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Trump endorses Burt Jones for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia

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JACKSON – Today, September 2, 2021, President Donald J. Trump endorsed conservative candidate Burt Jones for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia.

Both Trump and Jones have shared and forwarded the endorsement to numerous media outlets. Jones’ campaign also attached a statement saying, “In 2016 and 2020, Burt served as President Trump’s campaign co-chair in Georgia, and he was the first elected official in Georgia to endorse the President. As President Trump’s endorsement proves, Burt is the only candidate in the race for Lieutenant Governor who will safeguard and advance the America First agenda, fight for election integrity, and deliver results for hardworking Georgians.”

JonesTrump’s endorsement stated: “State Senator Burt Jones is a Conservative warrior running for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. No one has fought harder for Election Integrity than Burt, and no state needs it more. A businessman and Patriot, Burt will always stand for America First, and will help bring back Energy Independence, a Stronger Border, Low Taxes, Great Education, and Safe Cities. He will also get to the bottom of the Nov. 3 Presidential Election Scam. Burt Jones has my Complete and Total Endorsement. He will not let the great people of Georgia down!”

In an email statement today, Burt Jones responded by saying, “I am honored and humbled to receive the endorsement of President Donald J. Trump in my campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. I am the only person in my race who has had the President’s back from day one, and it’s an honor to have his full support. As Lieutenant Governor, I will work to advance the President’s America First agenda and continue to grow our economy, improve our schools, secure our elections, and keep Georgia safe. I look forward to traveling the state and meeting with the good people of Georgia as we work toward a big win in November 2022.”


Candidates Qualify for Blue Ridge City Election

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Blue Ridge city council candidates

Blue Ridge, Ga. – Qualifying has officially come to an end for the upcoming City of Blue Ridge election and 13 candidates have thrown their respective hats into the ring.

With much contention being expressed at recent City Council meetings, residents not only of the city but also of Fannin County as a whole, are watching to see who will represent the future of the city’s progress.

Like City Elections of the past, teams have been presumably formed in hopes of making a clean sweep on the ballot in November.

However, none of the 13 will confirm if they are running on a ticket with others.

Those who submitted paperwork to run in November’s election will still need to be vetted to assure qualifications for candidacy are met.

The election will take place Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The following individuals have submitted qualifying papers:


Blue Ridge Mayor Candidates (Currently held by Donna Whitener)

Rhonda Haight

Donna Whitener

Post 1 Candidates (Currently held by Herald Herndon)


Herald Herndon

Jack Taylor

Post 2 Candidates (Currently held by Rhonda Haight)


Angie Arp

Mike Panter

Post 3 Candidates (Currently held by Mike Panter)

Brian Higgins


Christy Kay

Post 4 Candidates (Currently held by Robbie Cornelius)

Richard Arnold


Jacqueline Brown

William Whaley

Post 5 Candidates (Currently held by Nathan Fitts)

Bill Bivins

Nathan Fitts

Giuliani derides Kemp and Raffensperger, praises Vernon Jones

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ELLIJAY, Ga – Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) expressed that the country is at a “major crossroads” and it’s up to like-minded individuals to “preserve” it.

Giuliani’s officially endorsed gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones(R) in Georgia after experiencing a lack of leadership from incumbent Brian Kemp (R). The embattled former mayor and ex-Trump Attorney attempted to contact Kemp several times following the November 2020 election and claimed the Georgia governor never returned his calls.

He added that the Georgia legislature conducted the “Best job [of] investigating the [election] fraud” last December. A special session concerning election fraud wasn’t called in December, but the Georgia House of Representatives and Senate held separate hearings to hear from individuals who experienced inconsistencies during that election cycle.

A lawsuit is currently in the court system concerning possible election fraud in Fulton County.

Giuliani attended one of those hearings and presented the highly contested security footage from State Farm Arena that featured some Fulton County poll workers pulling ballots from underneath tables.

The Secretary of State’s office conducted multiple recounts following the election and maintain that the Georgia election was honest and fair. They found no evidence of significant fraud.

Two weeks ago, New York suspended Giuliani’s law license in large part to the ex-Trump attorney’s election claims.

Giuliani wasn’t satisfied with either Kemp of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) claiming they never analyzed the video and going so far as to call Raffensperger “a damn liar.”

He believes Vernon is the “right man for Georgia” with experience running a government office as an executive as well as a legislator. He added that Vernon “went through hell to be Republican” and the former Representative understands Trump’s vision.

