Fannin Schools closed closed following winter precipitation

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A check of area roads this morning has revealed areas of concern due to the wintry weather overnight. Safety is the top priority; therefore, all Fannin County Schools will be closed today (Tuesday), February 16. Today will be our third Curriculum Online Learning Day (COLD #3).

If it is safe to do so, 12-month personnel will be asked to report later today; this information will be announced no later than 9:00 a.m. (12-month personnel should wait to hear from their administrator before reporting). All other personnel and students will use the COLD (#3) today.
Please stay safe!

January 2021 Fannin County School Menus

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December School Menus

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Fannin County Schools closed on December 1

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BLUE RIDGE, Ga – Fannin County Administration decided to close schools for students and some staff on December 1 due to inclement weather.

“As you may know, our area is under a “winter weather advisory” until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.  Although current weather forecasts for our area vary somewhat, all seem confident that temperatures will remain below freezing overnight, and our county will receive at least some additional snowfall before sunrise.

Members of the leadership team and I have been out on our area roads this evening, and we are finding below freezing temperatures with snowfall.  The snow is already accumulating, especially in the western and southern parts of Fannin County.

The safety of our students and staff is always the top concern; therefore, Fannin County Schools will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday), December 1.

If it is safe to do so, 12-month personnel will be asked to report later on December 1; this information will be announced by 9:00 a.m.  No other personnel should report on Tuesday, December 1.”

Fannin Schools closed on October 30

hurricane school closing

FANNIN COUNTY, Ga – Fannin County Schools will not be open on Friday, October 30 because of the hazardous conditions still present in the area.

The following is a statement from the schools:

“Hazardous road conditions remain present in Fannin County at this time.  In addition, a significant number of locations in our community are still without power.  Safety is always the top priority; therefore, all Fannin County Schools will be closed tomorrow (Friday), October 30.  This applies to both in-person and online classes.

Personnel should note the following:

  • All 12-month employees and administrators should report by 10:00 a.m. (work hours are 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.).
  • October 30 will be an optional workday for 190-day personnel (work hours are 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.).
  • Employees who do not work on October 30 will have additional make-up time.  Further guidance on that will be shared later.
  • Paraprofessionals and other personnel who work less than 190 days should receive direction from their administrator as to whether to work on October 30.
  • Paychecks will be available at the central office from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.  Any checks not picked up by 2:00 p.m. will be placed in the mail on October 30.
  • Direct deposit slips may be picked up at the central office from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.  Any direct deposit slips not picked up by 2:00 p.m. will be sent to the schools for distribution on Monday, November 2.”

Fannin County Schools close ahead of Hurricane Zeta

hurricane school closing

BLUE RIDGE, Ga – Fannin County Schools cancelled all classes for Thursday, October 29 because of the heavy rainfall and winds expected when Hurricane Zeta’s remnants reach the area.

In a statement the school said:

“Weather forecasts indicate that our community will face severe weather from the remnants of Hurricane Zeta tomorrow morning. Heavy rainfall, flooding, and high winds are expected with this weather event. Safety is always the top priority; therefore, all Fannin County Schools will be closed tomorrow (Thursday), October 29. This applies to both in-person and online classes; all FCSS classes are cancelled on October 29. A call will go out this evening after 5:00 P.M. to all families in the school system with this information. Please take precautions and stay safe.”

National Weather Service has released the following:

"Hurricane Zeta has recently made landfall along the southeast Louisiana coast. Zeta will weaken as it moves inland and continue
moving rapidly northeast. Winds across north and central Georgia will increase from west to east as the center of the remnants of Zeta move across the region. Maximum sustained winds are expected to be in the 25-45 mph range with the strongest peak gusts as high as 45 to 70 mph
from tonight into Thursday morning. Furthermore, rain bands will continue to impact the forecast area through Thursday afternoon. Rainfall totals are expected to range from 2 to 4 inches in north Georgia, with some locally higher amounts possible in far northeast Georgia."


Fannin Schools August Menus! -Back To School!

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Fannin County Schools release COVID-19 school closing details

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Fannin County Schools COVID-19

FANNIN COUNTY, Ga – Fannin County School System released further details explaining their protocols following the decision to close schools from Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 20 due to COVID-19.

Students are not expected to complete a Curriculum Online Learning Day (COLD) packet on Monday, March 16. The school will let families and students know when to begin COLD packets and what lessons to complete. This information will be communicated through automated phone calls, social media, and school websites.

Students should take everything they need with them this Friday, March 13 because they will not be able to enter the school next week.

For the high school, the SAT is still scheduled for tomorrow, March 14, but next week all activities are canceled.

