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The Character Ed word for the month of December was Dependability.  The definition is “deserving trust or confidence; able to be counted on.”

The following students and staff were chosen for consistently displaying this character trait throughout the month.  Congratulations to all of you!

Pictured from top to bottom and left to right- Row 1: Ximena Leal, William Acevedo, Camryn Dockery, Ethan Erwin, and Nathan Gourley.  Row 2: Carmen Gorton, Alivia Hurd, Tommy Turner, Noah Carroll, Kage Cook, and Will Henderson.  Row 3: Mallory Dickey and Bristol Hawkins. Row 4: Connor Reddin and Wyatt Craine. Row 5: Mariana Garcia, Bentley Cole, Melissa Acevedo, Mahlon Lunsford, Ella Barfield, and Rylee Ledford.  Row 6: Manning Sandefur, Cyrus Bell, Jordan Garland, Lana Hicks, and Staff Winner Charlene Hubbard.

Fannin County Rebels Pre Pace Academy Motivational! Go Rebels!!!

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Go Rebels!!!

Rebel Football: The Embodiment of an entire Community

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If you have played on or you have ever been around a well coached football program, then you know its not often that you get to hear about a singular players stats.

You might hear rumblings from an athletes family about how good they are playing, or you might even read an article in the local paper about how a kid may be on pace to break some school records.

Blue ridge

However, when it comes to Blue Ridge Georgia and the Fannin County Rebels, I have not heard one student athlete, parent, or coach single out a particular player on the team when asked about the Rebels recent success. As the Sports Director at #TeamFYNsports, I have spent some time around this team and talked a lot about them with members of the community as well as other sports media outlets around North Georgia and it just seems different. Usually, there’s one particular kid who everyone wants to rave about and talk about how the team just wouldn’t be the same without them but that is not the case with the Rebels.

For example, Luke Holloway is on pace to throw for 1,800 yards and 23 touchdowns during a season shortened by a global pandemic!

I asked Luke earlier in the year about how it felt playing a season with so many unknowns ahead, and all he had to say was that he was just happy to get to play with and for his teammates and coaches.

Anywhere else, this kid would be the talk of the town!

I think this kind of “we, not me” mentality embodies the whole community of Blue Ridge though.

Just hardworking people grabbing their lunch pail and heading to work everyday to get the job done. This mentality has spilled over into the young people, especially the young people on this football team.

So, hats off to you mommas and daddy’s of Fannin County Rebel players. You are really the ones who deserve to be headlining the papers every week. Thanks to the qualities and morals, hard work and sportsmanship that you have instilled in these kids, we have the chance to see a very special season unfold right before our eyes.

I could even see a banner in the near future.

Fannin Storms Through Banks 49-13, 3-0 for 1st time since 2005

Team FYN Sports

Written by Tim Towe

Be The Storm

“In Every Warrior’s Battle there’s going to come a time where your mind is going to tell you that you can’t weather the storm. Don’t just weather this. Change it and Be The Storm.”

That was Head Coach Chad Cheatham’s message to the team in the locker room and the Rebels put up 35 points up in the 3rd quarter. Which may or may not be a school record for most points in a quarter. The Rebels defeated Banks 49-13 to improve their record to 3-0 for the 1st time since 2005.

Banks County, won the toss and put together a nice opening drive. Banks had 1st and Goal, but Seth Reece came up with an Interception for the Rebels at the 3 yard line.

Banks County would get the ball back and strike 1st on a double pass to take a 6-0 lead with 5:34 left in the 1st. Seth Reece would continue his great 1st quarter and block the extra point.

6-0 Banks would be your score at the end of the first quarter. Micah O’Neal would come up with a Sack on 3rd down for Fannin. Fannin would turn the ball over on the punt. The next drive Cason Owensby, Jake Sands and Carson Collis would come up with big stops on defense and the Rebels would get the ball back on the 20.

