Panthers Defeat Rebels

Fannin County High, Team FYN Sports

Last night, the Union County Panthers Football Team traveled to Fannin County High School to take on the Rebels. Both teams were 2-0 and ready to fight for their third win.

Alex White kicked off for the Rebels where Union had a long carry on the receive, but was stopped by Junior, Cohutta Hyde. The Panthers threw the ball to gain yards and got closer to the end zone. With the ball thrown to the corner of the end zone, Union caught a pass for their first touchdown of the night. Their kick for the extra point was good, putting them ahead 7-0. Carson Beavers received the ball for the Rebels where he carried it to the 24 yard line. Treylyn Owensby was the go to guy of the night for hand offs to gain yards for Fannin. Overall, the Junior rushed for 121 yards. Despite Owensby’s carries, Unions defense was too much to over come as they took Fannin down on a fourth down. Andre Bivens had great defensive coverage for the Rebels as he deflected a long Panther pass to save Fannin from another Union touchdown. With the Panthers too far from the end zone, they attempted to kick a field goal for an extra three points, but failed at the attempt. With 8.1 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Fannin Quarterback Luke Holloway carried the ball for 30 yards for the clock to run out with Union ahead 7-0.

Throughout the night, Holloway completed 13-for-22 passes for 142 yards. As Fannin had possession of the ball, Union’s defense broke through the line and sacked the Quarterback twice. Will Mosley and Jakob Tuggle fought hard on defense for Fannin as they kept Union from advancing up the field. Despite their grit on defense, the Panthers were able to score on a pass up the field, but the extra point was no good due to a bad snap. Although Fannin fought hard to run through Union’s defense, they were unable to score. With the Panther’s in possession of the ball, there was a bad snap that went over the Quarterback’s head for Tuggle to recover for Fannin. To close out the first half, Alex White attempted a 42 yard field goal to put Fannin on the board, but failed at the attempt which put Union ahead 13-0.

Fannin gained most of their yards from passes up the field. After they kept earning first downs, Holloway threw an interception to give Union possession of the ball. It didn’t take long for the Panthers to make their way up the field and throw for another touchdown. Their attempt at an extra point was good, extending their lead 20-0. Cohutta Hyde showed off his speed as he broke through the defense and had a long carry for Fannin. Despite their hustle, Fannin was unable to score, putting Union ahead 20-0. 

Fannin found their fire to start off the fourth quarter. Not only did Will Mosely have a great night on defense, but also offense where he had 57 rushing yards. As Fannin got closer to the end zone and into scoring position, Holloway ran the ball in for Fannin’s first touchdown. Sara Sosebee’s kick for an extra point was good, putting the score at 20-7. Micah O’Neal also had a good night on defense where he made big stops for the Rebels. Fannin took over at the 22 yard line to push the ball up the field. Holloway showed off his arm as he completed a 45 yard pass to Cohutta Hyde who had 100 yards receiving. Treylyn Owensby was the next to have the ball as he carried it into the end zone for another Rebel touchdown. Sosebee earned the extra point for Fannin and put the score at 20-14. White had a squib kick in hopes that Fannin could get the ball back, but found the Panthers in scoring position. Union answered the Rebel’s call, and threw for their third touchdown of the night. Instead of kicking for the extra point, the Panthers went for a two point conversion but failed at the attempt. After Fannin earned first downs and got closer to the end zone, Holloway threw an interception for Union to run it all the way back for a touchdown. After the extra point was good, the Panthers found themselves with a 33-14 lead over Fannin. Although Fannin fought hard to get to their end zone before the clock ran out, they were unable to score any more points, leaving Union with their third victory.

The Rebels loss put their overall record at 2-1. Catch Fannin’s next game at 7:30, next Friday as they travel to Chestatee!


Rebels Play GAC for Pink Out

Fannin County High, Team FYN Sports

Tonight, the Greater Atlanta Christain Softball team traveled to take on the Fannin County Lady Rebels for their pink out game. The Rebels had just come from a 18-0 victory over Johnson the day before and hoped to continue the trend.

