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If you don’t believe me, believe Joene Sorensen DePlancke. In a recent letter Joene listed her “Reasons Why to Vote for Brian K Pritchard.” Here are a few of her listed reasons in case you missed it on our newsletter.


“In my opinion, we need someone representing the 7th District at the Capitol with the following qualifications:

  • that will read and understand the bills that come before our legislature.
  • that has the courage and experience in standing up for what is right and what we need.
  • that will fight to the death to keep woke-ism and child mutilation and gender change out of our schools and away from our children until they are 18.
  • that will fight for parents’ rights to know what is happening to our children and the right to know the curriculum being taught.
  • that has been down to the capitol every year and attended numerous committee meetings and understands the process and can be effective from day one.”

Brian has worked hard for over 15 years for the 7th District in attending commissioner’s meetings, board of education meetings, attending legislative sessions in Atlanta, working closely with numerous senators and representatives on the bills that have been passed.


Brian is the only choice for the 7th District. Don’t allow the Elite in Atlanta tell you who should be your representative!


Vote for Brian K Pritchard on January 3 at your local precinct. Please note that Toccoa precinct has moved to the Fannin County Court House, 3rd Floor.


Brian K Pritchard is the grassroots candidate that has the knowledge and can stand up for the citizens of GA House District 7 in Atlanta. Brian will stand up for Constitutional Conservative Values of the North GA Mountains.

If you haven’t seen the forums here is a quick link to view both. Share these with anyone who is undecided. We believe the forums show who is qualified and ready to go to Atlanta on day ONE.

Candidate Forum for State House District 7 Hosted by Fannin County Chamber and broadcasted by ETC Candidate Night for the GA State House District 7 Sponsored by Fannin and Gilmer GOP, Mountain Patriots and Liberty Tea Party

As you watch the videos remember, we need a candidate that understands the issues that are coming down the pipeline. We need to send the person that is ready on January 9th to defend our values and rights in our mountain district.


Brian K Pritchard is the grassroots candidate for Georgia State House District 7. Brian will protect parents’ rights, protect our kids, protect our 2nd amendment rights, and keep the “WOKE” agenda out of our North Georgia Mountains. He is committed to getting law enforcement the resources needed to keep Atlanta drugs and crime out of our district. Send Brian to Atlanta on Jan 3.

Vote for Brian K Pritchard
State House District 7
on January 3rd


Donate Today

Volunteer or Donate to the campaign visit the website at

or Call 706-889-9700 to get in touch with the campaign. 

Watch Brian's Latest Video
Watch Brian’s Latest Video

Grassroots campaigns are powered by Volunteers.

Become a Volunteer today.

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Donate Today. Send Brian To Atlanta

Brian K. Pritchard announces candidacy for State House District 7

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Georgia-  Brian K. Pritchard (BKP) announces his candidacy for State House District 7.  A special election will be held on January 3rd 2023. 

“I’m excited to announce today that I am running for Georgia State House District 7. Unfortunately this election will run through the Christmas and New Year holiday. Governor Brian Kemp has called for a special election January 3rd.”

Thank you, 

“BKP” Brian K. Pritchard

[email protected]


On November 16th a giant tree fell in the North Georgia mountains. The second longest-serving State House Speaker, David Ralston died. Although I considered him a close friend, I never called him David. I always addressed him as “Mr. Speaker.” Speaker Ralston loved the people of the 7th District where he called home from the time of his birth. He also loved the State of Georgia and being House Speaker. I asked him if he would ever run for congress or senate and both times he answered with a firm, “NO, if I did that they wouldn’t let me be speaker.”


We knew him as Speaker Of the House but we can’t forget he was Georgia State Representative District 7, elected to the office in 2003. You can’t go anywhere in the district that you don’t see the fruits of him being our Representative.The hard reality is the 7th District is no longer represented by the Speaker of the House, it’s like we have hit the reset button. This is not the time to take any chances.  We need to elect someone ready to serve on day one.  We can’t afford for our district to go backwards, we must be prepared to go forward. That is why I’m announcing that I’m running for Georgia State House District 7. 


We the People …. Our Founding Fathers intended for us to have a representative government of the PEOPLE and By The People, not corporations, special interests or lobbyists. The only reason you run for office should be to serve the people of the district.  We are tired of self-serving politicians in this country. The people, businesses and organizations in the 7th District will be my special interest group.  


This Special Election is what they call a jungle primary meaning there is no party primary and then a general election. This is a nonpartisan election. Candidates don’t have to identify a political party on the ballot. 


