FCCLA Earns Another National Award

Fannin County High

Fannin County Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) has earned another National Award. National FCCLA offers an award called “Go for the Red” each year for chapters who increase their local membership. For the second year in a row, Fannin FCCLA has earned the “Go for the Red” award at Gold status meaning that membership was increased by at least 20 members. In total, our membership increased by 22 members leaving us with a total of 89 members for the 2018-2019 school year. Our chapter was awarded a “Go for the Red” banner to be displayed in our school.

Several of our chapter officers were also awarded individual “Go for the Red” awards. The individual award is for students who recruit at least 3 new members into our local FCCLA chapter. The following students received this recognition from National FCCLA: (from left) Sierra Reynolds, Sydney Tarpley, Chloe Clemmons, Bobbi Pippin, Hope Parris, and Cady Finley. Each of these students received a certificate and Go for the Red t shirt from National FCCLA.

Our chapter and these individual members will be recognized at the FCCLA National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California this July.

Fannin County High School FCCLA Advances to State Competition

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Fannin County High School FCCLA participated in Region STAR Event Competitions on Saturday, February 9th at Archer High School in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Combined, the students participated in 9 competitive events. (Listed Below) All students scored in the top 2 in the region and will advance to State Competition on March 15-17, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Advocacy- Sydney Tarpley, 10th Grade

Career Investigation- Hope Parris, 12th Grade

Chapter Service Project Display, Courtney Earls and Haley Parks, 11th Grade

Chapter Service Project Portfolio- Alexis Hill and Larissa Hughes, 10th Grade

Chapter in Review Portfolio- Victoria Tanner and Lisa Thomas, 11th Grade

Early Childhood Education- Sierra Reynolds, 10th Grade

Focus on Children- Chloe Clemmons, 12th Grade

Leadership- Cady Finley, 10th Grade

Promote and Publicize FCCLA!- Bobbi Pippin, 11th Grade

Students have been working on these projects since late September and their hard work has paid off. They have so much to be proud of!

Pictured are, from back left, Cady Finley, Hope Parris, Larissa Hughes, Victoria Tanner, Sierra Reynolds, Sydney Tarpley, front left, Bobbi Pippin, Chloe Clemmons, Alexis Hill, Courtney Earls, and Lisa Thomas.

FCCLA advances to Nationals

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Blue Ridge, Ga. – Fannin County High School’s Family Career and Community Leaders of America are headed to the Golden State this July for the FCCLA National Leadership Conference.

On March 15-17, 2019, twelve FCCLA Members attended the FCCLA State Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Our students participated in a variety of competitive events with students from across the entire state. Our chapter was successful and brought home many awards.

This year, our chapter applied for several State Program Awards. Fannin County earned the Families First State Program Award for the Grandparent’s Night that FCCLA hosted back in January of this year. Chloe Clemmons (picture attached) accepted the award on behalf of our chapter.

Our chapter also earned recognition for being an FCCLA Honor Roll Chapter. Honor Roll is a points system based on events that your FCCLA Chapter either hosts or participates in. Fannin County was recognized as one of these chapters and Fannin County FCCLA Chapter President, Bobbi Pippin (picture attached), accepted the award on our behalf.

Another award that we received was the Georgia FCCLA LIVE for 25 Membership Award. This award was granted to all chapters who increased their student membership by 25% during the 2018-2019 school year.

In addition to these chapter awards, our students received many individual awards.

Catherine Finley was awarded the Statesman Award for passing the Georgia FCCLA Statesman Test. She is now eligible to compete in the Distinguished Statesman Test next school year.

All 12 students competed in STAR Events Competitions. STAR stands for Students Taking Action with Recognition. Each of the students have been working on these projects since October 2018. They competed at Region STAR Events in February 2019 and all advanced to the state level. Below is a list of the event categories that students competed and the medals earned at State Leadership Conference:
Hope Parris – Career Investigation – Gold Medal
Catherine Finley – Leadership – Silver Medal
Courtney Earls and Haley Parks – Chapter Service Project Display – Gold Medal
Sierra Reynolds – Early Childhood Education – Gold Medal
Chloe Clemmons – Focus on Children – Silver Medal
Lisa Thomas and Victoria Tanner – Chapter in Review Portfolio – Gold Medal
Bobbi Pippin – Promote and Publicize FCCLA – Gold Medal
Sydney Tarpley – Advocacy – Gold Medal
Alexis Hill and Larissa Hughes – Chapter Service Project Portfolio – Gold Medal
11 of these students placed in the top 2 of their categories in the state and will be advancing to National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California this July where they will compete against students from across the entire nation!

