First Graders Convert to the Wild Life

Rebel's Corner

Children love seeing zoo animals but the first grade students at Blue Ridge Elementary had the luxury of having the zoo come to them.One by one, children filled the room. As they arrived at their seats, laughter and chatter filled the air as their excitement built and their anticipation mounded as they waited for the animals to be unveiled.

The staff of Wildlife Wonders-a zoo to you staff were welcomed guests but the animals they brought along were even more welcomed. The, approximately, hour long program provided students the opportunity to see and learn about the Giant Pixie Frog, a baby Alligator, a nearly six foot long king snake, a hedgehog, a blue and gold Macow that was almost as chatty as the children but spoke in words from another land, a baby Red Kangaroo and, what seemed to be the crowd favorite, the Bush Baby that is from the monkey family.

Since the event was scheduled to be a field trip to the downtown Blue Ridge City Park, the sudden cold snap resulted in its relocation but the students didn’t miss out…they still had a fun filled day while on school premises. Despite the minor change in plans, students enjoyed their sack lunches and an exciting day filled with learning facts about animals.

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