Luke Holloway would connect with Jalen Ingram for 50 yards. Fannin would have 4 and 1 from the Banks 13. Holloway would run it in for a 13 yard touchdown. Jack Kantner extra point would be good. Fannin would lead 7-6 with 3:47 left in 2nd.

Cohutta Hyde would Intercept a pass and get the ball back for the Rebels. Holloway would find Jalen with Touchdown pass and Fannin would lead 14-6 with 2:59 left in the 2nd.

Andrew Waldrep and James Mercer would come up with sacks on the following final drive as Banks County was trying to score before halftime. Waldrep would come up with an Interception and the Rebels would take a 14-6 halftime lead.

The 3rd Quarter went down as one of the best 3rd quarters in Fannin History.

Fannin would receive the opening kickoff. Caleb Postell would have a nice 17 yard run on the drive. Caleb would punch it in from 9 yards out. Fannin would take a 21-6 lead with 10:00 to go in the 3rd.

Dalton Ross would be the 1st one in the backfield on the following drive for the Rebels as he was credited with the tackle on a bad snap. Jake Sands had a 22-yard pick 6 to make the score 28-6 with 9:09 left in the 3rd.

Next drive, Micah Oneal rushed into the backfield and tackled a Banks County Leopard for a 9 yard loss. Cohutta Hyde would have his 3rd Interception of the night and take it 75 yards to paydirt. Fannin would lead 35-6 with 6:35 left in the 3rd.

The Rebels defense would continue to dominate. Cason Owensby and Logan Long would have tackles on the following drive. McCay Turner would recover a fumble for another turnover for Fannin.

Luke Holloway would find Andre Bivens in the endzone for a 24-yard touchdown pass as the rebels would lead 42-6 with 5:51 left in the 3rd.

Just keep in mind we are still in the 3rd quarter.

Jack Katner’s Kick would sail through the endzone and Banks would start on their own 20. Micah O’neal, MCcay Turner, Logan Long, and James Mercer would get in on tackles as Banks would go 3 and out.

Caleb Postell would continue his good night on the ground with a 20-yard run. Seth Reece would punch it in for a 13-yard run and the Rebel would score their 35th and final point of the quarter to take a 49-6 lead with 2:58 left in the 3rd.

Tommy Ledford would add a sack led by a thunderous ovation to put the exclamation point on the win for Fannin.

Banks County would add a touchdown late to make it 49-13.

Fannin improves to 3-0 for the 1st time since 2005. The Rebels begin region play on Friday Night as they will host the Gordon Central Warriors led by Head Coach T.J. Hamilton and Running back/Linebacker Jordon Boone. Boone is the region’s leader in rushing yards per game with 133 yards and 4 Td’s. Boone plays well on defense also.

It will be Senior Night for Fannin this Friday. Make sure you come out and support the seniors and the Rebel Football Team.

Canceling the game : Rebels vs. Bobcats

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Fannin County, Georgia, Rebels, Gilmer County, Bobcats, Football, Cancelled, Covid, Covid-19, Georgia Department of Public Health, DPH, North Georgia Health District

Blue Ridge, Ga. – A call was made to cancel a very anticipated game last week between football rivals the  Fannin County Rebels and the Gilmer County Bobcats.

The decision was made over an individual’s possible exposure to and contraction of Covid-19.

Questions arose among Rebel fans and some parents reached out to FYN not satisfied with the explanation they had been given. All wanted to know what the Fannin County School District’s protocol is to make this decision and who ultimately decides. 

Documentation provided by the Fannin County School System confirms that an individual with ties to the football team had come in contact with at least 2 persons who recently tested positive for Covid-19. This documentation goes on to say that the individual in question is “symptomatic”.

Fannin County, Georgia, Rebels, Gilmer County, Bobcats, Football, Cancelled, Covid, Covid-19, Georgia Department of Public Health, DPH, North Georgia Health District

Fannin County School System’s latest Covid-19 update on Friday, Sept. 11.

Sources tell FYN that while the individual was tested for Covid-19, no confirmation was ever received as to whether the person had tested positive.

