Fannin County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Report 3/15 – 3/21

Arrest Reports, Police & Government

Arrest report provided by the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office with images.  The Georgia Open Records Act (O.C.G.A. 35-01-18) allows for to obtain and post the arrest records of any and all individuals arrested in Polk County. Those arrests are posted on for viewing pleasure. Please remember that all individuals listed have been arrested and charged, however, they are presumed innocent until guilt has been proven in a court of law.

COVID-19 Pandemic Appears to be Just Entering the Psyches of Fannin/Union County Residents

Health, News
visitation closure closing, cancellation

The current COVID-19 pandemic appears to be just entering the psyches of Fannin/Union County
residents, despite the panic that is sweeping the country. While panic is never a strategy, it is important
people understand the severity of this illness. I’ve spent the last decade as Chief Medical Officer
managing population health data and statistics for a Fortune 50 company and want to put the risk in
perspective for Fannin and Union county. Assuming the definitions below, Fannin County can expect
2,360 infected individuals (based on an adult population of 23,601) with 141 people requiring critical
care (think hospitalization) and 29 deaths. Union surpasses Fannin with 209 critically ill people and 42
deaths even though they have a slightly smaller population but have more elderly and individuals with
high-risk individuals with chronic disease.

Understanding the significance of these statistics should convince anyone that the threat is real and
social distance, hand washing, staying home, school closings and any activity involving large groups of
people should be followed.

 Total Population: Represents the total number of people age 18+ included in the analysis.
 Infection %: The percent of the total population assumed to be diagnosed with COVID-19. Using
the Center for Disease Control’s estimate for influenza as a proxy, the default value is set at
10%. Users can simulate different scenarios.
 Critical Case Volume: The number of infected patients expected to become critical, meaning the
patient will require an ICU level of care and/or ventilator. Based on research published in the
New England Journal of Medicine, the current national average critical case  rate is projected to
be 6.1% of total infections. However, local and regional critical case rates will vary based on
multiple factors; this variation is informed by Carrot’s COVID-19 Critical Infection Risk Index.
 Mortality %: The percent of critical cases expected to end in mortality. Current early findings
vary widely; mortality rates among critical cases range from 22-49% in studies reviewed. The
default assumption in this report is set at 20%; users can simulate different scenarios.
 Simulated Mortality Volume: The number of total mortalities in the respective geography based
on the Infection %, Critical Case Volume %, and Mortality % assumptions.


David A. Rearick, DO, MBA, CPE
Chief Medical Officer

Fannin Regional closes visitation and adjusts patient intake

visitation closure closing, cancellation

BLUE RIDGE, Ga. – Fannin Regional Hospital is altering visitation and intake for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Issuing a statement today, Fannin Regional Hospital will no longer allow visitors for patients in the facility. They have not set a end time on this new policy but did not current health concerns

Fannin Regional said, “For the safety and well-being of our patients, providers, staff, and community Fannin Regional Hospital will not permit visitors effective immediately.  We will not be allowing visitors until further notice.”

However, the changes are coming to more than just visitation as everyone entering the hospital as a patient will now go through screening process.

The statement said, “All patients will be screened upon entry and asked to wear a mask if they have a fever, respiratory, or other flu-like symptoms.

While not fully closed, this is another change coming due to concerns and threats of spreading the Coronavirus. They did further clarify the new visitation policy on social media that exceptions to visitation guidelines will be made for end-of-life situations or other special patient needs.

Fannin Regional Hospital said it is “dedicated to continuing to provide quality care to the members of our community during this time in a way that helps ensure the safest possible environment.”

Fannin County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Report 3/9 – 3/14

Arrest Reports, Police & Government

Arrest report provided by the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office with images.  The Georgia Open Records Act (O.C.G.A. 35-01-18) allows for to obtain and post the arrest records of any and all individuals arrested in Polk County. Those arrests are posted on for viewing pleasure. Please remember that all individuals listed have been arrested and charged, however, they are presumed innocent until guilt has been proven in a court of law.

