County Asked to Oversee City Election

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After the events leading up to the resignation of the City of Blue Ridge Election Supervisor, the city council made decisions that would lead them to ask a representative from the Fannin County Board of Elections to oversee the currently ongoing city election.
After the city’s election supervisor resigned, effective today (October 22, 2013) at 4:30 pm, it left the city without an election supervisor. Mayor, Donna Whitener asked the council for a motion to hire a county election official to oversee the city election of 2013. This left the council with a difficult decision because the state requires an election supervisor be present at all times that voting is taking place. With the recommendation of their attorney, the council discussed asking Sally Smith to asking her to continue serving as the election supervisor until the county was able to have their special called meeting, scheduled for 10am on Wednesday, October 23, 2013.

“As her employer, I say that we just tell her that she has to continue acting in that role”

said Rhonda Thomas. The motion was carried to require Smith continue being the election superintendent until an alternative person was ready to fill the role.

After the meeting, FYN asked council member, Rodney Kendall, if the city intended on asking Smith to continue her role or if they would demand her continue as Thomas suggested. Kendall expressed his concerns of creating a hostile work environment if they demanded Smith continue and had reservations about doing so from a legal standpoint.

County attorney, Lynn Doss, stated that she had discussed the issue with the county Board of Elections and anticipated that with an Intergovernmental Agreement that was approved by both legal representatives on behalf of the county and the city that she anticipated approval of the agreement and that a county election supervisor would be ready to fulfill Smith’s role by Wednesday, October 23rd, between 1 and 2pm.

FYN will be at the special called meeting of the Board of Elections and bring you the decisions and stipulations on this unprecedented event for the city.

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