#TeamFYNsports week 4 games of the week

Team FYN Sports

Starting this year, #TeamFYNsports will be bringing you their top football games of the week for our local area football teams.

Team FYN sports director Jake West and Fannin County Rec. Department Athletic Coordinator Tim Towe will also be giving you their picks to win these games of the week.

Last week, Tim Towe went 3-1, only missing the Gilmer vs Murray game. Jake West went 1-3, missing every game except for the White County game. Last week was a bad week for our Team FYN Sports director Jake West, and if he is not careful Tim Towe is going to run away with the season this year.

Tim sits at 7-2 overall on the season.

Jake sit at 4-5 overall on the season.

Now, lets get to our week 4 games of the week for Georgia!

Fannin County @ Southeast Whitfield

Tim: Give me my Rebels big this week. No disrespect to the Southeast program, but they are playing Fannin at the wrong time. Coach Chad Cheatham has this Fannin bunch focused despite all the craziness that has happened the last few weeks. Rebels win 38-7.

Tim’s pick: Fannin

Jake: No way i’m betting against the Rebels this week. I may not even bet against them for the rest of the year. This team has already gone through more in 3 weeks than some teams do in a full year. I wrote an article that you can read HERE about the Rebels tough start to the season and about why I would not want to be Southeast Whitefield come 7:30 tonight. Rebels all the way.

Jake’s pick: Fannin

Gilmer @ East Jackson

Tim: I am 0-2 in picking Gilmer games this year. I thought that they would beat Pickens in week one, and then last week I thought that Murray would be able to get it done. I was wrong on both accounts. I think that the Bobcats will be ready to play down at East Jackson and they win a close one. Gilmer 21, East Jackson 7.

Tim’s pick: Gilmer

Jake: If i’m being honest, I have no clue who to pick in this game. East Jackson just beat Banks County last week and also Gilmer is coming off of a win against Murray. MaxPreps even has both teams ranked within 10 spots of one another when it comes to their state of Georgia rankings. I guess I will simply pick against Tim on this one, to see if I can improve my record and jump back into this thing.

Jake’s pick: East Jackson

Coosa @ Pickens

Tim: Coosa has been putting up points in the last few weeks. Scoring almost every time they have the football. The Pickens Defense will be motivated and have a great game. Give me the Dragons 35-7.

Tim’s pick: Pickens

Jake:Im taking Pickens in this one too. It’s a 4A Pickens team against a 2A Coosa team. Odds are I am going to side with the bigger school every time. Although Coosa is 2-0 and it looks like they are going to be a good football team, I just think that Pickens will be too big and too fast for them to handle.

Jake’s pick: Pickens

Mount Zion @ Towns County

Tim: I am so excited for the Towns County program. They are doing great things under Head Coach Jason Roquemore. I encourage everyone in Towns County to get out and support the Indians tonight. I’m gonna have to pick Mount Zion Carroll but I have a weird feeling about this one. It would not surprise me if i’m wrong. I hope Im wrong. Mt. Zion Carrol 28, Towns 20.

Tim’s pick: Mount Zion

Jake: If the Towns County Indians are able to pull this win off, it would be a huge leap forward for their program that did not win a game all last year and went 0-10. The Indians are already off to a heck of a start this year, going 2-1 in their first three games and even thumping a much bigger school in Lumpkin this week. I don’t know if they will be able to do it, but Towns beating Mount Zion this week would be a huge win for the city of Hiawassee. I’m going with Towns County tonight, picking with my heart instead of my brain.

Jake’s pick: Towns County





Danes Ruff up Rebels

Fannin County High, Sports, Team FYN Sports

Although the Lady Rebels lost six seniors last season, they are using this year to rebuild and come back as strong as ever. Last night, the Lady Rebels Softball team took on the Denmark Danes from Forsyth County. Fannin looked to come back from their previous 9-1 loss to Denmark and had the home field advantage this time around. 

The Danes bats were hot in the first inning as they attacked the ball and put it into action. Despite freshman pitcher, Josilynn Newton, and her great throws across the plate, Denmark kept hitting the ball in all of the right places to put five runs on the board. Newton pitched a total of 2.2 innings and struck out two batters overall. When it came time for Fannin to play offense, Denmark’s defense outweighed them. With two runners on base, Kayleigh Russell (recent commit to Bryan College Softball), got things started for the Rebels offense. Russell put down a sacrifice bunt to move the runners to second and third base with only one out. While the Rebels may have been in perfect scoring position, Denmark was able to get two more outs and close the inning with a 5-0 lead. 