Giuliani’s in the midst of his own trials and tribulations. A new book is claiming Giuliani told Trump to “just say we won” on election night. A move that reportedly infuriated Trump advisors. Giuliani’s stated that the claims were false and made by anti-Trumpers.

In April, Giuliani’s Manhattan home and office were raided by federal agents who seized computers and cell phones for an investigation into Trump’s business dealings. The former New York Mayor has stated they didn’t take the Hunter Biden laptop, however.

Ask The Doc! Ascites And Spindle Cell Sarcoma

ask the doc

This week, the Doctors discuss Ascites in a patient whose lung Cancer is being treated by the Jimmy Carter Immune Therapy. What is it? How is it treated? They also touch on the Spindle Cell Sarcoma. How serious is it? What are the different kinds of Sarcomas? The doctors also give a brief Covid update.


Mayor asked to return key to City Hall

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Blue Ridge, Ga. – Mayor Donna Whitener was asked to turn in her key to City Hall as council members expressed their concerns over the upcoming election.

“With all that has been going on over the past couple of months, which the public is just now starting to find out about, to be very honest, I don’t know that I feel comfortable with the election that is coming up and not having an unbiased party being over the election,” Council Member Nathan Fitts expressed his feelings on the upcoming election.

Blue Ridge, Georgia, Fannin County, Election, 2021, Qualifying, November, City Council, Post 1, Harold Herdon, Post 2, Rhonda Haight, Post 3, Mike Panter, Post 4, Robbie Cornelius, Post 5, Nathan Fitts, Mayor, Donna Whitener

Haight requests that Whitener return her key to City Hall during the election period.

Council Member Rhonda Thomas and Fitts both agreed that having outside municipal counsel handle any election related events would be in the best interest of not only the candidates but the City as well.

This proposition comes with the consideration that current City Attorney James Balli is hired to represent City Council members, many of whom will be running in the upcoming election, and therefore might have a biased conflict of interest in any election related matters.

Haight suggested approaching the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) attorneys and getting their legal opinion on the matter.

Fitts agreed with Haight’s recommendation stating, “I know too much. I know the history of the last election. I know things that went on and I do not feel comfortable with it.”

With the request for an outside legal counsel, Haight also requested that the Mayor return her key to City Hall during the election period.

“None of us have keys except for the Mayor and I don’t feel like she should have a key to this building during that election time,” Haight said adding that she doesn’t want any possibility of wrongdoing to occur and jeopardize the election process.

“I have no problem with that,” Mayor Whitener responded to Haight’s request but did point out that there have been emergency occasions when she (Whitener) has had to access the building.

One thing that all council members and mayor did agree upon was to look into third party handling of future elections.

Fitts pointed out that the staff of City Hall, who currently handle city elections, is “put in the middle of way more than they should be”.

While some council members felt it was too late to seek outside handling of the 2021 City Election, they did agree to pursue this route in the future.

The General Election is set to take place on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021 with voting at City Hall. Polls open at 7 a.m. and will close at 7 p.m.

David Perdue takes steps to run against Warnock in 2022

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David Perdue 2022 Senate

ATLANTA, Ga – The 2022 U.S. Senate race starts heating up with former U.S. Senator David Perdue (R – Ga) filing paperwork to potentially run against Senator Raphael Warnock (D – Ga).

The former senator, who lost his runoff against Jon Ossoff on January 5, established the “Perdue for Senate” campaign on Monday with the Federal Election Commission.

This move doesn’t necessarily mean Perdue will enter the race, and Fox News is reporting, he will decide in the coming weeks. However, the conservative news outlet also indicates Perdue is leaning toward running.

If Perdue runs against Warnock, it leaves another prominent Georgia Republican and former Ninth District Representative Doug Collins in an interesting position. Sources say Collins’ also considering another Senate bid in 2022. 

Taken from the FEC website on February 15, 2021.

In a jungle primary, Collins came in third against Warnock and former Senator Kelly Loeffler (R). Warnock later beat Loeffler in the runoff.

Related: Doug Collins will appear on BKP Politics on Tuesday, February 16 at 8 a.m.

Perdue won his Senate seat in 2014 and quickly aligned himself with President Trump in 2016. The President has strongly indicated that he would be involved in the Georgia 2022 elections following Governor Brian Kemp’s refusal to overturn the election.