“These students are truly amazing. It is an honor to be their advisor and work with them on a day to day basis. Participating in STAR Events requires commitment and endurance as you prepare for months to compete at varying levels of competitions. These students are deserving of their awards and I am looking forward to our time in California this summer. I am confident that these students will make Fannin County Proud!” –Lauren Owenby, FCCLA Adviser

“FCCLA has pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to see that success is always achievable if you work hard for it.” –Alexis Hill, 10th grade

“Competing in STAR Events has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, and allowed me to accomplish things that I never thought I would. It has also provided the opportunity for me to meet new people and create amazing friendships!” – Courtney Earls, 11th grade

Bobbi Pippin – Promote and Publicize FCCLA – Gold Medal

Chloe Clemmons – Focus on Children – Silver Medal

Fannin FCCLA Sends School Supplies to Bay County, Florida

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Cady Finley pictured at the back of the packed U-haul trailer of school supplies.

Fannin County High School Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) collected school supplies during the month of October to send to those who were affected by Hurricane Michael. Many members of the community, along with students at FCHS, collected over 5,000 items to send to Bay County, Florida. Some of the items collected include over 200 backpacks, more than 800 pencils,  167 notebooks, and almost 200 packs of lined paper. We also sent crayons, glue, calculators, markers, index cards, disinfectant wipes, dry erase markers, and more!



Cady Finley pictured with a representative of Bay County School System as she dropped off the school supplies.

Cady Finley, 10th-grade FCCLA Officer and leader of this initiative, stated that, “It’s amazing to see how our students and community are willing to come together and collect items to make a big difference in the lives of those who have lost everything.” Cady and her mother drove a U-haul trailer to Bay County, Florida the first week of November to deliver the school supplies. The FCHS FCCLA chapter would like to thank all of the community members who purchased items for donation.





FCCLA National Leadership Conference

Fannin County High
This past week two students from FCHS Family Career and Community Leaders of America attended the FCCLA National Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Cady Finley and Sierra Reynolds were each one of only two students in their competition categories who represented the state of Georgia at the National level. Sierra Reynolds, freshman, competed in Sports Nutrition and earned a Silver medal and freshman, Cady Finley, earned Gold medal in Interpersonal Communications. Pictured below are, from left, Sierra Reynolds, FCHS FCCLA Adviser Lauren Owenby, and Cady Finley.

“It is huge for any student to advance to Nationals. I am especially impressed with these young ladies as they are both freshman and they earned top honors their very first year of competing. I am looking forward to the success they will have during the next three years of high school. I am so proud!” -Adviser, Lauren Owenby

FCHS FCCLA Go for the Red Award

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Fannin County High School Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) earned recognition from National FCCLA for the 2017-2018 Go for the Red Campaign. Go For the Red is an FCCLA membership campaign that provides incentives for members and chapters working to increase membership. Go For the Red empowers students to recruit, retain, and recognize members.  FCHS FCCLA earned Gold status for recruiting over 20 new students into their Career and Technical Organization. Bobbi Pippin, sophomore at FCHS, earned the individual Go for the Red Award for recruiting 3 or more new students into the organization on her own. FCHS FCCLA Chapter and Bobbi Pippin will be recognized at the FCCLA National Leadership Conference this summer. Pictured here are FCCLA Adviser, Lauren Owenby and FCCLA Vice President, Bobbi Pippin.

FCHS Hosts EFES 1st Grade

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First Grade students from East Fannin Elementary School visited Fannin County High School on Tuesday, May 1st.  The students visited all of the Career Technical and Agricultural Education classes while on their field trip. Students spend majority of their afternoon with the FCHS students in the Foods and Nutrition and Early Childhood Education classes. Learning centers, designed by Early Childhood Education students, were set up for the 1st graders to enjoy. These centers included activities to teach the 1st grade students about healthy nutrition, exercise, and sensory learning. The students left with a variety of items that they created on their own including a homemade aquarium, play doh, and sensory sticks.