Transparency obstructed at McCaysville City Council meeting

Community, News

McCaysville, Ga. – Mayor Thomas Seabolt tried to bring to an end the reading of the monthly bills, as new councilmember Gilita Carter had done at previous meetings since taking office.

Carter had stated in a previous meeting: “I’ve been coming to a lot of meetings and it always comes up, about paying the bills. Well, I often sit there and wonder, what bills? Whose bills?”

Click Here to read about previous meeting concerning McCaysville finances.

Since taking office Carter has read each line item of the monthly bills aloud to the public, but Seabolt put a stop to this by asking for a motion before Carter could address the public.

McCaysville, Fannin, Georgia, City Council, Transparency, Finance, Bills, Mayor, Attorney, Thomas Seabolt, Sue Beaver, Gilita Carter, Susan Kiker, Jason Woody, Larry Collis, Cortney Stuart, Expenditures

Council-member Gilita Carter and Mayor Thomas Seabolt exchange words over the city’s transparency.

“I just don’t want to take the time to read everything because they’ve already been approved through payment in a sense,” Seabolt spoke to Carter of his reasoning behind not continuing to read the individual bills submitted by city departments.

After asking for a motion to pay the bills with no further explanation, council-member Sue Beaver gave that motion, with fellow council-member Larry Collis gave a second. When asked all in favor Carter abstained along with council-member Susan Kiker.

“In the basis of transparency and in the fact that I stated before, that no one ever knew what the bills were, I will at least give the total for each department,” Carter said before reading each department’s total bills.

Mayor Seabolt responded to Carter’s reading of the totals by saying, “If they want a copy they can ask for public records.” 

This sparked a short exchange between Carter and Seabolt, with Carter ending, “I won’t read them individually any more, but for transparency purposes people need to know what the city bills are. Transparency is what I’m going to stand for.”

Council-member Jason Woody proposed having a print out of detailed monthly bills available for citizens at the regular monthly meetings.

Ultimately, Carter voted no to paying the bills to show opposition in how the City Council is handling getting the information to the public.

The department totals for bills in the month of Feb. are as follows:

  • Administration – $3,828.24
  • Police Department – $2,439.42
  • Court – $519.60
  • Street Department – $3,693.45
  • City Park – $295.39
  • Water and sewer – $29,889.85

Later in the meeting Carter proposed that the City put in place a system for filing expenditure reports and receiving reimbursement. Her proposal includes basing the City’s millage rate reimbursement on Federal standards and having clear cut forms so that reimbursement would be organized and uniform.

Another topic of financial discussion came about when City Attorney Cortney Stuart pointed out during the meeting that no resolution actually exists that requires spending over $500 to come before the council for approval.

This topic and the topic of expenditure reports are expected to be discussed by council in a workshop meeting.


Natalie Kissel

Fannin County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Report 3/1 – 3/8

Arrest Reports, Police & Government

Arrest report provided by the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office with images.  The Georgia Open Records Act (O.C.G.A. 35-01-18) allows for to obtain and post the arrest records of any and all individuals arrested in Polk County. Those arrests are posted on for viewing pleasure. Please remember that all individuals listed have been arrested and charged, however, they are presumed innocent until guilt has been proven in a court of law.

Fannin County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Report 2/23 – 2/29

Arrest Reports, Police & Government

Arrest report provided by the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office with images.  The Georgia Open Records Act (O.C.G.A. 35-01-18) allows for to obtain and post the arrest records of any and all individuals arrested in Polk County. Those arrests are posted on for viewing pleasure. Please remember that all individuals listed have been arrested and charged, however, they are presumed innocent until guilt has been proven in a court of law.

Jamie Hensley announces candidacy for Fannin County Commission Chair

Election 2020, News

My name is Jamie Hensley and I am running for Fannin County Commission Chairman.   I would like to share why I am asking for your vote on May 19th.  I am a lifelong resident of Fannin County, raised in the Mineral Bluff area. Growing up in our home, my mom, Marie and my dad, the late “Verl” Hensley, taught me and my sisters the importance of faith, family, and giving back to our community.