Ossoff received 50.6 percent of the vote in the runoff to 49.4 percent for Perdue. On November 3, Perdue led Ossoff before dropping below 50 percent to push the race to a runoff.

Warnock and Ossoff’s wins handed the Senate control over to the Democrats, with 50 Senators and Vice President Kamala Harris (D) serving as the tie-breaking vote.

Senator Raphael Warnock

Senator Raphael Warnock

2022 will see Georgia become a political hotbed once again with Governor Brian Kemp (R), Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan (R), and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) up for reelection. Many in the Republican Party aren’t happy with the incumbents following the November 3 election. Trump’s stated he intends to find primary candidates against Kemp at least. Politicos look for Stacey Abrams (D) to run against Kemp in the general election as a 2018 rematch.

City Council and Mayor seats open in 2021 General Election

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Blue Ridge city council candidates

Blue Ridge, Ga. – The City of Blue Ridge is gearing up for the 2021 General Election. All Council seats and the seat of Mayor will be on the ballot.

In a brief teleconference meeting held on Jan. 20, 2021, Council (Nathan Fitts and Mike Panter absent) along with Mayor and City Attorney passed the Resolution Qualifying Fee and did a first reading of the 2021 Election Ordinance.

A second reading of the 2021 Election Ordinance will take place at City Council’s regular monthly meeting scheduled in February.

Qualifying fees for the open seats are $252.00 for seat of Mayor and $180.00 for a seat on City Council.

Qualifying period for those wishing to run in the 2021 City of Blue Ridge General Election is as follows:

“Monday, August 16, 2021, and will continue from day-to-day through Friday, August 20, 2021.  The hours of qualifying each day shall be from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. August 16-19, 2021 and 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. August 20, 2021 (except for a one hour lunch break beginning at 1:00 p.m. each day).”

Each position is to serve a four year term beginning on Jan. 1, 2022 and ending on Dec. 31, 2025.

These terms, however, are subject to change due to a recent resolution passed by City Council wishing to stagger the election in the future. Staggering of the elections would eliminate all seats becoming open during the same election period.

The Resolution of Qualifying Fee states:

“The terms of the Mayor and each Councilmember are subject to any change imposed by a new City Charter providing for staggered terms of election or general state law.  Notice is herein provided that the City Council passed a resolution on November 30, 2020”

The General Election will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021 with voting at City Hall located at 480 West First Street, Blue Ridge, Ga. 30513. Polls open at 7 a.m. and will close at 7 p.m.

The last day for voter/elector registration to vote in the 2021 General Election is Monday, Oct. 4, 2021, by 5:00 p.m. 

Open seats in the 2021 General Election are as follows with current incumbent listed:

City Council

  • Post 1 – Harold Herdon
  • Post 2 – Rhonda Haight
  • Post 3 – Mike Panter
  • Post 4 – Robbie Cornelius
  • Post 5 – Nathan Fitts


  • Donna Whitener

Charter changes and reopening of City playground

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Blue Ridge, Ga. – Citizens could see a change in the way the City of Blue Ridge is managed after the city council voted on charter changes that would allow for the hire of a City Manger.

According to council member Rhonda Haight, the move to a city manager or a full-time mayor has been discussed among councils for several years. Haight stated that when looking at projected growth of the city, citizens would benefit by “making sure someone is here full-time to answer questions”.

Many municipalities in the area have this form of government, council member Mike Panter cited the cities of Jasper and Cumming to name a few. Council members also pointed to an example in Fannin County of the County Chairman holding a full-time position to oversee day-to-day operations.

“The council still has control over everything, including the budget, hiring and firing of the city manager,” Haight explained of the proposed move, saying that the only difference would be that a City Manager would not be an elected official and would therefore be able to be held accountable for their job performance.

“We know there is a need for leadership,” Haight said, adding that while council members are currently overseeing departments, most members hold other full-time jobs giving them less time to keep track of everyday business. 

“Our job is really to set policy,” Council member Nathan Fitts stated agreeing with Haight : “I think there needs to be some accountability to the public and this is the only way we’re ever really going to get there.”

Fitts added, “I think this form of government takes power out of people who want to be in the position for power. The mayor doesn’t have power then. It puts the workload on someone who is being paid to do it.”

Council voted in favor, with Mayor Donna Whitener and Council member Robbie Cornelius absent, to send a Resolution to the Georgia State Legislature requesting that the city be able to move to a City Manager form of government.