But, I am a Republican, and I am a Christian first.  Nothing comes before God and family. I am a Constitutional compassionate conservative. I believe in loving and caring for my fellow man.  A political party should never be the determination on how we care for people less fortunate than ourselves.  I support and will uphold the great documents of our US and State Constitutions.  I am a fiscal conservative.  I believe the state can provide services needed to operate with a little less money from the taxpayers. The people pay the bills and the government should be good stewards of the taxpayers money. We The People are overtaxed and need a representative that is beholden to the people. I believe in limited government and it’s time we get the government out of our pockets. I will be a representative for all the people in the 7th District.


  • We must protect our environment and preserve our beautiful lakes, rivers and forests. 
  • We must protect our children from a “WOKE” government agenda and preserve parental rights. 
  • I will work with the county and city governments to find a balanced way to continue growth in the district while maintaining the rural look and feel that we love. 
  • I have and will always support our teachers and our local educational system and the University system in our district. The children are our future and we need to provide them every opportunity possible for them to be successful. This will help attract well paying jobs to our district. 
  • I have and will always support our law enforcement. The safety and well-being of our citizens will alway be a top priority of mine. Drug cartels are not welcome and I will help our great men and women in law enforcement get the resources they need to keep us safe. Keep Atlanta crime out of our mountains! 
  • I have and will always support our accountability courts. 
  • As your Representative I will do everything I can to eradicate the drug problem in our community. We need to restore families. This is a must to protect our children from this evil. 
  • I am pro second amendment and believe in the sanctity of life. 


I look at everything with a positive view and I know together we can accomplish our goals.  I am a husband, father, and grandfather and protecting this district will have my entire focus and attention.  Look for my upcoming campaign videos where I will go into greater detail on all the issues. 


In the coming days of the campaign I will release short videos highlighting my dedication to the 7th District over the past 20 years and how I plan to represent the district. Visit our website and follow our social media Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @BKP4GA. 


If you have any questions do hesitate to contact me at bkp4ga@gmail or call me 706-889-9700. 

I look forward to the opportunity to speak about the issues with any group or even a living room coffee talk. 


I humbly ask for your vote to be your next District 7 State Representative.




“BKP” Brian K. Pritchard




Transparency discussed at Blue Ridge City Council meeting


BLUE RIDGE, Ga. – “Transparency” was a word heard and a topic addressed frequently during the Tuesday, Feb. 13, Blue Ridge City Council meeting.

The topic discussion began in earnest during the council’s first reading and adoption of a purchasing policy amendment. The amendment was explained by Blue Ridge Finance Director Alicia Stewart after Council Member Rhonda Thomas-Haight recommended the policy’s changes be read in an effort to produce “transparency with the audience.”

Blue Ridge City Council, from left, front: Mayor Donna Whitener, council members Rhonda Thomas, Robbie Cornelius; back: council members Harold Herndon, Nathan Fitts and Kenneth Gaddis.

According to the amended policy, the changes will allow purchases up to $500 to be approved by a city department supervisor or the city clerk in a single transaction with no required quotes. Purchases between $500.01 and $2,500 will require one supplier quote, verbal or written, and approval from the department supervisor. Purchases between $2,500.01 and $5,000 will require one written quote, approval of the department supervisor and written authorization of an elected city official. For purchases from $5,000 to $99,999.99, two written quotes, bids, or proposals will be required along with approval from the city council prior to issuance of a purchase order.

Any expenditure over $100,000 whether supplies, equipment or service contracts will “require a contract and
sealed bids or proposals and shall be advertised in the legal organ a minimum of two times, with the first advertisement occurring at least four weeks prior to the opening of sealed bids or proposals.” Also, council approval will be required for these expenditures.

When asked by an audience member why the changes were being made to raise the spending thresholds, Stewart stated the new city council requested the changes to give more responsibility and freedom to department supervisors to make needed expenditures within their allotted budgets.

“An example: we had an issue where we had a fire hydrant that was damaged and (Water and Utilities Director) Becky (Harkins) couldn’t even order a fire hydrant without getting three council members to approve (along with) a department head and all those things,” Mayor Donna Whitener said, “and when a fire hydrant is leaking, you really need to get it replaced or you’re going to have a lot of water on the ground. So, it’s enough to take care of emergency purchases like that.”

After Brian Pritchard, publisher of FetchYourNews, questioned the council about the $100,000 limit and the requirement of bids, Stewart reiterated bids would still be required for purchases below $100,000.00, but the public procedure of advertising the request for bids through the legal organ for four weeks would not be required.

