West Hall lose, Fannin could see a playoff spot, but if the latter happens this could be the last game for the Rebels.



(Photo by Kelly White) Junior Quarterback Brad Davis went 17-25 for 216 yards and 2 touchdowns at East Hall.

Fannin QB Brad Davis eclipsed 2,000 yards passing this year, 16 touchdowns and averages 241.9 yards per game. Davis was lights out in the first half of play, but the offensive line seemed to be tired and lacking in the second half. The Vikings pass rush was to much for a tired Rebel line and didn’t allow Davis time to set-up the passing game while they stifled the run game in the second half. Davis was 17-25 for 216 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT and rushed for 11 yards.

This week I am going to showcase a couple seniors, as this is senior week at Fannin High School. These seniors have seen both wins and losses on the Rebels team and are some of the most talented on the Rebels football roster. This is just a few as this Rebels team is full of talented players, freshman to varsity, they will have many years of talent to pick from.

Since the injury in week two to senior defensive back Jerod Petty, the rebels looked elsewhere for leadership on the field. Well, they found it in  Senior Jack Roper. Roper has had as good a season as any high school player or coach could ask for. Averaging 7.3 tackles per game, Jack has 49 solo tackles, 66 total with assists and that’s just on the defense. On offense he has been a huge playmaker as well. He has 12 touchdowns on 80 carries and averages 6.1 yards per carry with 485 total yards. He has one 100+ yard game this season. He is a hard hitter on defense and runs the hard yards when Coach Pavao needs him. Roper, like Dakota Archie, runs through the defenders and makes them pay every time they try and tackle him. If there was anyone who has stepped up this year and filled the gap and void of the Petty loss it would be Jack Roper.

Dakota Archie is also another player whom i would say has taken up the leadership role and helped build this Fannin team this year. In the three games he has started in the backfield this year, he has 84 carries and 387 yards, averaging 4.6 yards per carry. All three games have been 100+ yard games and has found the end zone three times. He has 10 catches for 78 yards on the season. Defensively he has also impacted the team, 29 solo tackles, 55 total including assists, averaging 6.1 tackles per game and 2 interceptions.

Daniel Kinser, Dylan Usry and Jean Zamora are a huge part of the Rebels defensive line. Although I don’t have many stats on these seniors, these men will be hard to replace on next years roster. Without them the Rebels would be in a much different place in this tough region.

Christian Resendiz, Adam Ingram, Dylan Frank, Tyler Jones, Hunter Neal, Dominik Leben and Jerod Petty are the sole remaining seniors on this years Rebels team. These young men make up what Rebel Pride and Rebel Football is all about. Both on the field and off, these men led the way for a young team and helped define what winning and being a Rebel is all about. They have paved the way for a new era in Rebel Football and along with Coach Pavao and staff have given us fans something to be proud of.

Full Stats From East Hall Game Click Here

fannin-county-ga Click Here ButtonHighlight Video Link





Emily McClure Wins BRES Spelling Bee

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You could hear a pin drop in the data room at Blue Ridge Elementary school on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 as students anxiously awaited the school wide spelling bee. (more…)

Fannin Library Holds Fundraiser

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What is your favorite children’s book character? How about Curious George, Clifford the Big Red Dog or a llama? The Fannin County library’s Books Make Cents campaign could make that possible for the children’s book fan in your life. (more…)

Too Little, Too Late for Saharra

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After too little, too late was done for Saharra, FYN has spoken with her mother, Jennifer Palmer, as well as several other family members regarding the status of the investigation of the circumstances surrounding her death. (more…)

FCHS & Taco Bell Team Up for Graduation Rates

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With a demand for educated employees increasing, Taco Bell has created the Taco Bell Commit to Graduate Challenge. Fannin County High school is one of the 1,000 schools nationwide to participate in this challenge. (more…)

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