Freshman, Josilyn Newton, started off the game pitching for the Rebels where she struck out two batters overall. The Lady Spartans had no problem putting the ball into action as they got on base and put four runs on the board before Fannin could earn their third out. GAC kept up the energy on defense where they had a perfect three up and three down outs, closing the first inning with a 4-0 lead. 

As the Spartans kept hitting the ball in all of the right places, Fannin began to make errors. After GAC scored one more run, Newton was able to get the Rebels out of the inning as she caught a pop fly for the third out. Eryn Mealer got things started on offense for Fannin as she hit a ground ball up the middle and found herself safe on first. Mealer was aggressive on the bases as she stole second, just for GAC to earn their third out to end the inning with a 5-0 lead.

Rebel third basemen, Kayleigh Russell, was quick on defense where she charged the ball on a bunt and threw the runner out at first base. Riley Davis followed the trend at shortstop where she threw a runner out at first base with a runner on second. After a run was scored, Kaelyn Hensley came from second base to pitch the rest of the game. Senior, Emily Waldrep, earned the third out of the inning with the score at 6-0 as she ran towards the fence to catch a ball deep center field. The Spartans continued to hold Fannin as the pitcher earned three strikeouts in a row. 

Fannin began to tighten up their defense to start off the fourth inning. Both teams managed to hold the other and kept the score 6-0 for two more innings. Waldrep had great catches in center field as she hunted down balls and tracked them into her glove for outs. Davis had quick hands at shortstop where she read the ball well and threw runners out at first.

The Spartans were able to find their fire again to start off the sixth inning as they were able to get the ball down and find themselves on base. On a big lead, Mealer caught the runner off guard and threw to first base to tag the Spartan out in a run down. Junior, Jaylin Ray, caught a pop fly in right field to make the third out with GAC ahead 7-0. The Rebels finally make their mark on the board as Mealer stepped up to the plate. With Russell on first base from a hit up the middle, Eryn hit a bomb to deep center field, bringing Kayleigh home and putting Mealer on second base. With Fannin in scoring position, they were unable to bring any more runs home before the Spartans earned their third out, closing out the inning with a score of 7-1. 

With runners on first and second base, Zoe Putnam got the first two outs of the inning with a caught pop fly and a short throw to first base. GAC rallied with two outs and managed to score three more runs before Hensley could catch a line drive for the third out. The pitcher was the first up to bat on offense where she put the ball into action with a hit over the shortstop’s head, finding herself safe on first. After the Spartans walked two batters, the bases were loaded with one out. GAC refused to let Fannin score by earning their last two outs with a strike out and a throw to first base. As the Spartans earned their third out, they found themselves with a 10-1 victory over the Rebels.

Fannin’s loss puts their overall record at 2-14 while their region record stands at 0-7. Catch the Lady Rebels next game this Saturday as they travel to Chestatee for a double header at 10 & 12!


Tigers Claw Rebels

Fannin County High, Team FYN Sports

Today, Dawson County traveled to Fannin County to take on the Lady Rebels softball team. The Rebels had just come from a loss the day before and hoped to get a region win.

Rebel senior, Kaelyn Hensley, pitched for Fannin throughout the night where she struck out five batters overall. The Lady Tigers came out ready to play as they had no problem putting the ball into action. Before Emma Mitchell could earn the last out at third base, Dawson was able to bring in four runs. The Tigers had a perfect three up and three down outs to hold the Rebels and kept their 4-0 lead to close the first inning.

As Dawson continued to put runs on the board, Emily Waldrep followed Hensley’s strikeout with a caught pop fly in center field to earn the second out. Fannin errors continued to allow the Tigers to score runs before Hensley could earn the third out by striking out the last batter. Once on offense, Fannin finally started to put the ball into action. Josilynn Newton put the ball into play as she had a hit right down the third base line, making its way to left field for her to advance a runner and find herself on first base. Junior, Jaylin Ray, had earned a hit where she was thrown out at first, but advanced runners to second and third. Fannin was in perfect scoring position when the next ball hit was caught in the air for the third out, leaving Dawson ahead 7-0.