The Resolution would need to pass on state level before any charter changes can take effect. 

If enacted, there would be a transition period of 1 year taking place in 2021, with the official City Manager style government going into effect on Jan. 1, 2022.

The City Manager position would oversee and have executive power over all day-to-day activities including inner workings of all departments, tax collection, and grant availability.


Blue Ridge, Georgia, Fannin County, Charter, Change, Election, Resolution, City Manager, Playground, City Council, City, Mayor, Planning, Attorney, Donna Whitener, Rhonda Haight, Nathan Fitts, Robbie Cornelius, Mike Panter, Harold Herndon, James Balli

Council member Mike Panter going over his findings in a previous meeting regarding the city’s playground.

The City of Blue Ridge Street Department has been hard at work correcting the issue of drainage at the city’s playground.

With the corrections having been made, the council voted in favor of new padding and turf to be added and the playground be reopened to the public upon completion.

The issue of the drainage system was one that had previously halted some council members from moving forward with the new playground turf, concerned that there would be significant unforeseen expenses once corrections began to take place.

Panter, who wanted the playground corrected in a manner that would cut costs in the future, had been a strong proponent of moving to the padding and turf option rather than continuing with mulch.

“I do believe we have ample funding to do this at this point,” Haight said of moving forward with the project.

The company responsible for installing the padding and turf will have to do an initial inspection of the area and drainage system before their work would begin. The process is expected to begin as soon as next week.

Panter stated that he hopes the playground will be reopened by March 1, 2020, and could possibly be open sooner. Weather permitting and void of an unforeseen circumstance, once work has begun the process could be completed in as little as 3 weeks.

“It’s going to be done correctly. It’s going to be done right,” Panter said of moving forward with the padding and turf option.

The city has also received approximately $19,000 from a private donor for shades to be installed at the park. The city could have to spend an additional $5,000 in this area.

Moving forward with work on the playground, at a cost of $60,743.75, was voted unanimously in favor with Cornelius and Whitener absent.

BKP speaks with Republican Senator David Perdue

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Mere days before the run-off election deciding the Georgia’s Senate seats for this term, David Perdue (R), current Senator and incumbent candidate, is preparing for the final push up to election day. Counties across the state have reported record turn-outs for voting during 2020 and it looks like this election will see more voters than usual as well.

Voters are also turning out to rallies and campaign events as well. With debates still going over the Presidential Election and voters asking for continuing support, Perdue notes that he was among the few Senators who supported Trump before he was initially elected. Perdue said he fought with Trump as he turned the nations economy to it’s “best economic turnaround in history.”

Going through options and ideas in fighting what they are calling corruption in the recent election.

It is constantly a struggle against the Democrats according to Perdue who said that he is continuing to do everything that Trump asks him to do for that support.

Perdue noted, though, that people who are angry need to support Trump and the Republicans, but they also need to get out to vote. With numerous registered voters in every district still not voting on election day, Perdue calls to citizens saying that they are trying to fight the corruption and make the vote fair. He said they are working hard but it is very frustrating that people are still not voting.

Part of the efforts he has been working towards, Perdue has spoken with President Trump on Christmas Day. Perdue noted the stimulus and support for small businesses, people, and those in need from the pandemic fallout.

Perdue went on to speak on the omnibus bill at the federal level and looking at the efforts of the president fighting for people.


Senator David Perdue

This was a great focus of Perdue in his time with BKP as he pointed to national security and what is at stake in the January election.

Perdue said that Jon Ossoff has been paid for two years by the Chinese Communist Party. Perdue said, “This is another example of how the Chinese Communist Party is trying to influence American Politics. They got in Hunter Biden’s pocket, they got into Congressman Swalwell’s bedroom, and they got into Jon Ossoff’s ego and his ambition to be an elected official. For two years after he ran for the U.S. House of Representatives and lost against Karen Handel in 2017. The very next year they hire him and pay him for two years. He hid it from the people of Georgia during his Primary this year. He lied about it. When he got caught, he came clean and then lied about it again.”

Perdue said that Ossoff is not good for Georgia because he is being controlled and influenced by China just like Biden and Swalwell. He noted that if the Republicans lose these two seats, then Biden will absolutely ruin everything in America that we have fought for.