Fannin County Director of Applied & Integrated Instruction, Lucas Roof, explained that due to medical privacy laws students are not required to produce any documentation to the school system that they have been tested and received a positive result for Covid-19.

When direct documentation is unavailable, Roof explained that verification comes in one of two ways. Either contact from the school system is made to the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) for confirmation on cases, or if DPH receives a case that they determine to be a possible student of Fannin County, they will contact the school system.

“It really is a two way street as far as communication,” Roof said of DPH and the school system’s relationship.

DPH also will treat cases as “considered positive” when indications lead to a strong likelihood of an individual having contracted the virus.

Due to medical privacy, the Fannin County School System could not confirm whether the individual relating to the football game had received a positive test result.

Assistant Superintendent of Personnel & Administration, Robert Ensley, explained that the school system, upon learning of the possibility of a positive case, contacted the local branch of the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) to seek recommendations.

DPH and Roof discussed the situation facing the Fannin County Rebels and based on information received, DPH gave guidelines to the school district.

While Roof has been tasked with the Covid-19 coordination of the district, the cancellation of the game came down to a school level decision.

After receiving guidelines from DPH, Fannin County High School Principal, Assistant Principal, Athletic Director and Coach met to go over options and concluded that with DPH recommendations it was in the best interest to cancel.

Roof confirmed the DPH recommendations on Thursday, Sept. 10 after questions arose from parents concerning the decision.

Dr. Zachary Taylor, Director of the North Georgia Health District wrote an email to Roof stating:

“Lucas, this email is to let you know that we consider the young man who is symptomatic and is an epidemiological link to 2 cases to be a case of COVId-19 and that all of his contacts on the football team should be quarantined. Please contact me if you have any questions.”

Fannin County, Georgia, Rebels, Gilmer County, Bobcats, Football, Cancelled, Covid, Covid-19, Georgia Department of Public Health, DPH, North Georgia Health District

Confirmation received from DPH of guidelines relating to the athletics Covid-19 case.

The school system was also unable, due to privacy laws, to confirm with FYN if any players had to be quarantined after coming in contact with this particular case. Several parents of athletes, however, spoke with FYN and did confirm that their child had been sent home and would not be able to return to school until Thursday, Sept. 17.

Numbers on the school system’s website, updated every Friday morning, did show a significant rise in the number of students quarantined as of Sept. 11.

“These decisions are never made lightly,” Fannin County Superintendent Dr. Michael Gwatney stated and added, “Our team is making the best possible decisions based on the information we have and the recommendations we receive.”

Gwatney confirmed that the protocol that was followed concerning the Fannin-Gilmer game would be the same for any future school related events, not just limited to athletics. The school system will seek the advice of medical professionals and follow the recommendations given at the time.

Gwatney explained that guidelines given to the district are fluid as more becomes known about the virus, “Covid-19 is information ever evolving and we have to work with the latest details when situations arise. The well being of our students and our community as a whole is always a top priority.”


Featured Image : Fannin Rebels and Gilmer Bobcats face-off  in 2019.

Rumors of Rebel name change untrue

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Blue Ridge, Ga. – Rumors of a Rebels name change have taken social media by storm and those involved in the school system say that right now, it is nothing more than rumors.

With the current political climate, the Fannin County Rebels have once again been thrust into the community spotlight due to the school’s mascot.

Some on Facebook vow that the name has already been secretly changed to the Fannin County Raiders and that new uniforms have been the works, while others are simply joining the debate on whether there should be a change at all.

Head coach of the Gilmer County Bobcats, Kevin Saunders, chimed in via Twitter. 

While not mentioning the rival Fannin Rebels specifically, Saunders did share in part: “Once again I hope schools decide to remove very explicit racial traditions. High school and Colleges, examples would be Dixie, Nickname Rebel or reb and the Confederate Flag. Some schools are but there is no need for this to be carrying on in this day and time”.

Fannin County school officials say that there have been no meetings for the purpose of changing the school’s mascot.