Faculty, staff, and school leaders are expected to report on Monday, March 16, unless they are sick. This is standard practice. Monday’s hours are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and faculty should use the time to prepare COLD packets. They are instructed to have a total of 13 packets ready.

Leaders are asked to meet with faculty and staff in small groups, not gatherings. Admin meetings are canceled and directors will follow up through email and Simbli. A decision will be made soon if leaders are needed after Monday.

Leaders should make sure that stakeholders know that all events are canceled and encourage social distancing, handwashing, and to not report if sick.

Custodial staff and available personnel should continue to deep clean the school.

Currently, FCSS has no idea how long the school closing will last and are preparing for it to potentially last another week. The decision for the week of March 23 will be made sometime next week as the situation unfolds. Faculty and staff may be asked to report to work on additional days. This decision will be made on a day-to-day basis.

Here’s a copy of the entire statement released by the school district.

FCSS Community Letter – COVID-19 and COLD (03-13-2020)

Fannin County Schools Release students early today

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Fannin County Schools will release two hours early today (Thursday), February 6. All buses will run their routes two hours early today. Student drivers can leave Fannin County High School at 11:00 a.m. An automated call will go out shortly.

September School Menus for Fannin Schools!

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Welcome Back to School! Fannin County School Menus!

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May Menus for Fannin County Schools

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Warning message to parents about “Momo” Challenge

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Many of you may have heard about the disturbing “ Momo” Challenge where children are being targeted through various medias to participate in a game that tells them to complete various objectives and eventually challenges them to hurt themselves. It originally started connecting kids through various social media apps, but now it is being found embedded YouTube videos that younger children watch. Many say it is an online hoax, yet some media outlets are reporting that children have indeed engaged in the game and harmed themselves. Regardless if it is real or not, it has gone viral and kids are talking about it. This is an excellent time to talk to your kids about online safety. Please refer to the graphics for specific tips when talking to your child about the Momo Challenge and digital safety in general.

Coming Soon – 1st Annual Blue Ridge Soap Box Derby!

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Want to be in the Race?

The Blue Ridge Soap Box Derby Official Rules as of December 7, 2018

Race Categories

 Category 1: Age 7-11
 Category 2: Age 12-17
 Category 3: Age 18 and over
 Category 4: Corporate Race w/driver of any age (7 and over)


Race Registration Fees

Category 1 & 2 race fees shall be $25 per entry which includes: one (1) event shirt
and two (2)  pit pass & badges.
Category 3 race fees shall be $35 per entry which includes: one (1) event shirt and
two (2) pit pass & badges.
Category 4 (Corporate races) vehicle fee shall be $150 per vehicle which includes:
two (2) event shirts and two (2) pit pass badges. Also required with entry is a
“prize” or gift card worth $25 or more (to be donated as part of the winning prize

NOTE: Race fees are based on drivers entering the race, not vehicles. This
allows families with one car and multiple children to participate without
building each driver their own car. If drivers using the same car are ever pitted
against each other for any reason, the driver with the lower official registration
number will automatically win (unless they specifically withdraw in favor of
the other driver).

Derby Car Guidelines & Rules:

Driver Safety
All drivers must wear an approved helmet. Additional safety gear may be worn at the
driver’s discretion. NOTE: keep in mind the overall weight limit of the car/driver
Restraints are not mandatory, but are recommended. Please consider the age and
ability of the driver.

Drivers must be in a sitting position with legs facing forward. Drivers may lean back
for aerodynamics, but may not lay head first.
Derby Cars
Drivers are encouraged to be creative and think outside of the box; however, derby
cars should be constructed with SAFETY in mind. While vehicle parts may be new,
used, or recycled from almost any material, they should be structurally sound. All
bolts should have locking washers or nuts to secure them while any sharp edges
should be rounded over.

Derby cars must be completely gravity powered. No other mechanical propulsion is
allowed, i.e. springs, rubber bands, pedals, human propulsion, weighted drives,
engines, or motors of any kind.

Derby cars should be mostly handmade, i.e. you cannot simply use a motor less “go-
kart” frame. No “Power-Wheels” or other commercially made vehicle. If you are
unsure of your selection, please ask a race coordinator before you start or continue
construction on your derby car entry. Officials/Inspectors have the final say.
Derby cars must have a minimum ground clearance of 2.5″ and a maximum of 9″
Derby cars must have a wheel base width min/max of 24″- 40″ and a maximum body
width of 40″.
Derby cars must have a wheel base length min/max of 56″- 80″ and a maximum body
length of 90″.

Derby Car Wheels
Derby cars must have 4 wheels, and must be fixed in a single direction, no casters or
Wheels shall have a minimum of .75″ width and a maximum of 6″ width.
Wheels shall have a minimum of 4″ diameter and a maximum of 30”.