To start off the second inning, Fannin’s defense struggled. The bases were loaded and there were no outs until Russell was hit a ground ball where she got an out at third base to earn the first out of the inning. Denmark was able to score two more runs before seniors, Emily Waldrep and Kaelyn Hensley, caught pop fly’s in the outfield for the last two outs. The Danes refused to give up their 7-0 lead as they had a perfect three up and three down outs to close the second inning. 

Sophomore, Riley Davis (who hit two out of the park home runs the day before against Gordon Central), showed off her hustle at shortstop where she dove to stop the ball from going into the gap and kept the runner from advancing to second base. The Danes managed to load the bases once again and earned three more runs before senior, Cassidey Nichols, came into pitch. Nichols allowed only one more run to score before Fannin made the third out. The Rebels energy started to come alive as they swung the bats. It was back to the top of the line up where Waldrep was walked and took her place on first base when Davis advanced her to second by taking a pitch to the legs. Russell came up to the plate as a power hitter when she hit a ball in the gap, straight through the shortstop. Kayleigh found herself standing on second base as her hit brought Waldrep home for the first run of the game. Eryn Mealer was ready to continue the trend when she hit a pop fly to left field for Denmark to catch, but proved to be unsuccessful in their attempt to throw Davis out as she advanced to home plate. Junior, Emma Mitchell, kept the momentum going as she made it to first base from a defensive error and brought Russell home. Nichols earned a double by hitting a bomb to center field and advanced Mitchell to third base just for Newton to hit her home. When the Danes finally earned their third out, they still had the lead with a score of 11-4. 

Fannin almost had a perfect three up, three down outs with the exception of one batter making it to first base from a walk. Russell made the first out with a caught line drive at third base, Hensley made the second in right field with a caught pop fly, and freshman, Zoe Putnam, earned the third when she turned her back from second base and ran to catch a pop fly behind her. The Rebels were finally able to hold the Danes for an inning and were ready to hit like they did the last time. While they may have had good intentions, pop fly’s and strikeouts kept Fannin from scoring any runs and left Denmark ahead 11-4. 

The Danes took the plate with the same energy the Rebels did. With bases loaded, Denmark hit a bullet right through third base to Peyton Bearden in left field. The hit brought one run to the plate. After the Danes scored one more run, Hensley came in from right field and took the mound. After two more runs score, Davis was the one to get the first out at shortstop by throwing to third base as a runner advanced home. The Rebels were able to earn their last two outs back to back as Putnam caught a pop fly at second base, and Mitchell stopped a ground ball at first base. Denmark was ready to close out the game after Russell was walked to first base. Mealer put the ball into action right where the Dane’s second basemen was able to make a double play. The Danes got their third and final out right after with a grounder to first base. The game ended with a run rule as Denmark walked away with a 17-4 victory. 

While they have yet to play any region games, Fannin’s overall record stands at 0-4. Catch the Lady Rebels next game at Model High School tomorrow where they will be playing a double header, starting at 10 am!

Fannin Rebels Lose to Chestatee War Eagles 45-42

Fannin County High, FCHS Football

Fannin County High School Rebels start the game strong as Treylyn Owensby ran for over an 80-yard gain to the Chestatee High School War Eagles 17-yard line. Luke Holloway connects with Will Mosley for the touchdown and the Rebels went for the extra point, but it was blocked. Rebels take the lead 6-0.

War Eagles take possession at the 29-yard line. Rebels defense started strong not allowing the War Eagles to cross the 50-yard line. Some incomplete passes and a few tackles later, the Rebels are back in possession.

Rebels offense takes over at their own 49-yard line. Rebels fans thought Holloways 49-yard sweep would result in a touchdown, but the yellow flag would bring back the attempt. In the next play, the War Eagles intercept Holloways attempt to connect with Jalen Ingram.

War Eagles capitalize on the turnover with a touchdown and a successful 2-point conversion. The War Eagles take the lead 8-6 with under 5 minutes left in the 1st quarter.

Rebels erased the War Eagles touchdown with a 26-yard gain between Holloway and Chandler Kendall and another 27-yards from Owensby. The Rebels light up the scoreboard with a touchdown and Matthew Postell with the 2-point conversion, taking back the lead 14-8 at the end of the first quarter.

The War Eagles attempt a comeback at the start of the second quarter as their quarterback keeps the ball for a 30-yard gain before being tackled by Jackson Weeks at the 3-yard line. On the next play, the Rebels pick up the fumble on their own 10-yard line.

Rebels capitalize on the turnover as Holloway and Kendall make an 88-yard connection for the touchdown and Sosebee gets the extra point. Rebels find themselves up 21-8 with a near 10 minutes left in the 2nd quarter.