Hensley had a perfect inning on defense where she earned all three outs. The senior struck out the first batter, and fielded the ball to throw out the runner at first base for the last two. Waldrep got things started on offense where she laid down a perfect bunt to find herself standing on first base. Kayleigh Russell stepped up to the plate and hit a bomb to right field where she earned a double and brought Waldrep home to earn the first run of the game. Mitchell continued the trend with a hit to the second basemen, finding herself safe at first base and sending Russell home for another Fannin point. With runners on first and second base, the Tigers were able to earn their third out and close out the third inning with a 7-2 lead.

Dawson continued their great hitting for the night to start off the fourth inning. With a runner on base, a Lady Tiger hit an out of the park homerun. The Rebels started to get in their heads and make more errors as they allowed Dawson to score. Newton was the one to get Fannin out of the inning as she caught a pop fly for the third out. While Fannin may have been able to get on base, they were unable to find their way to home plate before the Tigers could earn their third out, putting Dawson ahead 11-2.

 As the innings went on, the trend continued of Dawson hitting in the gaps and scoring more points. Rusell was able to get Fannin out of a rut in the fifth inning as she showed of her arm and threw a girl out at third from behind the plate. The Lady Rebel’s hitting finally came alive at the bottom of the fifth. With bases loaded, Jaylin Ray was walked to first base, bringing a runner home. Sophomore, Jaylen Green was next up to bat as she laid down a perfect bunt to find herself safe at first and to bring home a run. Freshman, Zoe Putnam, continued the trend as she hit the ball to left field, bringing in another Rebel run. After Fannin successfully put four runs on the board, the Tigers were able to earn their third out and close out the fifth inning with a score of 13-6.

The Rebels hoped to hold Dawson on defense and have an inning like the last in hopes of making a comeback. As it started to look promising with two outs and no runs scored, the Tigers began to put the ball into action in all of the right places. They were able to score one more run before Hensley could strikeout a batter for the third out. As Fannin approached the plate in hopes of earning more runs, the Tigers had a perfect three up and three down outs. With Dawson ahead 14-6, the game ended in a run rule at the end of the sixth inning. 

Fannin’s loss puts their overall record at 1-10 and their region record at 0-3. Catch the Lady Rebel’s next game this Thursday as they travel to take on the Lumpkin County Lady Indians @ 5:55pm!


Bears Take out Rebels

Team FYN Sports

Last night, the Cherokee Bluff Bears traveled to Fannin County to take on the Lady Rebels for their second region softball game of the season. Fannin had just come from a tough 12-4 loss to Greater Atlanta Christain and hoped to earn their first region win. 

The Rebels defense was solid to start off the game. Kaelyn Hensely started off the game on the mound where eighteen of her first pitches thrown were strikes. Sophomore, Riley Davis, had quick hands at shortstop where she made a lot of big plays throughout the night. Emily Waldrep had a busy night as the Bears favorite spot seemed to be center field. To earn the third out of the first inning, Waldrep ran forward to catch a pop fly and held the Bears. The senior showed off her speed as the leadoff batter when she was walked and snuck her way to second base when no one was covering. After Emily stole another base, Kayleigh Russell put down a sacrifice bunt to bring her home and earn the first run of the game, putting Fannin ahead 1-0. 

Cherokee Bluff didn’t allow Fannin to keep their lead for long. They were able to put the ball in the perfect places to where the Rebels couldn’t catch them, putting them in perfect scoring position. On a Fannin error, they allowed a run to score, tying the game 1-1. The Bear’s pitcher had a perfect inning as she struck out all three of Fannin’s batters to end the second inning. 

Although the Rebel’s were not able to make anything happen on offense, they were determined on defense to not let any runs score. Freshman, Zoe Putnam, had hustle at second base where she dove to stop the ball from going into the gap and held the runner at first base. Right after the great play, Kayleigh Russell had one of her own. The senior was hit a hard grounder where she tagged third base for a force out, then threw to first base for a double play. When it was Fannin’s turn to bat again, the Bears had another three in a row strikeouts to close the third inning with the score remaining 1-1.