I currently reside in the Epworth area with my wife of 26 years, Faith.  We have raised our two wonderful daughters, Lauren and Kaelyn, to have the same values.  Our son-in-law, Josh, currently serves our country in the Army National Guard, and our beautiful granddaughter Lainey rules the roost. I am an East Side Wildcat and a 1989 graduate of Fannin County High School.  I am a member of Mineral Bluff Lodge #483 and a member of Helping Hand Fellowship Church.  Now, I want to use my deep-rooted values to serve all of Fannin County.

• Experience
The qualities I feel the citizens of Fannin County expect and deserve from their Commission Chair go hand-in-hand with the leadership skills I have acquired during my 24-year career at Circuit World.  I started out as a delivery driver, was quickly recognized for my hard work, dedication, determination, and was soon promoted to General Manager.  I have been the General Manager of five locations for over 15 years.  One of my main responsibilities is managing the operation of the businesses within a budget.  I have had to be a good steward of the company’s money and not waste it.  My success in business has been due to my ability to deliver on promises. I keep my word. If I tell you I am going to do something, you can count on it. I thoroughly understand budgets, purchasing, negotiations, hands on training, and public relations. I excel in leadership qualities.  Leadership is not telling people what to do – it is listening to ideas, prioritizing the needs, and finding the best solution to accomplish the goal.  As Commission Chairman of Fannin County, I will never forget it is YOUR money.

• Community
I have a long-time record of community involvement. For years, I have been involved with youth sports. I have coached softball since 1999 and enjoyed every minute of it! I was part of the coaching staff that landed Fannin County’s first ever 14U State Champs.  Currently, I serve as President of the Fannin County Lady Rebels Softball Booster Club, and I am an active board member of the Blue Ridge Humane Society.

• Leadership
I believe Fannin County needs positive leadership.  Fannin County, as you know, has grown immensely in the last 25 years. I feel we need to take a more proactive approach instead of simply being reactive to our community’s growth. We are proud of our history and must remember our past, but we must accept the fact that we are growing.  If we don’t proactively plan for future growth and steer the “ship” properly, the county will experience uncontrolled growth.

• Communication
I will improve communication between county offices, departments and government.  We must work as a team to ensure that all departments are properly staffed and equipped to give the best service to our citizens that they so richly deserve.   A better line of communication needs to be established with volunteers.  Our county has a wealth of volunteers wanting to serve, especially in the area of animal control.

• Safety
I support our public safety and will work diligently to ensure that our EMS/EMA, law enforcement, and first responders are given the resources necessary to do their jobs, which is to KEEP US SAFE. Additionally, I will work daily to see that our roads are maintained for all travelers. It is my belief that the main function of government is to provide for the peace, safety, and prosperity of its citizens.

I fully understand the scope and responsibilities of the Chairmanship of the Fannin County Board of Commissioners, and I am committed to making Fannin County an even better place to live.



Carlton Harold Bailey: Obituary


The Cochran Funeral Home of Hiawassee announces Funeral Services for Carlton Harold Bailey, age 91 of Jackson, Michigan (formerly Hiawassee, Georgia) who passed away on Saturday, February 22, 2020.

Funeral Services will be held at 3 p.m. on Monday, March 2, 2020 at McConnell Memorial Baptist Church with Pastor Steve Taylor and Rev. Danny Byers officiating. The family will receive friends from 10 am until 2:30 pm on Monday at Cochran Funeral Home of Hiawassee. Military Honors will be presented by the North Georgia Honor Guard. Graveside Services and Interment will be held at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at Green Meadow Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Conyers, Georgia. Firefighter Honors will be presented by DeKalb County Fire Department.

Earl “Skip” Lynn Peters: Obituary


Earl “Skip” Lynn Peters from Young Harris, GA went Home suddenly to be with the Lord on February 21, 2020 while working in Hiawassee, GA. Skip was born on May 13, 1951 in Aberdeen, MD and was 68 years old.
Skip served in the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta Force from 1969-1992. Among many awards bestowed upon Skip during his career, for his valor, he received the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th highest awards of a soldier: Distinguished Service Cross in 1989, Distinguished Service Medal in 1982, Silver Star in 1970. In addition, Skip received two Purple Heart medals, one in 1970 and 1990 for wounds received in action. He received The Humanitarian Service Medal in 1980, two Soldier’s Medals in 1980 and one Soldier’s Medal in 1982.

