Emily McClure Wins BRES Spelling Bee

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You could hear a pin drop in the data room at Blue Ridge Elementary school on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 as students anxiously awaited the school wide spelling bee.Fourth and fifth grade homerooms held individual competitions to select representatives to participate in the big, school wide spelling bee. Participants included Alyssa Hooper, Emily McClure, Rachel Bruce, Sydney McGuill, Laci Pack, Gavin Myers and Lainey Panter.

Laci Pack sits waiting for her word during round seven. Laci is the daughter of Jerrit and Sara Pack.

With words increasing in difficulty, one by one, the students stumbled on difficult words. After 23 rounds, words that tricked the students included acorn, always, moose, urban, ivory and empower. Finally, the completion was between Myers and McClure, with McClure prevailing. They each congratulated one another on their success and McClure received a copy of the rules for the upcoming county wide spelling bee.

Emily McClure is the school wide spelling bee winner. Emily is the daughter of Jason and Cartina McClure.

McClure will travel to the Board of Education on Tuesday, January 28th to compete against the winners from East Fannin Elementary, West Fannin Elementary and Fannin County Middle School.

Emily is the daughter of Jason and Cartina McClure.

FYN would like to congratulate Emily and her family on her success and wish her luck in the upcoming competition on January 28th. We would also like to congratulate the other contestants. They were the best spellers of, approximately, 150 students and that’s an achievement worth being proud of.

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