“I am a board member and there have been no meetings concerning a name change,” Fannin County School Board Member Mike Cole posted to Facebook, adding, “All you are seeing is what we called “rumor control” in the Marine Corps. None of this is factual.”

Cole also pointed out that a name change usually goes through the School Governance Team (SGT) and not the board.

Assistant Superintendent Robert Ensley spoke with FYN and confirmed Cole’s remarks. Like Cole, Ensley said that there have been no meetings regarding the Rebel name. Ensley also stated that a change in name would need to be addressed to the high school SGT.

Ensley stated that in order for there to be a change to the mascot it must first be brought before the SGT and then options would be given to be voted on. Student, faculty, and guardian input would all be considered if such a change were requested.

“There have been no agenda items to date for either the board or the SGT that have mentioned a change in the name,” Ensley said adding that all meetings are public and agendas are available to the public.

The next SGT meeting will take place on Wednesday, July 15 at 4:15 p.m. in the high school cafeteria. Those who are in favor of or opposed to a change in the Rebel mascot are encouraged to contact the SGT.

Rebel becomes Cavalier

FCHS Baseball, Team FYN Sports

Although the Fannin County High School Baseball season may have gotten cut short, the seniors are still able to move forward and look ahead into their futures with excitement. Senior Jerritt Holloway took the step to further his baseball career by committing to continue his studies and play the sport at Montreat College in North Carolina.

Holloway was not only involved in baseball, but he also took up basketball in his last year of high school. The dual athlete was seen as a leader amongst his peers and was given the position of Blue Crew leader to guide the student section in each football game to energize the team and show off their Rebel Pride.

Jerritt has played baseball for the past 15 years and is excited to continue the trend throughout college. He has played baseball for the school the past four years where he has lettered two of those on the Varsity team at the position of catcher. The athlete stated that his favorite memory of the sport would be, “When Miles Johnson stole home in the North Hall Series.” 

Junior year was the peak for the athlete when he was given the title of Rookie of the Year and was part of the team’s success as they made it all the way to the Elite 8 and finished fifth in the state. When asking Jerritt why he chose to commit to Montreat College he replied, “ The reason I chose Montreat College is because the number one thing they care about is family. They have each other’s backs. Also, the campus is beautiful. I just want to make my family proud, get a college education, and go play the game that I love. This has always been a dream of mine and I thank God for everything he has blessed me with.”

 “Jerritt is the catalyst that got our baseball team going. When he went, we went a lot of times and it started with the grit and determination that he has to get the job done. Much like he has done to achieve his dream to play at the next level. He had a goal and a “why” and he came to work for that each and every day whether it was at practice or in the game. The greatest sacrifice of all is sacrificing for a fellow teammate and he was willing to do that every pitch. I am extremely proud of him and of this senior class. All five seniors have committed to play college baseball, which gets us to 10 guys in the last three years. It was an honor to coach these guys and be a small part of the journey,” Head Coach Travis Stone of the Fannin County Rebel Baseball team shared with Team FYN Sports.

Good luck to the Rebel in his journey to North Carolina as he becomes a Cavalier and represents Fannin County High School well on and off of the field. 

Fannin Co. falls to Holy Innocents in doubleheader

FCHS Baseball, Sports, Team FYN Sports

Gabe Buchannan on the mound for Fannin Co.

Last night, March 6, Holy Innocents Episcopal traveled from Atlanta to take on Fannin Co. (2-7, Region 7-AAA) for their first game at home in a doubleheader. The Rebels had just come from a tough loss to Calhoun in a doubleheader and looked to redeem themselves against the Golden Bears. Despite their efforts, the Rebels found themselves losing the first game 4-2 and the second 8-3.