Perdue called on voters again and said, “Don’t do it for me, don’t do it for Kelly, don’t do it for yourselves. Look at the children and think about their children. This is what’s at stake right now, the form of America. What America will look like in 50 to 100 years is determined by these two Senate races.”

Haight announces intent to run for Mayor

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Blue Ridge city council candidates
Blue Ridge, Georgia, Fannin County, Charter, Change, Election, Resolution, City Manager, City Council, City, Mayor, Planning, Attorney, Donna Whitener, Rhonda Haight, Nathan Fitts, Robbie Cornelius, Mike Panter, Harold Herndon, James Balli

Council member Rhonda Haight

Blue Ridge, Ga. – Rumors have already begun to circulate regarding who may or may not be running and for which seat they will seek in the 2021 Blue Ridge City Council / Mayor election.

One such rumor is that of current council member Rhonda Haight and her intent to seek the seat of Mayor in the upcoming election.

Haight confirmed with FetchYourNews that she does intend to qualify for the seat of Mayor next year.

Haight said that this is an option that she had contemplated for awhile, but recent city council meetings were what solidified her decision. Her hopes as Mayor would be to bring unity to the council so that city business could run more efficiently.

Ralston urges caution amid election fraud concerns

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David Ralston election

BLUE RIDGE, Ga – Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) advised prudence before superseding the state constitution. Mayor Giuliani presented a witness in last week’s Georgia Senate hearings who urged the General Assembly to convene under Article II of the U.S. Constitution. The move would overrule state law that a special session can only be called the governor or three-fifths majority from both legislative bodies.

Previously, Ralston and Giuliani spoke about the Article II option are looking into it. If a constitutional method surfaces, Ralston confirmed that he would be open to it.

“I’m not sure what that would look like,” Ralston stated. “We’ve got to be very, very careful because whatever we do will set a precedent. This issue of can we come into a session and disregard the fact that there’s been two or three certifications, whether we agree with them or not…that’s something I think we’ve want to tread very, very carefully around because that could be used against us someday.”

During a phone call with President Trump, Ralston relayed that the President was “upbeat” and wants a special session of the General Assembly. The Speaker warned it would be an “uphill battle.”

Governor Brian Kemp (R) released a statement on Sunday, December 6, stating that calling a special session to establish “a separate slate of presidential electors is not an option that is allowed under state or federal law.”

Also, the General Assembly doesn’t have the required three-fifths majority to convene. According to Ralston, the House is two votes short.

He added that President Donald Trump (R) could make a case that he won Georgia, and Ralston has reviewed “enough evidence to raise questions that need to be answered.” For this reason, Ralston hasn’t signed any statements supporting the outcome of the Georgia election.

“I’ve never seen in my public career the level of anger and concern that’s out there now. People are very upset, and I get that. I’m upset,” Ralston said. “I believe it’s vital he be reelected. His policies are good for this country, particularly when compared to policies of the other party.”

The Speaker admonished anyone considering not voting in the January 5 runoff, calling it “handing over the keys of the U.S. Senate to Chuck Schumer.”

Hear from Senator David Perdue (R). 

On Thursday, the House of Representatives Governmental Affairs Committee will convene to discuss Georgia’s elections.

Council votes to stagger elections

City Council, Downtown Blue Ridge, News
Blue Ridge, Georgia, Fannin County, Charter, Change, Election, Resolution, City Manager, City Council, City, Mayor, Planning, Attorney, Donna Whitener, Rhonda Haight, Nathan Fitts, Robbie Cornelius, Mike Panter, Harold Herndon, James Balli

Blue Ridge, Ga. – The Blue Ridge City Council made moves to bring about changes to the city charter which according to council member Rhonda Haight has not been updated since 1989.

While it has been discussed in previous years, council members voted unanimously to begin the process of staggering elections for city council and mayor.

Currently all five city council seats, along with mayor, go up for election simultaneously after a four year term. This leaves the possibility of all seats being filled with newly elected officials at the same time. Council members agreed that not having an experienced member to guide newcomers is a vulnerability for the operations of the city.

“I can’t name another city who does it like we do,” Haight said of the city’s current election practices, “Even the county, they stagger their terms.” 

While all changes to a city’s charter must be passed on the state level, council members voted in favor of sending a Resolution to the capital for consideration. 

This resolution would stagger the terms of council and mayor in the following manner by dividing seats into two elections. One election would be for Mayor and council seats 2 and 4. Another election would be for council seats 1, 3 and 5. The elections would take place in off years of each other.

