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While it seems that many, in the area, try to keep their oppositions with the United States’ President a private matter, one man in Blue Ridge does not mind taking a stand for what he believes is wrong.Driving north or south bound on Highway 515, in Blue Ridge has provided travelers an opportunity to see something you often do not see in Blue Ridge…a protester. When FYN traveled under the Windy Ridge Bridge, much to our surprise, we saw him making his stance regarding President Obama known to everyone passing by. We circled around and crossed the bridge to capture a photo and when he was asked to speak with us, he was eager to be heard.

As a member of a group called Overpasses for America, this man’s goals were, simply, to make American citizens aware of the crimes that Obama has committed against America, including the Bengazi Scandal.

“Obama has been in office for a while and it seems everything has gone downhill since”

he said.

“He just needs to be removed from office”

he continued.

The issue of the controversial Obama Care was quickly brought up. The man feels as if whether or not Americans have health insurance should be a choice and not a requirement.

It is little things with the government, in general, that concerns this citizen and others within the protest group. Academic instruction to our children that is altering the Bill of Rights is another problematic issue for him. He did tell us that he has two children, both of which are home schooled by his wife that is supportive of his efforts.

Police personnel do not bother him and have only stopped by to ask him to reveal his true identity that lies beneath the mask. When asked why he wears the mask, he stated that he does it to protect his family and friends from resentment toward him for standing up for what he believes in.

“The Guy Fox Mask of Anonymous represents everyone in the world. Not just Georgia. Not just the United States but the world…anonymous is anonymous”

he explained.

As a final outcome of his efforts, the protester would like to see Obama out of office and a greater understanding of the President’s actions by the American people.

Support, and the lack thereof, present a challenge for this one man team right now. With there being power in numbers, he wishes that he had some help while out on the bridge but does appreciate the honking of horns and thumbs up that he receives as encouragement.

Will the protesting group increase in size? FYN will follow the growth and report it to you.

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