Pet of the Week: Nikko

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Rena from the Humane Society of Blue Ridge brings in an energetic pup who needs a little attention and a guide to show him the way home.


Pet of the Week! Featuring Sienna

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pet of the week

Sienna is the star of the show this week! Come by the Humane Society of Blue Ridge to meet her and other wonderful cats and dogs that you can adopt!

Tourists Abduct Resident’s Elderly Dog After Train Ride

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elderly dog

Blue Ridge, Ga – Two individuals, spied an elderly dog while riding the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway and assumed the owners abandoned the 18-year-old labrador retriever. They proceeded to drive to the location and take him.

Althea Gobble took to social media to alert the community of her family’s missing pet, Sam, once she came home that evening on Sunday, August 11. She hoped citizens could help find missing Sam.

Sergeant Scott White arrived on the scene at 8:35 p.m. Michael Gobble relayed details about the missing animal. Gobble’s neighbor who said that a male, now identified as Clay Manley, knocked on her door around 3:30 p.m. and asked about Gobble’s pet. She said they expressed concern over the animal’s living conditions, but she told the individual that the owner would return in later in the day.

Clay Manley saw elderly dog Sam from the train and decided to find him.

The neighbor was older and couldn’t see very well so she couldn’t provide a physical description of the suspect, but you could see the dog in her security camera at that time. However, Manley didn’t appear on her camera.

She also noticed at this time a Black SUV slowly backing up to the Gobble residence. Althea Gobble stated the man motioned to his wife to “come on” and left the neighbor’s residence to enter the Gobble’s back yard and take Sam.

Multiple witnesses came forward to state that they saw a black SUV on the Gobble’s property.

Althea Gobble also added that tracks were left in the yard from the abduction.

On August 12, 2019, Deputy John Kinser and Investigator Gary Edwards conducted a traffic stop at Old Blue Ridge Pharmacy. Inside the black SUV, the occupants Clay and Julie Manley had an elderly yellow lab.

During the preliminary investigation, Manley stated that he and several others on the train were “appalled” about the physical condition of Sam. Once he and Julie drove to the area, they attempted to contact animal control and humane society without success. He then addressed the neighbor.

Julie Manley backed the car up to take Sam.

Manley confessed he did remove the dog from the property without permission but did not call law enforcement about the suspected neglect.

Althea and Michael Gobble arrived to pick up Sam, who didn’t appear afraid of his owners. Althea posted to Facebook that Sam receives three walks a day, fed three times a day, and medicine for this arthritis twice a day. He stays on a lead because otherwise, he will wander off.

The Manley’s admitted their guilt in stealing the dog and paid a $2,000 total bond. They were visiting Blue Ridge from Florida.

The Gobble’s are ecstatic to have Sam back home.

elderly dog

Photo credit from Althea Gobble’s Facebook.

North Georgia Living Presented by Cameron Hall: Pets!


The North GA Senior Living segment joined up with the Pet of the Week and was a great time! Dogs can be great companions for the elderly as they transition into senior living, and if they already have one Cameron Hall will allow them to move in too!

HSBR Doubles the Love with a special spay/neuter voucher in November!


“The Humane Society of Blue Ridge is very proud to receive a
$5,000 grant from the Georgia Department of Agriculture to assist
with its Spay Neuter Incentive Program (SNIP)”, says Karen Kelly,
HSBR Haven manager. The current SNIP program offered by
HSBR is a $50 voucher for the surgery cost of any dog or cat,
male or female, at select vet offices.

In the spirit of its DOUBLE THE LOVE matching funds campaign,
HSBR will give a $100 voucher for each eligible spay or neuter
pet surgery during the month of November, up to a total of 50.
“We’ve given away over 450 SNIP vouchers already this year,
and this grant enables us to give back a doubly special gift of love
to the community”, says Kelly.

So, “DOUBLE THE LOVE” for your pet and take advantage of this
special voucher program from HSBR during the month of
November only. Get your pets spayed or neutered with a $100
voucher! Come to the Haven to pick up a voucher.

We are located at 171 Mineral Springs Rd., Blue Ridge GA 30513.
Normal hours:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00-5:00 and
Saturday from 10-2. Call 706-632-4357 for more details.