Council member Mike Panter also presented the idea of reducing the council size altogether: “Looking at where we are growing, with our budget, how our budget’s grown over the last five to 10 years and how projected growth is, I’m not sure that we shouldn’t go to three council members, a mayor and then a city manager.” 

Panter cited the Fannin County Board of Commissioners (BOC) as an example, stating that the county budget is almost $5,000,000 more than the city budget and that the BOC is able to operate with two part time commissioners and a full time commission chair.

“I think that it would put more responsibility on the councilmen,” Panter said of switching to a three person council.

Council member Nathan Fitts said that he while he mostly agrees with Panter, he had spoken with a few citizens and had not found anyone in favor of the major change: “Citizens need input on that.” 

“We have a hard enough time just meeting with five and that is an issue,” Haight shared her opinion on the reduced council and explained why she felt the change would not be good for the city. 

Haight said there are many times where items need to be discussed between meetings and with the current five member council, council members can reach out to each other to talk about issues: “If you have only three you can’t do that because then you’re breaking the Sunshine Law”

The Georgia Sunshine Law states that members of a board (or council) cannot speak privately to one another if a quorum (majority vote) is present. With the five member council this means that three members would have to be present in the discussion to violate the Sunshine Law. 

With a three member council, however, two members constitute a quorum meaning that members of a three person board may not speak on official matters outside a public meeting.

Haight feels that a better alternative would be to keep the five member council but move the city toward a City Manager style of government or compensate the seat of Mayor to a full time position.

“City manager government is the most prominent form of government according to GMA (Georgia Municipal Association),” Haight said of the suggestion, pointing out that a city manager would be trained to supervise departments and all working aspects of the city. This would free up council to vote on decisions without having to oversee individual departments.

Mayor Donna Whitener suggested a town hall meeting to get citizen input on these proposed changes. 

Haight pointed out that 2021 would be an election year so the changes need to  be “done quickly” adding, “That’s why I don’t even know if we have time for a town hall meeting. Even if we have a town hall meeting they don’t understand the inner workings like we do.”

Haight made a motion for the City Attorney James Balli to draft a Resolution for the City of Blue Ridge to move to a City Manager form of government but the motion failed with council members Robbie Cornelius, Harold Herndon and Mike Panter in opposition.

The Democrats Have Apparently Successfully Stolen America

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Written and Submitted By:  George McClellan


We saw this coming: we were warned and they still got away with it. They’re going to get away with a lot. Just a few short years ago, the Democrats would pull up to a voter tabulating center just at closing time with a trunk load of paper ballots that swung an election their way, screaming: “every vote must be counted” until our side acquiesced and we lost the election. Dead people voting for Democrats is no mystery any more. Now, instead of lost car trunks filled with ballots miraculously showing up at counting houses at the last second, its theft by the internet using a NSA systems called Hammer and Scorecard. Oh yes, they still rely on printed ballots as cover but the damage is done. 


Not content with having a spy on California Senator Diane Feinstein’s staff for twenty years, do Americans realize that China’s Emperor Ji Jingping now has a willing Agent of Influence in the White House? Yep, they bought him. Joe was for sale, cheap!  Watch the US Military be quickly withdrawn from the South Pacific. Watch the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan re-evaluate their positions vis-a-vis, China’s growing military belligerency toward all its neighbors. Vietnam is especially miffed by Trumps loss to her enemies. The Vietnamese know what China is capable of doing, what its intentions are and how they will carry them out. 


Under Biden’s administration, the Marxists American foreign policy will permit China to expand its hegemony in the South China Sea uninterrupted by Americas military forces. Under Biden’s administration, we can expect US manufacturing to return to Obama subpar employment levels, with its attendant poverty levels and joblessness, while our money flows into China’s coffers once again and we reap the cheap junk that comes our way. Biden’s Marxist government will make us happy with cheap stuff from China that will keep us from rebelling. Its all part of the Marxist plan for America, then the world. We were warned! Their will be blood in the streets.


Watch all criminal charges against the FBI scoundrels, Biden’s family and the Clinton’s simply disappear into the nether, and all this while still more charges loom on the horizon. Was the   One America News network (OAN) the only network to report that a court in the Ukraine has listed Joe Biden as a criminal suspect regarding his admitted role in the firing of Ukraine’s State prosecutor investigating Burisma Energy company and the Hunter Biden’s role in it? 