Also, the amendment as originally drafted would have raised meal allowances for city officials on city business trips from $30 a day to $40. However, after council members Robbie Cornelius and Ken Gaddis agreed the amount should be left at $30, the amendment was approved provided the meal allowance remain unchanged.

Later, a conflict of interest disclosure was read concerning a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) awarded to the city in 2016 to upgrade water and fire protection infrastructure in portions of neighborhoods east of or near East Second Street. The disclosure gave public notice of technical conflicts of interest among all city council members, except Gaddis, who either live or own property in the area, have family members who live in the area and/or have business interests in the area. Whitener said that although a similar statement was read previously concerning the project, it occurred during the previous city council administration. The mayor further explained there were similar conflicts among the former council members as well.

“Hopefully, since we’ve read the conflict, there shouldn’t be any issues with that,” Thomas-Haight explained, “because it is transparent.”

Of the public notice, City Clerk Kelsey Ledford explained, “We’ve disclosed all of our conflicts of interest and then at our next council meeting, we’ll have all the paperwork to formally request an exception to the conflicts of interest.”

Also concerning the CDBG project, the council approved to add Ledford to the bank account designated for the project, approved the contract from The Renee Group, the construction firm that will be overseeing the project, and gave approval to Mayor Whitener to sign the notice to proceed with the project after City Attorney James Balli reviews the notice.

Before the council entered into executive session to discuss personnel issues, Pritchard again addressed the council, asking them about the possibility of utilizing workshops, similar to those seen during the former administration, to allow for better transparency to citizens. “This is the second regular meeting and one special called meeting (during the new administration) and you’re doing a lot of first readings, and I’m really not understanding where the council is having these discussions,” Pritchard stated.

Mayor Whitener stated, in regard to the purchasing policy amendment, that she, council member Harold Herndon and all the department supervisors had a previous meeting to discuss the changes to the policy.

“The citizens don’t know this till they get here … You made a major first reading on a purchasing policy tonight,” Pritchard continued. “Could you go back to workshops because I just have a little concern on transparency?”

To this, Thomas-Haight replied, “You will notice too tonight, we have taken interaction from the audience. Our previous council did not do that, and we want people to be involved … We are 100 percent transparent and we are allowed by law to communicate with each other via email, we can call each other … We talk all the time, but we’re not breaking the Sunshine Law because we don’t meet.”

“All I ask is if you could look at (using) workshops. That’s it,” Pritchard said again.

“We’ll consider it,” Thomas-Haight told Pritchard.

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Jason Beck

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Challengers Blast Congressman Collins In Live Debate Broadcast on FYN TV

News, Politics

ELLIJAY, Ga. — In a fiery hour-long debate broadcast live on FYN TV and moderated by Fetch Your News owner Brian K. Pritchard Friday, four challengers — Paul Broun, Mike Scupin, Roger Fitzpatrick and Bernie Fontaine — took turns attacking Georgia’s 9th District Congressman Doug Collins on issues ranging from his support of President Obama’s Omnibus bill to what they see as his less than conservative voting record.

Fitzpatrick, a long time educator from White County, said Collins’ voting record is not representative of the 9th District, which he called, “the third most conservative district in the entire United States. If you look at the Conservative Review website, which grades everybody according to the original intent of the Constitution, Mr. Collins has a 59 percent voting record,” Fitzpatrick said.

By far the number one issue his opponents used to batter Collins was the Omnibus bill which most conservatives view with contempt because it provides funding for the Dreamer’s Act for children in the U.S. illegally, sanctuary cities, refugee programs, Middle East immigration programs that have been exploited by terrorists and Planned Parenthood.

Former 10th District U.S. Congressman Paul Broun said “The greatest moral issue we face as a nation is the killing of over one million babies every year and it must stop. The Omnibus bill funds Planned Parenthood while they go on butchering babies and selling baby parts.”

Broun added, “I have never voted for an omnibus bill and I never will.”
That gave Collins an opportunity to launch a conter attack. Collins claimed Broun voted for an omnibus bill in December 2007. “Either that’s an incompetence issue or you’re just lying,” Collins shot back.

Broun said his vote was not for the bill at all, but an amendment to the bill and that every Republican but one voted for the same amendment. “This is just more of the lies and distortion we get out of the Congressman,” Broun countered.

Lanier Tea Party Patriot Founder Mike Scupin said he would never have voted for the Omnibus bill and questioned how Collins could “swear an oath to the Constitution of the United States then vote for  it when it had so many unconstitutional things in it.”

Fontaine, a retired Army and National Guard Brigadier General who ran against Collins four years ago, said, “Congress was dysfunctional then and its dysfunctional now. What we have is a systemic problem with two career politicians against three citizen candidates.”

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