War Eagles make a long pass into Rebel territory at the 43-yard line. The War Eagles keep pushing for the end zone and get to the 23-yard line before they fumble the ball for a loss of 20 yards and find themselves 3rd down and 23 at Rebels 43-yard line. The War Eagles keeping pushing to the end zone despite their loss and get back to Rebels 23-yard line. A flag against the War Eagles puts them at the 34-yard line. In the next play, Postell intercepts the ball putting the Rebels back in possession in Rebel territory.

Rebels offense gets the wheels turning with Owensby’s 31-yards, Mosley’s 18-yards, Andre Bivins’ 17-yards, and Holloway’s 10-yards for a total of 76 yards. With less than 2 minutes in the first half, Owensby makes the touchdown and the 2-point conversion, continuing the Rebels lead 29-8.

War Eagles continues to answer with a touchdown and a successful 2-points now making the score 29-16. Rebels take possession but Holloway’s attempt to connect with Kendall was intercepted.

War Eagles quarterback gains 13 yards before being tackled by Weeks. In the next play, War Eagles quarterback breaks away from the herd and runs into Rebels endzone only to be called back due to a flag on the play. That brings a close to the first half with the Rebels in the lead 29-16.

The Rebels kicked off to start the second half. The War Eagles successfully cross the 50 into Rebels territory and find themselves at Rebels 32-yard line. The War Eagles quarterback gains 27-yards before being tackled. War Eagles find themselves on the Rebels 4-yard line. On the next play, they score a touchdown and go for the extra point lighting up the scoreboard 29-23.

Rebels respond to War Eagles touchdown with the Rebels moving up the field with vigor, Owensby with 30-yards, Mosley with 6-yards, and a successful connection between Holloway and Ingram. With a long pass from Holloway, Mosley scored for a 28-yard touchdown. The Rebels were unsuccessful on the 2-point conversion attempt. The Rebels are up 35-23.

Rebels defense continues to struggle to contain War Eagles quarterback as he scores another touchdown. With the extra point good, Rebels now only find themselves up 35-30.

With 1:43 left in the 3rd quarter, Rebels found themselves once again in War Eagle territory. Owensby rushed for another 10-yards putting the Rebels deep in War Eagles territory. The Rebels would erase those yards with a delay of game and an incomplete pass ends the 3rd quarter with a score of 35-30.

At the start of 4th quarter, War Eagles have the ball at their own 21-yard line. War Eagles completed a long pass to put them deep in Rebels territory. The War Eagles capitalize and score a touchdown on the very next play. A successful 2-point conversion puts the War Eagles 38-35 with 10:38 left in the game.

Rebels respond as Owensby gains at least 20-yards from the kickoff return. After some carries from Owensby and Mosley, the Rebels find themselves at War Eagles 34-yard line. Owensby would find the end zone for a touchdown. Along with the extra point, Rebels score 42-38.

Unfortunately, there was a pivotal moment in the game where Micah O’Neal was injured and taken off the field. TeamFYNSports followed up with Coach Cheatham, has been told that O’Neal is doing okay, and the doctors didn’t find anything.

With less than 5 minutes in the game, Owensby recovers the fumble at Rebels 30-yard line. The Rebels were not able to capitalize the recovery and they lose their chance for another touchdown.

With only 2 minutes left in the game, the Rebels try to keep the War Eagles from scoring, but the War Eagles gained a near 50-yards and get the touchdown and the extra point lighting up the scoreboard and defeating the Rebels 45-42.

This was such a close game and the Rebels played their hearts out. It seems like whoever had the ball last with more than 10 seconds on the board would be the team that won the game, this time it was the War Eagles. We can’t wait to see what the Rebels bring to Friday nights conference game against Cherokee Bluff High School. The Rebels will be playing at home at 7:30pm on September 28th. See you there, Rebels!

Rebels Take the Fall to Panthers: 49-7 at Union County

Fannin County High, FCHS Football

After the coin toss, Fannin County High School Rebels received the kick off. The Union County Panthers defense shut the Fannin Rebels offense down immediately and seemed to set the tone for the rest of the game. Rebels didn’t cross the 50-yard line into Panther territory before having to give possession back to the Panthers.

In the Panthers first possession, they made quick work of crossing the 50-yard line into Rebel territory. The Panthers were able to move the ball for a new first down. It didn’t take long for the Panthers to be up 14-0 over the Rebels in the first quarter.

Panthers defense was determined to hold their lead by not allowing the Rebels offense into Panther territory. No matter what moves the Rebels made, the Panthers defense was there to shut it down.

With only seconds remaining in the first half, the Rebels had possession deep in Panther territory. The Rebels had the Panthers end zone in sight. #12 Luke Holloway’s pass was intercepted and ran all the way back for a Panther touchdown, smashing whatever hopes the Rebels had of getting a touchdown.