Logan Hughes was the one to get things started at the bottom of the second inning as he hit a hard ball to left field that brought in two runs for Fannin to take a 2-0 lead. Jerritt Holloway showed off his good arm from behind the plate as he earned the first out of the third inning by throwing a runner out on first from a lead. The Golden Bears answered the Rebels call as they had runners on base and hit the ball in the gap between left and center field to bring in runs and tie the game 2-2. The game remained tied until the top of the fifth inning where Holy Innocents scored on a Fannin Co. error to take a 3-2 lead. The Rebels were unable to score anymore runs for the rest of the game while the Golden Bears earned one more to end the game with a 4-2 victory. Gabe Buchannan was the one to take the loss for Fannin Co. on the mound where he struck out nine batters over five innings. Hughes relieved Buchannan at the top of the sixth inning where he closed out the game and struck out five batters overall. 

Jerritt Holloway in as catcher

Hughes got things started for Fannin Co. once again to begin the second game as he earned a single and drove Carson Beavers home during the process to give the Rebels a 1-0 lead. Due to a Fannin Co. error in the second inning, Holy Innocents was able to score two runs and take a 2-1 lead. The Golden Bears continued the trend into the third inning where they were able to score another run and extend their lead 3-1. Fannin Co. answered the call as Tyler Fox stole home to earn a run for Fannin Co. and put the score at 3-2 to end the inning. Holy Innocents continued the trend in the fourth inning as they were able to earn another run to extend their lead 4-2. At the top of the fifth inning, the Golden Bears offense came to life. Holy Innocents was able to put the ball into action and put pressure on the Rebels which led to errors and resulted in the Golden Bears scoring four runs to extend their lead 8-3. The Rebels were unable to make a come back, but were able to keep Holy Innocents from scoring any more runs. Carson Beavers was the one to take the 8-3 loss for Fannin Co. on the mound where he struck out three batters overall. Fannin Co. kept putting in new pitchers throughout the game as Brady Martin struck out two batters over one inning, Chance Stacy struck out three over 2.2 innings, Jordan Bennett struck out one over one inning, and Wyatt Rogers struck out one over one inning.

Catch the Rebels next game Tuesday, March 10, as they take on the Lumpkin County Indians at home starting at 5:55 p.m.

Rebels drop both ends of a doubleheader at Calhoun

FCHS Baseball, Team FYN Sports

On Saturday, Feb. 29, the Fannin Co. Rebels baseball team (2-6) traveled to Calhoun to take on the Yellow Jackets (7-0) for a doubleheader. The Rebels had just come from an unsuccessful weekend in Brunswick and hoped to redeem themselves in Calhoun, but fell short in both games as they lost the first 2-1 and the second 4-3.

Both teams showed great effort in the game as they came out ready to play. Pitching on both ends was solid. Matthew Shirah was the one to take the mound for Fannin Co. as he struck out seven batters through five innings. The teams played solid defense as they allowed no scores to run until the seventh inning.

At the top of the seventh, Blake Rogers was the one to get things started on offense for Fannin Co. as he hit a fly ball home run to centerfield to put the score at 1-0. Rogers came in from the bullpen to relieve Shirah at the bottom of the seventh inning. After a Fannin Co. error, the Yellow Jackets had runners on second and third.

On a passed ball, Calhoun hustled to the plate to tie the game 1-1 to put the game into an extra inning. The Rebels went 1-2-3 in the inning. Fannin Co. was looking to return the favor and hold Calhoun in hopes of putting the game into another extra inning. The Yellow Jackets were determined as they put the ball into action and loaded the bases to hit a line drive and bring a runner home to end the game with a 2-1 victory. 

Fannin Co. hitting came alive in the second game of the day as they out-hit Calhoun six to four. Despite the Rebels performance on offense, the Yellow Jackets were able to pull off another victory with a score of 4-3. Carson Beavers was on the mound for Fannin Co. where he struckout 11 batters over six innings.

Blake Rogers was on fire for the day as he earned his second home run in the first inning to score two runs. Jerritt Holloway played a great game on offense as he earned two hits for Fannin Co. The game was back-and-forth as Calhoun answered the Rebels’ call and scored two runs of their own in the bottom of the first to tie up the game 2-2.