Cherokee Bluff’s offense came alive at the start of the fourth inning. They were hitting the ball in all of the right places to where Fannin couldn’t make a play. Freshman, Josilyn Newton, came in to relieve Hensley from the mound following the 3.2 innings she pitched. Newton finished out the game from the mound, striking out one batter. After the Bears were able to put three more runs on the board, Fannin finally earned their third out from a strikeout, putting Cherokee Bluff in the lead with a score of 4-1. Although the Rebels started to put the ball into play on offense, the Bear’s defense was all over it and earned another perfect three outs in a row. 

As the Bears continued to put runners on base and score, they found themselves with an 8-1 lead over Fannin to end the fourth inning. As the next three innings passed by, Fannin was able to hold Cherokee Bluff, but the trend continued. The Bears would continue to hit and get on base while they had perfect innings on defense with no runners on. The Bears were on fire in every aspect of the game. For five innings in a row, they had a perfect three up and three down outs. While Fannin had impressive plays on defense in the seventh inning with Newton catching a hard line drive and Eryn Mealer showing off her arm behind the plate to throw out a girl on a steal, it was not enough to make a comeback. As Cherokee Bluff made their third out in the seventh, they found themselves with a 8-1 victory over Fannin. 

The Lady Rebels loss puts their overall record at 1-8 while their region record stands at 0-2. Catch Fannin’s next softball game as they travel to North Hall this Thursday to take on the Trojans at 6:30pm!


Norton Goes From FCHS to TWU

FCHS Baseball, Team FYN Sports

Yesterday, Tyler Norton’s friends and family gathered into the Fannin County High School cafeteria to watch him make a big step towards his baseball career. Norton is a recent graduate from FCHS who committed to Tennessee Wesleyan to play baseball in the Spring! 

Norton is the second Rebel to sign to Tennessee Wesleyan, Chandler Kendall being the first. The two have been sharing the field since they were little and are excited to be playing together for another season. Out of the five seniors on the 2019 baseball team, Tyler is the third to take on the sport at the collegiate level.

During his time in high school, Tyler was a dual athlete in football and baseball for four years. In football, his main position was quarterback while he mostly played second base in baseball. While he excelled at both, his true passion lied in baseball. Even in the off season, Norton would put in countless hours practicing and playing with his travel baseball team, The Hobgood Braves. 

“This is a big day for Tyler. He is going to play ball and attend school at Tennessee Wesleyan, which is an amazing opportunity. I have no doubt that our seniors will go on to be successful. They are all hard workers and were great examples to the team. Their examples will help the younger ones carry on our tradition into this upcoming season. They set the bar, now it’s everyone else’s job to raise it. We are going to keep up with our seniors as they take on this exciting journey and we wish them the best,” head Rebel Baseball coach, Travis Stone, shared at the signing.


Rebels Take on Cougars After 22 Years

Fannin County High, FCHS Football, Team FYN Sports

According to a Fannin County Football tweet, the Rebels played the Copper Basin Cougars for the first time last night since 1997. After waiting for twenty-two years, the rival teams finally went head to head in a scrimmage once again. The stadium was packed and the energy was high. Fans from all over came out to see how the game would unfold. 

Fannin came out ready to play and it showed from their performance. For Fannin’s first offensive play of the game, junior quarterback Luke Holloway threw a long pass to wide receiver Cohutta Hyde for a touchdown straight out of the gate. Sara Sosebee and Alex White were on fire with their 100% made field goals. It didn’t take long for the Rebels defense to take down the Cougars offense. Fannin gained a lot of yards by having a good passing game throughout the night. The Rebels scored their second touchdown of the night by a pass to senior running back, Treylyn Owensby. As Basin had the ball on offense, it wasn’t far up the field before Rebel, Seth Reece, intercepted the ball to end the first quarter with Fannin ahead 14-0. 

Owensby was the go to guy for Holloway to hand off to and gain yards. As the Rebels got closer to the end zone, Luke made a pass to Hyde in the corner for another touchdown! On a Copper Basin first down, there was a long throw up the field to Cougar, Tim Jabley, for Basin’s first touchdown. When it came time for the field goal attempt, it was no good, putting the score at 21-6. That is until Fannin decided to follow the trend with a pass to Cohutta Hyde for another Rebel touchdown, closing out the second quarter with a score of 35-6.