Mountain Emergency Animal Center Welcomes Dr. James

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Dr. Timothy James has been involved in various aspects of the medical field throughout his life. In college, he studied tick-borne diseases and illness of muscle proteins and was considering a career
researching infectious diseases. During his undergraduate years, he shadowed several veterinarians and decided that working with small animals would be his new career path.

Dr. James graduated from the University of Georgia, earning his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2003. From that point on, he was immersed in surgery and emergency medicine. He started his career at a large specialty practice in Indianapolis where he also completed a residency through the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners.

During that time, he also became a certified canine rehabilitation therapist. After several
years in Indianapolis, Dr. James moved to Tennessee, working at the Regional Institute for Veterinary
Emergency and Referrals. It is at that facility where completed a surgical residency program over
several years.

Dr. James was most recently a staff surgeon at North Georgia Veterinary Specialists. He
has special interests in surgery of the spine and orthopedics; however, Dr. James also excels in soft
tissue surgery.

Mountain Emergency Animal Center would like to welcome Dr. James to our team!

Pet Safety Tips for the 4th of July

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These 4th of July, Pet safety tips brought to you by Mountain Emergency Animal Center!

Mountain Emergency Animal Center – snake bites and pet safety


It’s warming up! If you are enjoying the warmer weather now, so are the snakes! As a matter of fact, while driving home, a Garter Snake slithered in front of my car while at a stop sign. Some of my neighbors have told me that they’ve seen Copperheads about.

Venomous snakes injure over 150,000 dogs and cats every year in the U.S. This data is about 10 years old! So, you can only imagine as we continue to encroach upon their territory, there are going to be more exposures. In our area, the Copperhead is the most common venomous snake; however, there are also Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes, Timber Rattlesnakes, Cotton Mouths, Pigmy Rattlesnakes and Coral Snakes in Georgia. In north Georgia, the Timber Rattlesnake and Copperhead are most commonly the cause of envenomation in pets and people. Rattlesnake venom is much more potent and deadly than that of the Copperhead. All of the snakes listed with the exception of the Coral Snake are Pit Vipers, which belong to the family Crotalidae. Pit Vipers have triangular heads, elliptical pupils and “pits” or scent glands where there “nose” is (pic. #1).  Image may contain: text

Pit Vipers in Georgia:

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake (pic. #2) 
Copperhead (pic. #3)
Timber Rattlesnake (pic. #4)
Cottonmouth/Water Moccasin (pic. #5)




Pit Viper venom contains over 50 enzymes, which damage tissue. The snake uses the venom to immobilize their prey and pre-digest the tissue. Basically, these snakes cannot digest food that well in their gut, so venom breaks down the muscle, the connective tissue and the blood before they ingest it. So, the same thing happens when a dog or cat is bitten. The venom starts to digest the tissue and causes the blood to not clot.
Bites to pets most often occur on their face and front legs. Most owners will say they saw their dog digging after something and then hear a loud “yelp.” Soon after being bitten the area becomes swollen, bruised and very painful.

Signs your pet has been bitten by a venomous snake may include:
• Rapid swelling at the site of the bite;
• Severe pain;
• Bleeding from the fang punctures;
• Drooling;
• Discoloration of the skin to dark red or purple;
• Bite marks—these may be difficult to see because the pet’s fur;
• Rapid breathing;
• Weakness;
• Collapse (inability to get up); and
• Pale gums.

What to do if your pet is bitten:
• Limit your pet’s activity and keep your pet calm. This will help decrease the venom from circulating throughout the body. The more activity, the more blood flow and faster the heart beats, increasing the amount of venom spread in the body.; and
• Contact your family veterinarian immediately or an emergency veterinary hospital such as MEAC.

What NOT to do if your pet is bitten:
• Do not place a tourniquet above the bite;
• Do not cut over the wound;
• Do not try to “suck” the venom out of the area;
• Do not apply ice to the area;
• Do not apply electrical shock to the area; and
• Do not give any medications.

Typical testing and treatment performed:
• Blood tests to check cell counts, blood clotting ability (coagulation times), organ function tests of the liver and kidneys;
• X-rays of the chest if the pet is having trouble breathing or congestion in the lungs;
• Pain medication;
• Cleaning of wounds;
• Intravenous fluids for shock and blood loss;
• Antivenin administration—this is the best treatment and acts as an antidote to the venom;
• Supplemental oxygen;
• Plasma and sometimes blood transfusion; and
• Hospitalization and observation.

