Election Supervisor Resigns

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Since the events taking place at the City of Blue Ridge workshop this morning, FYN has learned that the Election Supervisor for the City of Blue Ridge has resigned. Sources tipped FYN that Sally Smith resigned and FYN contacted Mayor Donna Whitener to confirm this information.

Mayor Whitener confirmed that Smith had resigned from her position as Election Supervisor but still remained a city employee. When FYN asked Whitener what would happen now that they have no certified Election Supervisor, she stated that she wasn’t sure what would happen since the state requires a supervisor be present at all times while voting is taking place. “Had we continued as I asked and had an emergency special called meeting this morning, we could have already presented the city with the proposition of taking over the election supervision and had a backup plan to fall back on come 8 o’clock in the morning” she said.

FYN will be at the city council meeting tonight to report the action taken on this unusual circumstance.

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