In addition to his military career, Skip was a professional home builder and owned his own construction company for 25 years building conventional and log homes and home improvement projects in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia until he retired in 2008. He then relocated from North East, MD to Orlando Florida with his wife to care for his two widowed stepsisters. In 2011, Skip and his wife found their final home together in Young Harris, GA. The couple worked together in partnership with the Shaklee Corporation achieving many awards since 1980. Skip recently began working as a Project Manager for T.L. Thompson Construction, Inc. in Hiawassee, GA, returning to his love for the construction industry.

Skip grew up on Alliance St. in Havre de Grace, MD where he learned to love the outdoors, enjoying hunting, fishing and boating most of his life. Skip loved God and His Word, his country, his family and friends and humbly served others throughout his life. He valued his place in God’s Army and considered himself a warrior for God.
Skip was an active member of Warriors Veteran Outreach in Murphy, NC. He was a member of the World Harvest Church North in Blairsville, GA and the North Mount Zion Church of God in Hiawassee, GA. He was a former member of Life Community Church in Newark, DE. He served in Towns County Food Bank and the Food Bank at North Mount Zion Church of God.

He is survived by his wife of 47 years, Georgia Lee (Deamer) Peters and by three sons and a daughter: Michael Lee Peters (Julie), Jeffrey Lynn Peters (Rachel), Nathan Lee Peters (Heather), and Christine Lynn Peters Glenn (David). He is also survived by 11 grandchildren and by his stepbrother, Steve Foust from Havre de Grace, MD. He is preceded in death by his father, Earl L. Peters and his mother, Irene Scroggins Peters, his step siblings Herbert Pates, Jeannette Peters (Charles) Miller, Ramona Peters (John) Ondeck and Ladonna Peters (Joseph) Baldwin.

Celebration services will be held on Saturday, February 29, 2020 at Sharp Memorial UMC on Young Harris campus, 1114 Main St. Young Harris, GA at 11:00 a.m.

Arrangements entrusted to Cochran Funeral Home of Hiawassee.

Tammy Renee Hicks Dillard: Obituary


Tammy Renee Hicks Dillard, age 51, of Mineral Bluff, passed away on Sunday, February 2, 2020. She was born on September 15, 1968 in Atlanta. She was of the Baptist faith. She worked as a Housekeeper for Vacasa. She is preceded in death by her father, Howard Harvey Hicks, Jr.; sons, Nathan Mashburn and Steven Hicks; and siblings, James Michael Hicks, William Scott Hicks, and Angela Michelle Rhodes.

She is survived by her daughter, Maranda Hicks; son, Brandon Hicks; mother, Mary Jane Gibbs; grandchildren, Kayla Henley, Amariana Hicks, Brantley Elkins, and Jaxon Elkins; and brother, Howard David Hicks.

Funeral services will be conducted on Thursday, February 27, 2020 at 2:00 PM from the Akins Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. Jerry Lee Garner and Rev. Hal Panter officiating. Interment will follow in the Chastain Memorial Park with Rev. Eric Davenport officiating. Austin Norton, Robert Grimes, Jason Norton, David Elliott, Rev. Jerry Lee Garner, and Gage Garner will be serving as pallbearers. The family will visit with friends at the funeral home on Thursday from 12:00 PM until 2:00 PM. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to help defray from funeral expenses. Condolences may be sent to the family at Akins Funeral Home of Blue Ridge is in charge of the arrangements.

Fannin County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Report 2/16 – 2/22

Arrest Reports, Police & Government

Arrest report provided by the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office with images.  The Georgia Open Records Act (O.C.G.A. 35-01-18) allows for to obtain and post the arrest records of any and all individuals arrested in Polk County. Those arrests are posted on for viewing pleasure. Please remember that all individuals listed have been arrested and charged, however, they are presumed innocent until guilt has been proven in a court of law.