At the end of the first half, the Panthers had found themselves in the Rebels paint, lighting up the scoreboard and leaving Rebels in the dust 35-0. The Rebels may have felt a little stunned by Panthers fast-paced offense and shut-down defense.

The Panthers opened on offense in the second half, nothing had changed as Panthers lit up the scoreboard when a Panther ran downfield into Rebels end zone as they lit up the scoreboard once again. Panther’s increased their lead 42-0.

Unfortunately, Rebels #47 Tate Heaton, was ejected from the game due to a personal foul for what seemed to be shoving a Panther’s player after the touchdown. According to GHSA rules, a player ejected from a game is not allowed to play the following game. So, it’s possible that Heaton will not be playing in Fridays game against Chestatee High School.

With a 42-0 lead in the third quarter, this gave Coach Allison a perfect opportunity to rotate players in the game. After the Panthers made substitutions, the Rebels offense was able to move the ball into Panther territory.

With each possession, the Rebels seemed to get closer to Panthers end zone. It was in the last few seconds of the 3rd quarter, that the Rebels set themselves up for a potential touchdown. The Rebels ended the 3rd quarter on Panthers 1-yard line.

The first play of the 4th quarter, the Rebels finally found the Panthers end zone and on the scoreboard with the extra point, changing the score 42-7. The Panthers answered the Rebels with a touchdown and the extra point making it 49-7.

A Rebel highlight, late in the game, Rebels #15, Chandler Kendall, got an interception and about a 15-yard gain, which gave the Rebels the ball. In the last 4 minutes of the game, both Panthers and Rebels opted to run a ground game. The game ended with the Panthers winning 49-7 on their home turf.

The Fannin Rebels will pick up next weeks game at 7:30 at home against Chestatee High School. Come out to support our Rebels as they play their 4th game of the season. Let’s go Rebels!

West Fannin Elementary Character Ed winners for March

Rebel's Corner

The Character Ed word for the month of March was Optimism.  The definition is “hopeful; focusing on the good in all situations.”

These students were chosen for consistently displaying this character trait throughout the month.  Congratulations to all of you!

Pictured are, from left to right, front row: Sophia Garcia, AbbyGail Grindle, Ella Norris, Ryann King, Scarlett Queen, Makayla Siler, Kaydee Parris, Brody Ingle;  middle row:  Archer Twiggs, Tucker Griggs, Karleigh Cruce, Colton Bradburn, Avery Collis, Yarely Vargas, Isaac Watkins; back row: Ava Acker, Jordan Kinman, Yamilet Lopez-Garcia, Kaden Davis, Callie Lewis, Michael Dunnivan, and Isabella Patton.  Not Pictured:  Jeremiah Wyrick and Natalee Reeves.


Rebel Wrap Up Episode 8

Fannin County High, FCHS Football

2015 Fannin Lady Rebels Softball Banquet


softball Link

Could Major Changes in 7-AAA Football be Coming?


Now that the regular season has come and gone, post-season GHSA changes start. The 2016-17 football scene could change for several teams. The realignment comes after a vote to make a new region “Super 44” which puts the top schools with 2,000+ kids in one super region. Now this changes everything from 6A to 1A. For every team that moves up or down another team has to do the same. Schools like Buford whom have more than 3% of there kids outside the county are forced to move up with the new rules. Fannin and Banks Counties are looking like they will move down to AA, while East Hall, Lumpkin, Franklin and West Hall are moving to AAAA. Dawson County will remain the only 7-AAA team if all this plays out like suggested. It is unclear just yet as to what region Fannin will move to, but when we find out after the GHSA makes the changes later this year TeamFYNSports will keep you updated.

Here is a look at what things could look like next football season. Click Here

Fannin Falls to East Hall in Offensive Shoot-Out, 36-50


fannin-county-gaeast hallThe Fannin Rebels (2-3,4-5) travelled to Gainesville, GA. last Friday night to square off against the East Hall Vikings (4-1,5-4) in region play. The Rebels came into the game with a 2-2 record and East Hall at 3-1. Both team have explosive offenses and it showed in the first half of play, scoring 48 points and 572 yards total offense between the two teams. The second half was a bit slower paced, but at the end, the Vikings pulled it out, 50-36.

East Hall won the toss and was able to score quick on a deep pass to go up, 7-0 less than a minute into the game. Fannin responded the next drive scoring a touchdown. The Vikings and the Rebels would continue the first quarter swapping licks and points. With the score 14-7 East Hall and 2:36 left in the first quarter B.Davis found C.Earls on a 57 yard touchdown pass to tie things up at, 14-14 to end the first.


(Photo by Kelly White) Senior Dakota Archie driving against East Hall.

