Emily McClure Wins BRES Spelling Bee

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You could hear a pin drop in the data room at Blue Ridge Elementary school on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 as students anxiously awaited the school wide spelling bee. (more…)

Community Outpours Support of Mother

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Living in a small town has its perks, one of which is the way that citizens come together during a time of need. Fannin and Polk counties did just that for Jennifer Palmer, mother of two year old Saharah Weatherspoon, that died while in foster care. (more…)

Fannin Child Fights for Life While in Foster Care

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Throughout the year, FYN has kept you informed on various events as they unfolded regarding a stabbing and kidnapping that took place in McCaysville, GA during February. (more…)

Long Visits BRES Students

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School bus safety is always an exciting event for students, especially for those having the experience for the first time. To ensure that the information and safety rules discussed are remembered through the excitement, Transportation Director, Benny Long decided to have an additional program to reinforce the important information. (more…)

First Graders Convert to the Wild Life

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Children love seeing zoo animals but the first grade students at Blue Ridge Elementary had the luxury of having the zoo come to them. (more…)

BRES Hosts Fall Fest

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Leaves are turning, the air is cool and crisp and students are beginning to get antsy for a break…FALL IS HERE! (more…)

Protester in Blue Ridge

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While it seems that many, in the area, try to keep their oppositions with the United States’ President a private matter, one man in Blue Ridge does not mind taking a stand for what he believes is wrong. (more…)

Water Authority Makes Progress

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The Fannin County Water Authority held its regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, October 16, 2013. (more…)

Fall Arts Festival a Success

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The Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association held its first annual fall Arts in the Park this year. The event is known for taking place during the spring each year but this year, they added a fall event, which was a success, especially considering it was the first year. (more…)

Dr. Mitchell Has Support in Court

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The first phase of the trial for Copper Basin Vet, Dr. William Mitchell took place on Thursday, October 10th. Support for the doctor was very prominent in the Fannin County Courthouse. (more…)

Woes Fade for My Mountain

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The representatives and residents of My Mountain were happy to hear the news they received at the Fannin County Water Authority meeting. (more…)

BRES Hosts Family Fitness Night

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In a, generally, overweight society the faculty and staff at Blue Ridge Elementary put together a family fitness night to discuss ways to exercise with your child and help both, parents and children, to get in shape to lead healthier lives. (more…)

FYN Exclusive: Swan Drive In Goes Digital

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With spring around the corner, many families look to move their functions outdoors to enjoy the nice weather and since movies are a way that families like to spend time with one another, FYN sat down with Steve and Kathleen Setser to learn more about the new digital equipment they have upgraded to just in time for the outdoor movie goer season. (more…)

Burglaries Plague Business Owners

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Several businesses were burglarized along East First Street in Blue Ridge just after Christmas, FYN has learned. (more…)

Testing The Waters At My Mountain


Emotions ran high, while hand after hand rose in a flurry of questions. (more…)

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