Weight Limits
Maximum vehicle/driver weight for Category 1: 225lbs.
Maximum vehicle/driver weight for Category 2: 325lbs.
Maximum vehicle/driver weight for Category 3 & 4: 350lbs
All weights and ballast must be securely fastened to the derby car at its lowest point;
no additional weight can be added to the drivers.

Derby cars must have a reliable steering mechanism, with stops, to limit the
movement to no more than 25 degrees, or any degree to prevent the wheels from
contacting the body, in either direction.

All vehicles must have a braking system! All brakes must be friction based. Brakes
can be applied to the tires, the axel or to the ground (or any combination of the three).
Any ground contact system must be rubber soled and cannot damage the ground
surface. Braking systems must be completely controlled by the driver and cannot be a
parachute or anchor system, i.e. nothing can be dragged behind to slow the vehicle

Vehicle Decorations

Name of driver(s) and/or a "racing number" will be allowed on any vehicle. Drivers
are encouraged to decorate their vehicle any way they want with certain exceptions.
Derby cars in Category 1-3 may not advertise for any business. Phone numbers,
websites, social media links or business slogans will not be allowed. A vehicle may
represent a business theme, i.e. if your family business is a grading company; you
could decorate your vehicle as a dump truck or bull dozer (leave off the business
name/logo). If you would like to advertise a business on your car, you must join the
Corporate Class (Category 4).

Exception to Advertising Rules – Category 4 (the Corporate Class) may decorate
their derby car with as much advertising as they’d like and are encouraged to design
and decorate their car with a theme that matches their business. The other exception
to this rule is “Sponsored” cars, which may only have “advertising” items on its
12”x6” license plate. Finally, certain "causes" will be allowed to decorate their
vehicles without joining the Corporate Class. Typically, these are non-profits;
however, please inquire before decorating.
Topics that include politics, guns, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or otherwise controversial
topics WILL NOT BE ALLOWED on any derby car. If you are unsure if your

chosen theme fits this rule, please contact a Derby Car Official. During derby car
check-in and on race day, Derby Car Officials will enforce this at their discretion.

Vehicle Inspections

To maintain fairness, vehicle inspections will occur. All cars must be at the Fannin
County Middle School between 4-7pm on April 26 th , 2019 for inspection (certain
hardships will be considered if you cannot make the time frame but you must contact
a race official). After cars are inspected and pass all requirements, they will be
moved into the school facilities and stored overnight. No modifications can be made
to the cars after a passing inspection, with the exception of safety modifications under
the watch of an inspector/official. Cars failing inspection will be allowed to exit the
facility for modification and allowed to be re-inspected for entry into the race.
On race day, cars may be inspected at ANY time per the direction of an official. At
the end of each category, cars in 1 st through 4 th place will be inspected prior to
announcement of winners and distribution of prizes. Play fair as you and your vehicle
may be disqualified!
If anyone suspects another driver/team of cheating, please address an official

The Soap Box Derby Race

Races will be held in a bracket style within each race category (age group); each
bracket winner will be determined in a best “two out of three” runs.
Races will be held on a side by side track with two cars racing against each other.
Cars will be launched from the top of a declined ramp. The ramp stop will rest
against the front most structural piece (typically considered the “bumper” or “grill” of
a car); however, the race will end when the FRONT WHEEL crosses the finish line.
Participants will be assigned a number at the April 26th inspection (in order of check-
in). These numbers will later be drawn (at random) to decide the race brackets. The
lower of the two numbers will have first option of lane choice. Consecutive runs will
switch lanes to determine the best two out of three winners. NOTE: this assigned
number will be your official race number, not the number that may be on the side of
the car.

Derby Car Tune-Ups

We are aware that derby cars may require adjustments and minor repairs during the
race. There will be a designated work area with basic power access. Racers are
encouraged to bring their own power tools and back up supplies. Please do not be
alarmed if an official asks to re-inspect your derby car after you’ve worked on it.

Prizes/Prize Package
Category 1-3: Winners shall receive the following prizes;
 1 st Place – $250 cash
 2 nd Place – $75 cash
 3 rd Place – $25 cash
Category 4: Corporate races shall have ONE winner who receives the “prize
package” (provided from all other corporate racers).
Best of Show: $100 cash! This winner will be decided from a panel consisting of one
member from each of the 5 Executive Sponsors.