H. Lamar James: Obituary


It is with great sadness that the family of H. Lamar James announce his passing on February 13, 2020. He was born on August 13, 1949 in Commerce, Georgia, the only child of Bud and Frances James. He was a graduate of the Jefferson High School Class of 1967, and earned a degree from Georgia Southern University in 1971. Through the years, he lived in several cities around Georgia and spent many years in Destin, Florida. He spent the past couple of years in a mountain home in Blairsville, Georgia, enjoying the view of Brasstown Bald.

Known to many as “Bubba,” he was a sports fanatic, an insatiable reader, an avid bowler and golfer, and a lifelong entrepreneur. He had a keen intellect and a sense of humor like no other. To know him was to laugh with him, probably until your stomach hurt.

He was preceded in death by his father, Hubert “Bud” James. He is lovingly remembered by his wife, Maria James; mother, Frances James; daughter, Melody Hanlon (Greg); son, Lee Garrison (Marie); and grandchildren, Lindsey Garrison, Jared Garrison, and Eleanor Hanlon; along with cousins and many great friends.

The family will celebrate his life at a later date. Memorial donations can be made to The American Stroke Foundation.

Arrangements entrusted to Cochran Funeral Home & Crematory of Blairsville.

Juanita Marie Prentice: Obituary


Cochran Funeral Home and Crematory of Blairsville announces the death and funeral services for Mrs. Juanita Marie Prentice, age 89, who passed away on Friday, February 21st, 2020 at her residence in Blairsville.

Mrs. Prentice was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, a daughter of the late Carl White and the late Jennie Crosley White. She had been living in Blairsville since 1992, moving here from Port St. Lucie, Florida. She was a member of First United Methodist Church of Union County, and the Union General Hospital Auxiliary. She was lovingly known as “Grams” by her family. Her husband, Robert E. Prentice, passed away in 1999.

She is survived by her family members: daughter and son-in-law, Karen and Robert Roxbury; son and daughter-in-law, Thomas and Sally Prentice; son and daughter-in-law, James and Leonda Prentice; and son and daughter-in-law, Keith and Leora Prentice; Ten grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren, and 3 great great grandchildren also survive.

Funeral services for Mrs. Prentice have been scheduled for Friday, February 28th, 2020, to be held at 2:00 p.m., in the Chapel of Cochran Funeral Home in Blairsville. The following gentlemen will serve as pallbearers: Robby Roxbury, Drew Prentice, Nathaniel Prentice, Andrew Jones, Harold Maybe, and William Prentice. Burial will be in Union Memory Gardens Cemetery.

Visitation will be held on Thursday, February 27th, between the hours of 6 until 9 p.m.

Flowers are being accepted; however, if you wish to make memorial contributions, they can be directed to The Alzheimer’s Foundation.

Cochran Funeral Home and Crematory of Blairsville is honored to be serving the family of Mrs. Juanita Prentice. Please share your condolences and memories on our website,

Juanita Dills: Obituary


The Cochran Funeral Home of Hiawassee announces the death of Juanita Dills, age 68 of Hiawassee who went to be with her Lord and Savior on Friday, February 14, 2020.

No services are planned at this time.

Arrangements entrusted to Cochran Funeral Home of Hiawassee.

*Full obituary pending*

Betty J Chastain: Obituary


Betty J Chastain, age 75 of Blue Ridge, passed away February 15, 2020, in Ducktown, TN. Mrs. Chastain was born February 17, 1944 in Turtletown, TN to the late Charles J Muncher and the late Floyd Patterson Muncher. She was preceded in death by her husband, Glen Chastain, brothers, Tom Muncher, Jack Muncher, George Muncher, and Charles CJ Muncher, sisters, Lillie Faye Brown, Mary Alice Meredith, and Corene Mashburn.

Survivors include: son, James (Pam) Chastain, daughter, Tammy (Michael) Pierce, granddaughters, Kayla (Shannon) Bradburn, Brittany Pierce, and Haley Morgan Chastain, grandson, Nathan Chastain, and great-granddaughter, Addyson Bradburn, and great-grandson Izaiah Bradburn.

Memorial service: Saturday, February 29, 2020, from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm at Bethel Church Fellowship Hall.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made in Mrs. Chastain’s name to the charity of your choice.

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