The second quarter was much like the first, a lot of offense and not much defense. The Rebels managed to score first and was successful on a two-point conversion after D.Archie found the end zone from 7 yards out bring the score to, 22-14. The very next drive East Hall duplicated Fannin to tie it up at, 22 a piece. J.Reece caught a 24 yard pass for a touchdown and increased Fannins lead, but the Vikings with 43.6 seconds left in the first half found away to get points and after two quarter and 572 yards and 48 points later things were tied at, 29-29.

The second half of play was a lot different than the first for Fannin. The defense was able to hold the Vikings better, but the offense was unable to protect Davis and make the holes needed for backs. Unable to move the ball or score like the first half, the Rebels defense seen more action and was wore down by the Vikings. Giving up 21 unanswered points, the Vikings controlled the third and fourth quarters. Although J.Roper found the end zone to start things off on a 3-yard run, that would be it for the Rebel’s offense. The Viking ran and threw their way to a victory over the Rebels, 50-36.

(Photo by Kelly White) Senior Adam Ingram stretching out  against East Hall last Friday.

(Photo by Kelly White) Senior Adam Ingram stretching out against East Hall last Friday.


Next up for Fannin is Senior Night at Rebels Stadium this Friday at 7:30 pm. They will face a Franklin Lion team that has had success this year and looking to finish in the top three in the region. Fannin in a 3-way tie for fourth place. Now, with that said, the Rebels are in a very tricky situation in 7-AAA. Fannin, West Hall and Banks all sit at 2-3 and tied for fourth place, but both West Hall and Banks have wins over the Reb’s. Now, with this week’s games, all this could change depending on who wins and who losses. The way i see this is, if Fannin beats Franklin and Banks and West Hall lose, Fannin could see a playoff spot, but if the latter happens this could be the last game for the Rebels.



(Photo by Kelly White) Junior Quarterback Brad Davis went 17-25 for 216 yards and 2 touchdowns at East Hall.

Fannin QB Brad Davis eclipsed 2,000 yards passing this year, 16 touchdowns and averages 241.9 yards per game. Davis was lights out in the first half of play, but the offensive line seemed to be tired and lacking in the second half. The Vikings pass rush was to much for a tired Rebel line and didn’t allow Davis time to set-up the passing game while they stifled the run game in the second half. Davis was 17-25 for 216 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT and rushed for 11 yards.

This week I am going to showcase a couple seniors, as this is senior week at Fannin High School. These seniors have seen both wins and losses on the Rebels team and are some of the most talented on the Rebels football roster. This is just a few as this Rebels team is full of talented players, freshman to varsity, they will have many years of talent to pick from.

Since the injury in week two to senior defensive back Jerod Petty, the rebels looked elsewhere for leadership on the field. Well, they found it in  Senior Jack Roper. Roper has had as good a season as any high school player or coach could ask for. Averaging 7.3 tackles per game, Jack has 49 solo tackles, 66 total with assists and that’s just on the defense. On offense he has been a huge playmaker as well. He has 12 touchdowns on 80 carries and averages 6.1 yards per carry with 485 total yards. He has one 100+ yard game this season. He is a hard hitter on defense and runs the hard yards when Coach Pavao needs him. Roper, like Dakota Archie, runs through the defenders and makes them pay every time they try and tackle him. If there was anyone who has stepped up this year and filled the gap and void of the Petty loss it would be Jack Roper.

Dakota Archie is also another player whom i would say has taken up the leadership role and helped build this Fannin team this year. In the three games he has started in the backfield this year, he has 84 carries and 387 yards, averaging 4.6 yards per carry. All three games have been 100+ yard games and has found the end zone three times. He has 10 catches for 78 yards on the season. Defensively he has also impacted the team, 29 solo tackles, 55 total including assists, averaging 6.1 tackles per game and 2 interceptions.

Daniel Kinser, Dylan Usry and Jean Zamora are a huge part of the Rebels defensive line. Although I don’t have many stats on these seniors, these men will be hard to replace on next years roster. Without them the Rebels would be in a much different place in this tough region.

Christian Resendiz, Adam Ingram, Dylan Frank, Tyler Jones, Hunter Neal, Dominik Leben and Jerod Petty are the sole remaining seniors on this years Rebels team. These young men make up what Rebel Pride and Rebel Football is all about. Both on the field and off, these men led the way for a young team and helped define what winning and being a Rebel is all about. They have paved the way for a new era in Rebel Football and along with Coach Pavao and staff have given us fans something to be proud of.

Full Stats From East Hall Game Click Here

fannin-county-ga Click Here ButtonHighlight Video Link





Rebel’s Super Swag Player of the Week


The Fannin Rebels Player of the Week goes to senior running back #5 Dakota Archie. He is a huge part of this year’s team and puts in work each game. This week against West Hall he ran 162 yards on 38 carries and 2 touchdowns.