The Yellow Jackets were able to hold Fannin Co. as they went on to take the lead in the bottom of the third inning with a sacrifice fly. At the top of the sixth inning, Gabe Buchannan made it to first on a dropped third strike and advanced Jacob Priesing to home plate to tie the game 3-3. Calhoun was able to shut Fannin Co. offense down at the top of the seventh inning as they kept them from scoring any runs. Brady Martin relieved Beavers on the mound to close the game where he earned the first out with a strikeout.

After an error in the field, the Yellow Jackets were able to get on base. With a runner on, Calhoun was able to hit a single and bring a run in to close out the day with a 4-3 victory. 

Catch the Rebels next game Tuesday, March 3, as they take on Ringgold at home starting at 5:30 p.m.


Four Rebels place at traditional state wrestling championships

FCHS Wrestling, Team FYN Sports
Fannin Third-Place

The Fannin Co. Rebels wrestling squad saw four members earn state placer honors at the Georgia High School Association’s Traditional State Wrestling Championships Feb. 13-15 at the Macon Centreplex in Macon.


Grayson Patterson


Landon Galloway

Three Rebels placed third and one placed fourth in a strong showing for coach Chuck Patterson and Fannin Co.

At 120 pounds, Grayson Patterson placed third. After a first-round bye, Patterson looked to not be on track for a state placer finish after falling in the second round by a 12-7 decision, but rattled off four straight wins in the consolation bracket to finish third. In his first match of the consolation round, Patterson win by pin at 4 minutes, 6 seconds, before winning the second match by a 5-0 decision, and the third match by a 19-5 decision. Patterson then won the third-place match with a 10-5 decision.

McCay Turner

Kainan Henson

At 126 pounds, Landon Galloway also placed third. Galloway also had a first-round bye before winning his quarterfinal match by pin at 5:17. Galloway lost a tough, 2-1 decision in the semifinals before going on to win his first consolation match by a 10-7 decision and bringing home third place with a 2-0 decision.

McCay Turner, at 152 pounds, earned third-place honors as well. After his first-round bye, Turner won his quarterfinal match by a 3-1 decision, before falling in the semifinals by an 8-4 decision. Turner won his first consolation match by a 5-1 decision, before winning the third-place bout by pin at 2:08.

Kainan Henson, at 106 pounds, rounded out the state placers for Fannin Co. Henson won his first-round match by pin at 1:16.


Fannin Co. Rebels put four players on all-region team

Fannin Co. Basketball, Team FYN Sports

Junior Kaeden Twiggs was named the All-Region First Team.

Four members of the Fannin Co. Rebels basketball team have been named to the Region 7-3A All-Region team as voted on by the region coaches.

One of the four, junior Kaeden Twiggs, was named to the All-Region First Team after a standout campaign this season for coach Bryan Richarson. Twiggs averaged 10 points, 5.8 rebounds, 1.3 steals, and 1.4 assists per game from both the guard and forward spots for the Rebels this season.

Three of the four were named All-Region Honorable Mention: junior Cohutta Hyde and sophomores Jordan Bennett and Landon Norton.

Hyde, a guard, averaged 8.3 points, 3.8 rebounds, 1.5 steals, and 2 assists per game this season.

Bennett, a guard, averaged 5 points, 2.2 rebounds, 1.2 steals, and 1.3 assists per game this season.

Norton, also a guard, averaged 5 points. 2.9 rebounds, 1.4 steals, and 1.1 assists per game this season.


From left, junior Cohutta Hyde, sophomore Jordan Bennett, and sophomore Landon Norton were each named All-Region Honorable Mentions.

Rebels wrestling squad puts five in state tournament

FCHS Wrestling, Team FYN Sports

The Fannin Co. High Rebels wrestling team is sending five wrestlers to the state tournament after a strong showing at the Class 3A B Sectional at South Forsyth High on Feb. 7 and 8 in Cumming.

Grayson Patterson

Grayson Patterson

Kainan Henson

Kainan Henson

Four Rebels placed second and one placed fifth at the sectional tournament.