Would you know how to perform CPR on your pet? Watch the training video by Mountain Emergency Animal Center

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Mountain Emergency Animal Center is a outstanding emergency vet clinic located in Blue Ridge, Georgia. They have a full surgical room, ICU kennels, a blood bank, and they keep anti venom on hand at all times. They are fully equipped to deal with any medical emergency your pet may have.

In this video, they do a CPR training to show you exactly what you would need to do if your pet goes into cardiac arrest. This is great information for any pet owner.

Mountain Emergency Animal Center

Serving the Tri-State Area (GA, NC, TN)
Call us at 706-632-7879

Pet Emergency? Read no further and call us right away!dog

Pet emergencies, like human ones, can happen anytime. Your pet’s injuries and illnesses may require immediate attention.

Humane Society’s Microchip Day canceled do to rain

Humane society of BR

Humane Society of Blue Ridge Microchip Event

Star of the Show & Pet of the Week – Lady


This pup is just a sweet little old lady. She has such a laid back temperament. She is a little timid at first but when she warms up to you she is just as sweet as can be. As you can see in this segment she just laid down and hung out with Rena and BKP. To adopt this wonderful dog or any of the other amazing animals at The Humane Society of Blue Ridge contact them today at (706) 632-4357.


Paws in the Park 2017 ~ Support the Humane Society of Blue Ridge


Every year, Humane Society of Blue Ridge hosts Paws in the Park, an event that invites our community’s pet owners and animal lovers to participate in a variety of events, including a pet parade, costume contest, pet photos, and our main attraction: the Paws in the Park 5K, a USATF-certified 5K race course that runs through the streets of downtown Blue Ridge. In 2015, the Mutt Mile was introduced, a shorter course perfect for walkers and young ones.

Remember “ADOPT DON’T SHOP” and for those who want to find out more or support our local Humane Society of Blue Ridge Click Here!


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BKP’s Star of the Show – Pet of the Week: Ziggy


If you know BKP and Sam, then you know who the real stars of our Friday shows are. This week the star and Pet of the Week is Ziggy! Ziggy even dressed up for his star performance! He is a little timid but once he warms up to you he is such a lover. He is good with other pups and even cats. He would be a great addition to your family. If you are looking for a new companion to add to your family contact the Humane Society of Blue Ridge today.

Visit the Humane Society of Blue Ridge today to find your new furry friend!
Office/Shelter Hours:
Mon – Fri: 10 AM to 5 PM
Sat: 10 AM to 2 PM
Closed Tue & Sun

 171 Mineral Springs Rd, Blue Ridge, GA


11th Annual Paws in the Park presented by Humane Society of Blue Ridge October 21st 10am – 2pm Downtown Blue Ridge City Park


Ask The Doc with Dr. Whaley – Exercising with your Pet, weight loss, and acid reflux


In today’s segment with Dr. Whaley, he and BKP discuss the following viewer questions:
Is acid reflux the same as ulcers or GERD?

Is the expiration date on medication mean it can be harmful if used after the date? Are there any kinds which are dangerous if outdated?

What is the most effective exercise for weight loss?

This segment is sponsored by The Georgia Cancer Specialist.

Humane Society of Blue Ridge Hosts 10th Annual Taste of Blue Ridge


April 22nd was a gorgeous day for the 10th Annual Taste of Blue Ridge.   The event is hosted by the Humane Society of Blue Ridge and is a fun fundraiser to assist its mission in the endeavor to provide for animals in need.

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This year’s event was spectacular with delicious food from all over including The Vault, Shane’s Rib Shack, Blue Jeans Pizza, Mesquite Grill and Mercier Orchards to name a few.  There was also a wide choice from wine & beer vendors and a special dessert section with a special shout out to Sweet & Southern Sugar Co which won us over with the mint chocolate cupcakes.  When you walked through the display of silent auction items it was impossible to pass up bidding on something, whether it was a special piece of art, a handmade quilt, or one of the special baskets filled with goodies.

The music was provided by the Loose Shoes Band who did a great job entertaining the sold out crowd.  FYN hasn’t received the total raised yet however judging from the turnout we think it may be a record year. - Dedicated to serve the needs of the community. Provide a source of real news-Dependable Information-Central to the growth and success of our Communities. Strive to encourage, uplift, warn, entertain, & enlighten our readers/viewers- Honest-Reliable-Informative.

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