The Cougars played a short amount of offense before Fannin was able to get the ball back. Once the Rebels had possession, Holloway made a pass to Hyde for him to score his fourth and final touchdown of the night. During Basin’s first offensive play, Carson Beavers got an interception and ran it all the way back for a touchdown. After Basin faced Fannin’s unstoppable defense, Caleb Postell was handed the ball and ran it to the end zone for another Rebel touchdown. Instead of kicking a field goal, Fannin went for a two point conversion, but failed at the attempt. The Rebels went into the fourth quarter with a 55-6 lead.

To start off the fourth quarter, freshman David Mashburn went in for Holloway as quarterback. Fannin mostly ran the ball during the fourth quarter and played a solid defense. Both teams held the other and stopped them from scoring more touchdowns. As the buzzer sounded, Fannin walked away with a 55-6 victory over Copper Basin!

Catch Fannin’s next scrimmage, Friday at Hayesville, starting at 7:30!


Danes Ruff up Rebels

Fannin County High, Sports, Team FYN Sports

Although the Lady Rebels lost six seniors last season, they are using this year to rebuild and come back as strong as ever. Last night, the Lady Rebels Softball team took on the Denmark Danes from Forsyth County. Fannin looked to come back from their previous 9-1 loss to Denmark and had the home field advantage this time around. 

The Danes bats were hot in the first inning as they attacked the ball and put it into action. Despite freshman pitcher, Josilynn Newton, and her great throws across the plate, Denmark kept hitting the ball in all of the right places to put five runs on the board. Newton pitched a total of 2.2 innings and struck out two batters overall. When it came time for Fannin to play offense, Denmark’s defense outweighed them. With two runners on base, Kayleigh Russell (recent commit to Bryan College Softball), got things started for the Rebels offense. Russell put down a sacrifice bunt to move the runners to second and third base with only one out. While the Rebels may have been in perfect scoring position, Denmark was able to get two more outs and close the inning with a 5-0 lead. 

To start off the second inning, Fannin’s defense struggled. The bases were loaded and there were no outs until Russell was hit a ground ball where she got an out at third base to earn the first out of the inning. Denmark was able to score two more runs before seniors, Emily Waldrep and Kaelyn Hensley, caught pop fly’s in the outfield for the last two outs. The Danes refused to give up their 7-0 lead as they had a perfect three up and three down outs to close the second inning. 

Sophomore, Riley Davis (who hit two out of the park home runs the day before against Gordon Central), showed off her hustle at shortstop where she dove to stop the ball from going into the gap and kept the runner from advancing to second base. The Danes managed to load the bases once again and earned three more runs before senior, Cassidey Nichols, came into pitch. Nichols allowed only one more run to score before Fannin made the third out. The Rebels energy started to come alive as they swung the bats. It was back to the top of the line up where Waldrep was walked and took her place on first base when Davis advanced her to second by taking a pitch to the legs. Russell came up to the plate as a power hitter when she hit a ball in the gap, straight through the shortstop. Kayleigh found herself standing on second base as her hit brought Waldrep home for the first run of the game. Eryn Mealer was ready to continue the trend when she hit a pop fly to left field for Denmark to catch, but proved to be unsuccessful in their attempt to throw Davis out as she advanced to home plate. Junior, Emma Mitchell, kept the momentum going as she made it to first base from a defensive error and brought Russell home. Nichols earned a double by hitting a bomb to center field and advanced Mitchell to third base just for Newton to hit her home. When the Danes finally earned their third out, they still had the lead with a score of 11-4. 

Fannin almost had a perfect three up, three down outs with the exception of one batter making it to first base from a walk. Russell made the first out with a caught line drive at third base, Hensley made the second in right field with a caught pop fly, and freshman, Zoe Putnam, earned the third when she turned her back from second base and ran to catch a pop fly behind her. The Rebels were finally able to hold the Danes for an inning and were ready to hit like they did the last time. While they may have had good intentions, pop fly’s and strikeouts kept Fannin from scoring any runs and left Denmark ahead 11-4. 