Congratulations Dakota on earning this week’s Player of the Week.

Fannin Falls in Double Overtime, 37-40


fannin-county-gawest hallThe Fannin Rebels (2-2,4-4) hosted the West Hall Spartans (1-3,3-5) in what ended up being a fight to the finish. With .46 seconds left in the game Fannin was up 27-24 and with the game all but won, West Hall kicker #22 Cesar Villa kicks a 49 yd. field goal to tie things up and force overtime. The Spartans found the end zone in double overtime to get their first region win, 40-37.

Fannin came out strong as they usually do. Jack Roper was the first to find then end zone at 4:06 in the first quarter. It was a 30 yard run off the left-side. West Hall answered a few short plays later with a 64 yard touchdown to tie things up at, 7-7 to end the first quarter.

The Rebels were able to score some points in the second quarter, but West Hall’s defense was able to contain. Fannin found the uprights with a 20 yards field goal, 13-14 at 10:23 in the second. The Spartans had a huge return of 74 yards setting them up with a short yardage touchdown, bringing the total to, 14-10 and then again with a 62 yard touchdown pass. at the end of the half West Hall was leading, 21-13.

Dakota Archie was first to strike in the third quarter from 13 yards out, closing the Spartans lead to one, 20-21. West Hall was not able to score in the third which is typically the Rebels worst quarter, but was able to hit a field goal increasing the lead, 24-21.

Again, Archie was a huge factor in Fannin’s run game. After driving the ball 80 yards Brad Davis was able to get in from 1 yard out on a keeper to the left-side with 9:20 left in the game. West Hall could not find the end zone against a tough and relentless Fannin defense. As time ran down it seemed as Fannin was righting a wrong after last years loss at West Hall. With 43.1 seconds left in the game, Spartans kicker Cesar Villa nails a 49 yard field goal to tie things up at, 27-27 forcing overtime.

West Hall had first strike at the end zone and quickly found it. #10 Darius Coleman ran a 20 yd. sprint to the right side finding the end zone. Fannin then had a chance to tie things up with a fresh set of downs. #3 Dakota Archie got the call and he answered. After a few short gains Archie was able to drag the entire Spartans team 5 yds into the end zone. Now with things tied, 34-34 they went into double overtime.

Fannin was first to get the ball and was stopped after a few short gains, but B. Caranza was able to get a field goal from about 20 yds. out. This gave the Spartans some breathing room. West Hall ran the same play to the right-side easily finding the end zone and getting the win in double overtime, 40-37.

Fannin will travel to Hall County to face-off against tough region opponent East Hall at 7:30 pm next week.

Game Highlights Click Here

Full Stats from Game Here

Brad Davis 24 – 37  202yds    4 Carries 14 yds 1 TD
Dakota Archie 38 Carries 162 yds 2 TD
Jack Roper 5 Carries 48 yds 1 TD
Tyler Collis 1 Carry 11yds
Dakota Archie 3 for -2 yds
Christian Resendez 1 for 11 yds
Cooper Earls 12 for 111 yds
Adam Ingram 5 for 48 yds
Jacob Reece 3 for 34

Players of Week

Off – Hunter Davis

Def – Jack Roper

Spec Teams – Andrew Pavao


The Rebels topple No.1 Dawson, 31-15


dawson-gafannin-county-ga The Fannin Rebels ( 2-1,4-3) hosted the (3-1,4-3) Dawson Tigers at Rebel’s Stadium this past Friday. Fannin took last year’s game late in the fourth quarter, 35-28 on an interception.

The Rebels coming off a region win at Lumpkin looked like a championship team Friday night. The team had an all new swag about themselves, a focus unlike any I or any Rebel fan has saw in previous years. This team believes. Coach Pavao and his staff have prepared this years team to compete in an ever changing Region 7-AAA. Last year’s undefeated West Hall sits near the bottom and Dawson sits up top. As it stands Dawson and Franklin still sit on top tied for first place with a 3-1 record. Fannin, Banks and East Hall, 2-1 are tied for 2-3 place and West Hall and Lumpkin round out the region. Next up for Fannin is a home game against a struggling West Hall Spartans (0-3,2-5). The Rebels look to rewrite history after last years shutout in Oakwood, GA.

The key to Fannin’s wins seems to be the leadership of the seniors and the underclassmen believing and buying into the season. Nobody wants to be the “ONE” its a team effort and they all know that. Sr. Dakota Archie is one of those seniors that can and has made a difference. He commands respect by leadership and hard work. Jerrod Petty whom was injured at the Murray game is still on the sidelines and in the locker room getting the team pumped and focused. The leadership does not stop at the seniors, they’re several juniors that have made a difference. Earls, Cornillaud, Sauls and Ware just to name a few. Truth be told this team has a ton of leadership on all levels. This past Friday was a true testament to just that.