At 106 pounds, Kainan Henson (72-16) placed second in the tournament. Henson had a first-round bye and in the quarterfinals, he advanced by pin in 41 seconds. Henson earned a spot in the finals by defeating his semifinal opponent by pin in 59 seconds for the Rebels.

Grayson Patterson, in the 120-pound bracket, also managed to earn a second-place finish.

After a first-round bye, Patterson earned a spot in the semifinals by defeated his quarterfinal

Rebels Landon Galloway

Landon Galloway

opponent by pin at the 3 minute, 35-second mark. Patterson then went on to wrestle in the

Rebels McCay Turner

McCay Turner

finals after pinning his semifinal opponent by pin at 1:58.

In the 126-pound bracket, Landon Galloway earned a second-place finish. Galloway started with a first-round bye, before defeating his quarterfinal opponent by decision, 10-2. Galloway emerged victorious in his semifinal match, also by decision at 9-6, before falling in the final.

At 152 pounds, McCay Turner earned a second-place finish. In the first round, Turner defeated his opponent by decision 8-0. In the quarterfinals, Turner won by pin in 29 seconds.

Corbin Davenport

Corbin Davenport

Turner then earned a spot in the finals by winning his semifinal match by pin in 54 seconds.

Rounding out the state placers for Fannin Co. was Corbin Davenport, who placed fifth at 145 pounds. Davenport had a first-round bye due to his seeding, before losing his quarterfinal match in overtime, 13-8. In the consolation bracket, Davenport won his first match by pin at 4:59, then won his second match by decision, 5-2, to earn a spot in the state tournament.

The Class 3A state tournament is slated for Feb. 13-15 at the Macon Centreplex in Macon.

Fannin Co. High senior Miles Johnson signs with UGA

FCHS Football, Team FYN Sports

Fannin Co. High school senior Miles Johnson signed his National Letter of Intent on Thurdsay, Feb. 5, to declare his intention to play football at the University of Georgia as a preferred walk-on.

Miles Johnson

Fannin Co. High senior Miles Johnson is pictured with parents, Earl Johnson and Leslie Mann, on National Signing Day.

Johnson, a four-year varsity offensive lineman for the Rebels, had offers from nearly 10 schools, but chose Georgia because he wanted to play in the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

“This has been a wild ride, to be honest with y’all,” Johnson said during his signing. “I have to first thank god for everything. (I’ve) always had the dream (of) going somewhere (in) the SEC, and that’s to him it’s all possible now.”

Fannin Co. head football coach Chad Cheatham said, “A lot of hard work, many years of beign on the football field, baseball field, basketball (court) whatever it is, goes into to something like this. Long hours in the weight room. A lot of sweat, a lot of blood, a lot of tears.”

Cheatham addressed Johnson directly by saying, “Miles, we appreciate what you’ve done, son. You know we love you, this community loves you, and it’s just an honor to be able to share this with you.”

Johnson finished by thanking everyone in attendance, including his parents who were sitting with him for the signing.

Johnson said his parents, Earl Johnson and Leslie Jabaley-Mann, are “my biggest supporters. … I can’t thank them enough. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think I’d be in the position I am today.”

He also thanked, “Coach Cheatham, all the coaches I’ve had throughout high school and all the way up to now. I gotta thank my teammates, their all here today. (They) have been my brothers all throughout high school and since we were little kids.”

Johnson finished by saying, “I appreciate all the support from this community.”

For more photos of the event, visit the TeamFYNSports Facebook page.

A video of Johnson’s signing can be found below.

Landon Norton is the TeamFYNSports Player of the Week for the Rebels!

Fannin Co. Basketball, Player Of The Week, Team FYN Sports
Landon Norton

Landon Norton is the TeamFYNSports Player of the Week for the Fannin Co. Rebels!

Norton, a sophomore guard, played well in two games last week for Fannin Co. (6-17, 0-12 Region 7-3A).

On Friday, Jan. 31, Norton scored just two points but made his presence felt on defense as the Rebels fell to Greater Atlanta Christian (18-7, 9-3) in Blue Ridge, 64-33.