The Danes took the plate with the same energy the Rebels did. With bases loaded, Denmark hit a bullet right through third base to Peyton Bearden in left field. The hit brought one run to the plate. After the Danes scored one more run, Hensley came in from right field and took the mound. After two more runs score, Davis was the one to get the first out at shortstop by throwing to third base as a runner advanced home. The Rebels were able to earn their last two outs back to back as Putnam caught a pop fly at second base, and Mitchell stopped a ground ball at first base. Denmark was ready to close out the game after Russell was walked to first base. Mealer put the ball into action right where the Dane’s second basemen was able to make a double play. The Danes got their third and final out right after with a grounder to first base. The game ended with a run rule as Denmark walked away with a 17-4 victory. 

While they have yet to play any region games, Fannin’s overall record stands at 0-4. Catch the Lady Rebels next game at Model High School tomorrow where they will be playing a double header, starting at 10 am!


Rebel Becomes Nighthawk

Fannin County High, Sports, Team FYN Sports

Although there was never an official signing ceremony, Macy Galloway committed to the University of North Georgia for track and field this past April. Galloway is a recent graduate of Fannin County High School who excelled at everything she did. 

The graduate was a dual athlete who participated in Fannin County High School Softball and Track and Field for four years and earned a varsity letter each one. If this doesn’t seem like enough for a high school student to handle, Macy managed to take two AP courses, six dual enrollment courses, be part of three clubs, and juggle a job throughout it all. 

The clubs Galloway participated in were Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), National Honors Society, and National Technical Honors Society. Macy was an outstanding student who had a 4.0 GPA, was always on principal’s list, graduated with honors, and was ranked twelfth in her class. 

The scholar not only excelled in the classroom, but also on the field. In her time playing softball for the high school, she earned the title of 2016 and 2017 offensive player of the year, was given the scholar athlete award three years in a row, and was given the title of first team all region shortstop three years in a row as well. Even after the sport ended in the Fall, she carried her successes over to the Spring for track and field. Over the four years of her high school track career, Galloway qualified for sectionals each one. She took it a step further her Sophomore and Senior year when she qualified for state. 

When asking track Coach Travis Earls about the athlete, he stated, “Throughout my 26 years of coaching football and track, I have coached athletes of all ages and abilities. It takes a very special athlete to compete in track and field. In other sports, running laps is typically administered as punishment for subpar performance or lack of effort. Whereas in track, running is how an athlete hones their craft and pushes themselves in order to improve. Rarely, have I coached an athlete who displays the unwavering commitment to track and field and who embraces the challenge to consistently improve as Macy Galloway has throughout her four years at Fannin County High School.  Not only is Macy a standout on the track, but also an outstanding student who has excelled academically at Fannin County Comprehensive High School. 

Most importantly, Macy is a remarkable individual who displays the qualities of selflessness, integrity, compassion, intellect, and thoughtfulness we want in our next generation of leaders. Her true nature is revealed in every endeavor she undertakes and her thoughtfulness touches everyone who meets her. Macy perseveres through adversity with a gritty determination to succeed; that is rare in an individual of Macy’s age. This dedication to success is the fuel that drives and motivates Macy. I have no doubt that Macy will elevate the collective greatness of The University of North Georgia’s student body and become a meaningful contributor to the success of the University’s track and field program.”

Galloway will be attending the University in the Fall at the Dahlonega campus. She was always willing to help her team in meets by competing in multiple events like long jump, 4×100 meter relay, 100 meter hurdles, 300 meter hurdles, and the 4×400 meter relay. Although she will jump at any opportunity to compete, she will mostly focus on training for the 100 meter hurdles and the 400 meter hurdles for her college career.

“I would like to thank Coach Travis Earls for coaching and mentoring me throughout my high school track career. Without his knowledge, dedication and passion, I would not be the athlete I am today. I would also like to specifically thank Coach Mark Stone and Coach David Dyer for coaching me throughout high school. I would like to thank my parents for everything they have done to help me achieve the goals I have set in my athletic career. I would also like to thank everyone else who has coached me, trained with me, or cheered for me along the way.  I am forever grateful for all of the support that has gotten me to where I am today,” Macy shared with the Fetch Your News (FYN) Sports Team. 

Congratulations to Macy and good luck in all of your future endeavors!


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