Dawson was a perfect 3-0 coming into the game and the clear favorite to win. I don’t have the Tigers stats, but I can say this I am pretty sure the Tigers didn’t reach their 365 all-purpose yard average. Fannin came out quick scoring 24 first half points, holding the Tigers to no points, a position Dawson was unfamiliar with. Clay Ware got six of those points on a pick six for a 50+ yard return. The Rebel’s are a strong first half team, but historically this season give up their wins in the second half. Not this week. Dawson was able to find the end zone on the opening kick-off of the second half, but could not get enough momentum in the remainder of the game. QB Coey Watson (Avg. 212 YPG) has been a huge part of the Tigers offense and Fannin did a great job of pressuring him and not giving him the chance to hit the secondary in both passing and running. Senior Tigers Hunter Mitchell (Avg. 98.8 YPG) and Tucker Maxwell (Avg. 73.6 YPG) were held all night. The Rebel’s defense with starter Jerrod Petty out for the season has made the adjustments and look like a true contender this season. I talked with Coach Pavao and he told me when asked about this season “This group of young men hold their own destiny”.

Here are just a few of the stats in last Fridays win against Dawson.
Brad Davis – 15-22, 151 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT and  3 Carries – 12 yds
Adam Ingram 5 – Catches 52 yds and 1 TD
Cooper Earls 5 – Catches 52 yds
Jacob Reece – 4 Catches 36 Yds
Dakota Archie – 25 Carries 116 yds
Jack Roper  -13 Carries 78 yds 2 TD
Hunter Neal- 6 Tackles/ 2 Assist/ 1 Tackle for Loss/ 1 Pass Break-Up
Andrew Pavao- 2 Tackles/ 5 Assist
Dominik Leben- 2 Tackles/ 7 Assist
Clay Ware- 6 Tackles/ 1 Assist/ 2 Pass Break-Ups/ 2 Interceptions/ 1 Defensive TD
Jack Roper- 7 Tackles/ 3 Assists/ 1 Fumble Recovery
Jeffery Whitmire- 2 Tackle/ 5 Assist/ 1 Sack
Daniel Kinser- 7 Tackles/ 1 Assist/ 1 Caused Fumble
Dylan Frank- 8 Tackles

Offensive Player of the Game- Dakota Archie

Defensive Player of the Game- Clay Ware

Offensive Scout Team Player of the Week- Kennan Putnum

Defensive Scout Team Player of the Week- Jordan Newman

Special Teams Player of the Week- Dominik Leben


FYN Super Star Swag Player of the Week


The Fannin Rebel’s Jr. CB #24 Clay Ware is this week’s top performer. Although it was a tough decision this week Ware’s 6-tckls, 1-asst, 2-INT one of which was a touchdown and 2 pass break-ups. His performance on the field was a testament to this years Rebel team.

Congratulations on a great performance from all of us at Fetchyournews.

Rebels Scalp Indians, 41-35 at the Burial Grounds


fannin-county-galumpkin-county-gaThe Fannin Rebels(1-1,3-3) travelled to Dahlonega, GA. for a regional -match-up with the Lumpkin Indians(0-3,2-5) at the Burial Grounds. The Rebels went to the air and amassed 446 yards passing in their, 41-35 victory.

The Indians won the coin toss and deferred to the Rebels, giving them the ball in the second half. Fannin QB Brad Davis came out on fire, quickly driving the ball 80 yards downfield to Lumpkin’s five yard line, but the Indians were able to hold Fannin. B. Caranza hit a 20 yard field goal to make it,3-0.  Fannin was able to hold Lumpkin despite Zack Matthews attempts at scoring for the Indians. Davis was able to connect to Jacob Reece for a touchdown to end the first quarter, 10-0.

The second quarter was all Fannin on both sides of the ball. Lumpkin did manage to score, but Davis aired it out connecting on a 35 yard touchdown to Christian Resendiz across the middle bringing the score to, 17-7. Lumpkin managed to score twice in the second quarter. Once on a 30 yard pass and then again on a 87 yard kick-off return.  Davis finished out the half throwing two more touchdown passes to Cooper Earls and a B. Caranza field goal increased their lead going into the half, 34-14

The second half seems to be a thorn in the Rebel’s side, giving up 94 second half points versus scoring only 66 points. However, they have only allowed 69 points in the first half of play. Lumpkin was no exception to this flaw. The Rebels had a 20 point lead going  into the third quarter and gave up 21 second half points. Almost losing the game. With 7:15 left in the fourth quarter, Jack Roper found the outside and ran for 30+ yard touchdown making the score, 41-28. Lumpkin did move the ball downfield and found the end zone one last time, but with little time left on the clock Davis was able to run it out after taking several knees. At the end Fannin takes their first region win on the road, 41-35.