Against non-conference opponent Murphy (8-10, 3-5 Big Smoky Mountain 1-A) on Saturday, Feb. 1, Norton scored a team-high 14 points, including hitting four shots from beyond the arc, as the Rebels earned the narrow, 48-46 win in North Carolina.

For his efforts, Norton is the TeamFYNSports Player of the Week for the Rebels!

Fannin Co. Rebels see season come to an end

Fannin Co. Basketball, Sports, Team FYN Sports

Jordan Bennett showing off his ball handling skills

Last night, Feb. 4, the Fannin Co. Rebels (7-19) traveled to Greater Atlanta Christian (19-7) to take on the Spartans for the first round of the region tournament. The teams were competing to see who would move on in the tournament or who would go home and be done for the season. Fannin Co. was the one to endure a tough 79-28 loss to end their season.

The Spartans got the ball from tipoff where they wasted no time putting the ball into action. They played a solid defense as they made the Rebels work hard to get to the basket. Senior, Jerritt Holloway, led Fannin in scoring for the night with five points as he showed off his moves to score layups. Eli Brisbay-Cochran continued the trend as he made his way to the basket to contribute four points to Fannin’s score. Greater Atlanta Christian was able to get the early lead as they closed out the first quarter with a score of 25-6.

GAC was able to extend their lead to start off the second quarter. The Spartans were on fire with their outside shots as they added onto their score. Andre Bivens continued the trend as he made a 3-pointer to add to Fannin’s score. Cohutta Hyde showed off his skills as he was able to pull up for shots and add four points to Fannin’s score. The Spartans were able to double their score as they went into halftime with a score of 51-10. 

Dylan Collins blocking out on the post for Fannin

To start the second half, the Rebels began to look inside to their posts to score points. Miles Johnson and Brady Martin showed off their moves on the block as they each earned a basket for Fannin to add onto the board. Dylan Collins and Jalen Ingram were aggressive down low as they drew fouls and each contributed two points from the foul line. Despite Fannin putting more points on the board, GAC ended the third quarter with a 64-19 lead.

With six minutes on the clock to start the fourth quarter, Fannin began to make and draw fouls. Landon Norton showed off his hustle as he drew a foul and added two points to the Rebels score from the free throw line. Jordan Bennett continued the trend as he scored two of his own foul shots. As the buzzer sounded, the Spartans found themselves with a 79-28 victory. 

Fannin’s loss puts their overall record at 7-19 and their region record at 0-13. After the game, Senior Miles Johnson shared with Team FYN Sports, “This season may not have ended the way we wanted it to, but we hope that the team will build from it for future seasons. We just need to learn from our mistakes so that Fannin Basketball will grow and be as strong as ever.”

West Fannin Elementary Awarded TVA STEM Education Grant

Community, Rebel's Corner

West Fannin Elementary is excited to announce two recently awarded grants of $5,000.00 and $3,500 by the Tennessee Valley Authority, in partnership with Bicentennial Volunteers Incorporated for a STEM (science, technology, education and math) education project.

Mrs. Karen Goode received a $5,000 grant for water quality chemical and bacterial testing for our stream. Mrs. Kim Patterson received a $3,500 grant for kindergarten – 2nd grade robotics.

The grant award is a part of $600,000 in competitive STEM grants awarded to 142 schools across TVA’s service territory. The competitive grant program provided teachers an opportunity to apply for funding up to $5,000 and preference was given to grant applications that explored TVA’s primary areas of focus: environment, energy, economic and career development and community problem solving. Schools who receive grant funding must receive their power from a TVA distributor.

“This is the second year we offered this program to the entire Valley and we saw a major increase in grant applications this year,” said Community Engagement Senior Program Manager Rachel Crickmar. “There is a demand in the Valley for workforce development through STEM education and I am proud of the way TVA and our retirees are responding to that demand by supporting teachers in the classroom.”

For additional information about the TVA STEM grants and see a full list of recipients visit

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