• BOE Chair Changes

    The Fannin County Board of Education kicked off 2014 with some good news for those interested in the county’s education goals and progress.

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  • Fannin Library Holds Fundraiser

    What is your favorite children’s book character? How about Curious George, Clifford the Big Red Dog or a llama? The Fannin County library’s Books Make Cents campaign could make that possible for the children’s book fan in your life.

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  • Water Shortage Causes Closings

    FYN received a report early this morning that the water shortage in Blue Ridge and McCaysville has created some problems when it comes to the county being able to have a functional school day.

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  • Community Outpours Support of Mother

    Living in a small town has its perks, one of which is the way that citizens come together during a time of need. Fannin and Polk counties did just that for Jennifer Palmer, mother of two year old Saharah Weatherspoon, that died while in foster care.

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  • Too Little, Too Late for Saharra

    After too little, too late was done for Saharra, FYN has spoken with her mother, Jennifer Palmer, as well as several other family members regarding the status of the investigation of the circumstances surrounding her death.

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  • Update on Saharra

    FYN has learned of an update on the story regarding the two year old girl that is at Erlanger Hospital fighting for her life after receiving injuries while in a foster care home.

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