Not one American news network other that OAN, reported this news. Even Fox has ignored the story, gleefully adding to Trumps election woes by declaring Arizona for Biden even before the polls closed. They didn’t even give cemeteries enough time to rebury the dead after the vote before they too joined the course of “Orange man’s bad, lets get back to normal.”


Normal? There is no normal any more. What the Left has done is saved on record and will haunt the Leftists politicians for decades, if America lasts that long. That cat’s out of the bag and it’s not going back in.  We’ve watched alleged Republicans drag their feet on supporting Trump. Now, they brag about being Republicans for Biden. These are traitors and their actions have all but rendered the Republican Party redundant, useless and unnecessary. Time to change! 


Grassroot conservatives, those that turned out in the thousands to Trump rallies, must seriously consider reregistering as independents. America is a seriously divided country. Politically we cannot agree. Joe has no skills to claim he is a unifying leader. He’s not even a leader. He can’t be a president for all Americans because his far-left party won’t let him. This is their grand opportunity to socialize America or bring it to its knees by bloodshed. Nothing else will do!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em! (10Nov20)

Good Advice! Never, Ever Give Up!


Written And Submitted By: George McClellan


I’m very impressed that President Trump is strictly following Hillary Clinton’s advice to Joe  Biden: “Never, ever concede.” That’s very good advice indeed! The last trick in their bag, at  least for this election, is to declare victory, ensconce Joe Biden in a pretend Presidential Office  and demand all the trappings attendant to a peaceful transition of power, something the  Democrats never did for Trump. Why should President Trump concede when voting frauds are  being revealed, whistleblowers are coming forward to give sworn testimony and the matter is  not even closely settled? 

We’re still faced with a conundrum. Biden is a pathological liar. So is the media! He doesn’t  know what he’s talking about, can’t remember his cues on the teleprompter and is in short,  Incapable of leading. That whole idea of Joe leading anything is a joke!  

No thanks to the media for hiding the stories that should be important to voters, but it can’t be  denied, Joe Biden is corrupt! We all know it, he said so himself! He’s also compromised as an  Agent of Influence for the Chinese Communist Party and yet he pretends to have integrity. His  long career in politics taught Joe how to enrich himself and his family without getting caught. A  

serial plagiarizer unable to think on his feet or write his own thoughts at his desk and incapable  of formulating a coherent sentence, Democrats demand that Americans accept him as their  leader even in the face of massive voter fraud investigations. Trump should not concede at all!  

History is filled with stories of flawed hero’s coming at the right time to end disasters and Trump  is one of them because after the economic failures of eight years of Obama, Trumps miracle  leadership accomplished more in four years than any other Party did in eight or ten or twenty  years! Trumps business policies created a booming economy, moving all Americans of all races  toward better jobs and prosperity. He’s trashed the socialists economic policies of our past  administration, changed environmental laws to help Americans prosper and returned Americas  military to a world force to be reckoned with. 

As I have said before I have no grief with a Billionaire who becomes President. Where I take  umbrage is when a stupid politician becomes a millionaire and no one (media) notices. Joe’s  dull career specialized in graft and corruption to enrich himself and his family.  

If we listened to and accepted what the media would have us believe, it’s a sure bet that if  voters were told to get into boxcars to be taken to virus protection camps, most Biden voters  would rush to get in line. “Oh, Save us Joe!” Then there’s the global warming nonsense. Do we  imagine the rest of the world ready to save the planet from evil carbon? No, but the rest of the  world has exempted China and India from carbon footprint controls! They can continue their  fossil fuel burning right along with the 400 more or less, active volcanoes spewing toxins into  our atmosphere but, wicked America needs to do more to reduce carbon pollution. 

Americas biggest enemy is not Trump defending his Presidency from Democrat theft but it’s the  Communist Democrat party who are the thieves and our enemy! If Joe doesn’t win, anarchists  groups like BLM and Antifa promise massive violent demonstrations across the country. If states  enact their military options to defend the Constitution and Americans from evil, the National  Guard will have to crush ’em. If official State governments fail to act because they are  Communist run, then Americans will turn to an age old technique called vigilantism to stem the  tide. If anarchy is not stopped, that could portend the death knell on our Republic. Remember, freedom is the goal the Constitution is the way. Now, go get en! (15Nov20)

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