BRES Dedicates Sun Shade Structures

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It is no secret that the weather in North Georgia can be pretty brutal during the warm months of the year and the concern for the students at Blue Ridge Elementary is what prompted a series of actions that led to the purchasing and erecting of two sun shades for students to escape the harmful UV rays of the sun.When you looked at the playgrounds, at the beginning of the school year, you probably wondered what students did to get out of the harmful sun rays when they were outside for recess or activity. Since the playgrounds were, simply, an open field and a heat filled black top, faculty at the school desired a cooler, safer place for students to spend their outside time. School book keeper, Amy Buchanan, headed up the project. By applying for grants and gathering sponsors, the school was able to purchase, not one but, two fantastic sunshade structures. Dermatologist, Charles Faulk and the American Academy of Dermatology sponsored the project.

“Taking care of your skin is a habit that is best learned at an early age”

said Faulk. Students and staff participated in a dedication ceremony to thank Faulk for his support.

Students present Dr. Charles Faulk with a signed banner expressing their gratitude in helping fund their new shade to keep their playgrounds cool.

FYN spoke to principal, Shannon Miller, and asked if they planned on placing any additional structures on the playground for the older students.

“We would love to if we can get the funding to do so. What we have here is over 10,000 dollars’ worth of structures”

she said. Project head, Amy Buchanan stated with the volunteer labor of parents and staff, they were able to purchase two structures.

“Lowes donated the concrete, then we all came out here and worked. If we had paid labor for the installation, we would have only been able to purchase one structure”

she continued.

At the end of the dedication ceremony, students presented Dr. Faulk and his staff with a banner expressing their gratitude.

FYN would like to congratulate the school on receiving grants and donations to make this significant purchase to improve the quality of student life while they are outside.

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