Event Shirts & Pit Pass Badges

All drivers are expected to wear their event shirt. Whether they choose to wear the
event shirt above or below safety gear (as long as it does not impede with their safety
gear), is the choice of the driver. Additional event shirts will be available for

Anyone entering into the race car pits (car staging under the overhang on sidewalk)
must display a pit pass badge. This prevents safety issues and minimizes liability and
accidents. Additional pit pass badges will be available (for your driver’s crew) for
$10/each during the event ($5/each after the event ends).

Want to be a sponsor? 

Thanks for your consideration in sponsoring this community event! We are The Blue Ridge Soap Box
Derby, a 501c3 organization. With a festival or event almost monthly, there is always something exciting
to do here. However, most of the events are tourist driven and not geared towards kids in particular, so we
set out to change that. The Blue Ridge Soap Box Derby was created by locals and is geared towards the
local community, specifically kids and kids at heart. 100% of all profits go back to the Fannin County
School system, specifically the S.T.E.M program (Science.Technology.Engineering.Math). We hope this
will be a great success this year and many more years to come. Here is how YOU can help.The different levels of sponsorships listed have a dollar amount listed for those wishing to contribute monetarily; however, any combination of money and “in kind” services and/or donations will be considered towards the total amount. The sponsor privileges below are a minimum and more perks may be added as the Blue Ridge Soap Box Derby (BRSBD) progresses towards the event date. Thank YOU for helping us make this event successful for the citizens of Fannin County, Georgia!

Vehicle Sponsorships:
$150 – This special sponsorship is designed to assist those who are unable to
afford the vehicle materials and registration. It will provide both the materials and registration fee for a
participant and includes a 24”x24” sponsor sign displayed in the derby car “pit” area as well as a 12”x6”
sponsor license plate to be displayed on the vehicle. Additional graphics may be displayed on the vehicle
or the driver at the sponsor’s expense. (The sponsor may choose to be anonymous and we will work with
them to design a fitting sign/license plate.)

Executive Level: $1,000 – Executive level sponsors will be provided a 10’x10’ booth space at the event
to use for their own promotional purposes and are the ONLY sponsors allowed to solicit products or
services during the event. A 3’x6’ banner will be provided by the BRSBD and displayed in the most
prominent location. Executive sponsors will have their name prominently displayed in each derby car
“pit” area (24”x24”). The name of the business will be mentioned prior to every race category by the
event announcers. Executive sponsors will have their name listed on top of sponsor boards and/or
announcements and event t-shirts. NOTE: Only 5 Executive Sponsors will be accepted for the event and
will not have “competing services”; for example, if Real Estate Company X is an executive level sponsor,
no other “real estate company” will be accepted as an Executive Sponsor.

Diamond Level: $500 – This level of sponsorship will include 3’x6’ banner will be provided by the
BRSD and displayed at the derby starting area; have their name prominently displayed in each derby car
“pit” area (24”x24”). The name of the business will be mentioned prior to every race category by the
event announcers and will have their name listed on top of sponsor boards and/or announcements and
event t-shirts.

Platinum Level: $250 – This level of sponsorship will include 2’x4’ banner will be provided by the
BRSD and displayed alongside the track; have their name prominently displayed in each derby car “pit”
area (24”x24”). The name of the business will be mentioned prior to every race category by the event announcers and will have their name listed on top of sponsor boards and/or announcements and event t-

Gold Level: $150 – The name of the business will be mentioned prior to every race category by the event

announcers and will have their name listed on top of sponsor boards and/or announcements and event t-

Silver Level: $75 – This level of sponsorship will have their name listed on sponsor boards and/or announcements and event t-shirts.

Bronze Level: $25 – This level of sponsorship will have their name listed on sponsor boards and/or

We hope you’ll help support this awesome event and remember,

· We are an event for the local community by locals, but all are welcome of course!
· We are a 501 C-3, and volunteer-driven, NO ONE gets paid a dime.
· 100% of all the money raised after the bills are paid goes to the school system, specifically the
STEM program.
· We are working with the Boys and Girls Club to allow them to race for free (I’ll be building extra
cars for them)
· We’re also working on a getting Special Needs group together. They will be riding in tandem cars
with a driver, so they can experience the race as well.
· We will be reaching out to all of the surrounding Chamber of Commerce and school systems in
order to make it as big of an event as possible.
· It’s just going to be fun!

PLEASE contact Mike Sullivan (919-273-8315, [email protected]) or Brian
Higgins (706-455-9829, [email protected]) to become a sponsor.

Fannin County Schools Menus for April 2019

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Fannin County Young Farmers Association Receives a Grant

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Fannin County Young Farmers Association was awarded a $1200.00 grant from the Georgia Young Farmers Association.  The grant will be used to purchase a stage for the new agriculture facility.

Pictured above is Kenny Queen-FCYFA President and Kenny Holland- FCYFA Treasure

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