Next up for the Rebels is the Dawson County Tigers at home. The Tigers(3-0,4-2) are sitting up top of the 7-AAA region after beating the Franklin Lions, 54-40.

Highlight Stats

Brad Davis – 18-23, 446 yds, 4 td, 2 carries -8 yds


Cody Jacobs – 15 carries for 58 yds

Jack Roper – 7 carries for 46 yds, 1 td


Cooper Earls – 8 catches, 236 yds, 2 td

Adam Ingram – 6 catches, 94 yds

Jacob Reece – 2 catches, 43 yds, 1 td

Dakota Archie – 1 catch, 38 yds

Christian Resendiz – 1 catch, 35 yds, 1 td

For Full Stats Click Here

Rebels Week 5 POTW


Week 5 FYN Player of the Week for the Rebels goes to none other than #17 Cooper Earls. Earls is a Junior wide-receiver with speed and height. QB Brad Davis targeted Earls nine times for 133 yards and two touchdowns in the loss at Banks County last week. Earls was the workhorse and go to receiver. He also had 64 return yards for a total of 197 yards on the night.

Congratulations Cooper Earls for being named week 5 FYN Player of the Week.



Rebels Drop Rain Soaked Region Opener at Banks, 28-52


The Fannin Rebels(0-1,2-3)) were on the road against a tough Banks County Leopards(1-1,4-2) last Friday. Although the weather made a temporary stop for the game, it was cold, windy and the prior rain fall made the field a mess. This was the region opener for Fannin in 7-AAA. Banks County was coming off a 14-7 loss at Franklin County for their opener. The Rebels were not prepared for the Leopards offensive schemes or the speed of the offense. Banks took control after the first half, going on to win, 52-28.



The Rebels kicked off to the Leopards to start the first quarter.SAM_9189 Banks returned the ball back to their own 40 yard line. On the Leopards first possession they drove the ball 65+ yards for a touchdown. Fannin answered on their first possession driving the ball 70+ yards and capping it off with a 1 yard rush from Tyler Collis, tying things up at 7-7. The remainder of the first quarter was uneventful to say the least. Both defenses were able to hold on downs and not allowing much yardage, but Banks did manage to get a field goal late in the quarter. At the end of the first, 7-10 Banks.


The second quarter was a defensive quarter, both teams were able to drive the ball downfield, but in the end the defenses came up with big stops.SAM_9206 Fannin did however, find the end zone off a seven yard pass from Brad Davis to Chris Cornillaud. This made the score, 14-10. Banks would eventually find the end zone themselves and at the end of the first half Banks lead, 17-14.

The two teams went into the extended halftime with things to work on; missed assignments, penalties and coverage issues. Banks held its homecoming during halftime.


SAM_9247Things did not get any better for the Rebels in the second half. Banks came out strong scoring 21 third quarter points and allowing only seven for Fannin. The Rebels’ Cooper Earls found pay dirt on a 10 yard reception from Davis. At the end of the third quarter the score was, 21-31, Banks. The Leopards made some serious adjustments for the second half.



Fannin was able to slow down the Leopards in the fourth allowing only 14 points, but the damage had been done. Being outscored 21-7 in the third Fannin was playing uphill. Earls, again found the end zone in the fourth. This time on a 48 yard reception from Davis. Earls finished the night with nine catches for 133 yards and two touchdowns. Although Fannin did manage to score in all four quarters, Banks found the weakness in the Rebels secondary and took full advantage of it. Fannin, as hard as they played, just could not get their rhythm. Banks went on to win, 52-28.

Does Jerod Petty’s injury show more signs of his loss than what was originally thought? Now I am not saying that he is irreplaceable, but his loss was certainly felt on the field of Banks County by my estimations.


Brad Davis – 22-37, 289yds, 3 TD, 1 INT  –  6 Carries for 28 yds

Jack Roper – 12-Carries for 83 yds

Tyler Collis –  10-Carries for 20 yds, 1 TD

Cooper Earls – 9 catches for 133 yds, 2 TD

Chris Cornillaud – 1 catch for 7 yds, 1 TD

Cody Jacobs – 4 catches for 54 yds

Adam Ingram – 4 catches for 42 yds


Jack Roper – 7 Tckls, 3 Asst, 1 Tfl

Dylan Frank – 4 Tckls, 5 Asst

Hunter Neal – 4 Tckls, 2 Asst

Complete Stats Click Here







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