FCCLA Community Service-Diaper Drive

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The Fannin County High School Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Chapter hosted a diaper drive during the month of April. The diaper drive was designed to support the new First Call Pregnancy Center in Blue Ridge. In total, FCCLA collected 2,099 diapers. “Family is the central focus of FCCLA. What better way to foster the family unit than donating to an organization that helps welcome precious new lives into this world,” stated FCCLA Adviser Lauren Owenby. With their adviser, several members of the organization delivered the diapers to the center. Pictured above, from left to right, are First Call Pregnancy Center Director Margaret Keck, FCCLA members, Hailee Mealer, Sierra Reynolds, Chloe Clemmons, Hannah Fortenberry, Cora Clemmons, Cady Finley, and Hope Parris.

Students and staff celebrate Family Career Community Leaders of America week

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BLUE RIDGE, Ga. – Students and staff at Fannin County High School celebrated FCCLA during the week of Feb. 12 through 16, 2018. Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a student-led Career Technical and Student Organization that has over 164,000 members nationally and is the only CTSO with the family as its central focus. Involvement opportunities for FCCLA members include expanding their leadership potential and developing skills for life that are necessary in the home and workplace. During FCCLA week, students offered activities and trivia in the commons area during lunch to promote knowledge of family and consumer sciences, they gave a small gift to all faculty and staff, and they prepared and distributed muffins to the faculty and staff at FCHS. Pictured above are FCCLA members and officers, from left, Bobbi Pippin, vice president, Desiree Bell, hospitality coordinator, and Kristen Lopez, secretary. FCCLA is advised by Family and Consumer Sciences teachers, Amy Adams, Lynn Burch, and Lauren Owenby.

Family Career and Community Leaders of America competitors advance to state


Four members of Fannin County High School’s Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) chapter competed at Region STAR Events Competitions on Saturday, Feb. 10. Chloe Clemmons (11th grade) and Bobbi Pippin (10th grade) earned a gold medal in their Sports Nutrition Senior Event where they created and implemented a nutrition, hydration, and exercise plan for an FCHS basketball player. Sierra Reynolds (9th grade), competed in Sports Nutrition Junior and earned a silver medal for the implementation of her nutrition plan for a local ballerina. Cady Finley (9th grade) also earned a silver medal for her Interpersonal Communications Event where she promoted healthy communication and relationships among female teens. Sierra and Cady both scored in the top two of their events and will be advancing to State STAR Events Competitions on March 10, 2018. Pictured above are, from left, Sierra Reynolds, Cady Finley, FCCLA adviser, Lauren Owenby, FCHS FCCLA president, Hope Parris, Chloe Clemmons, and Bobbi Pippin.

FCCLA and the TSA students won $10,000 grand prizes in Ignite Grant Competition


ETC held its first Ignite Grant competition this year.  The award ceremony was on Tuesday March 21st in Ellijay.  The process consisted of schools in the ETC viewing area submitting 5 minute videos explaining their idea.  These videos were judged and finalists were selected.  FCHS had two teams selected as finalists.  More information on the ETC Ignite Grant can be found at:  http://marketing.etcnow.com/acton/media/10903/etc-ignite-education-grant


Mrs. Lynn Burch’s FCCLA students presented an idea to build a Legacy Learning Lab.  Jessie DeCosta, Jordan Anderson, and Justin Wheat submitted a video and then made a presentation to the ETC judges.  The Legacy Learning Lab is being built in collaboration with the FCHS construction class and will be used as an outdoor classroom and garden.  It will feature hydroponics, heirloom vegetables and herbs, a gazebo, and memorial brick garden for educators.


Mr. Bubba Gibbs’ TSA students presented an idea to build a Video Studio as part of the media center.  Will Garland, Logan Gerald, and Thomas Ward created a video to showcase the idea.  Will, Logan, Hunter Alexander, Lora Gwatney, and Maddie Crain then traveled to ETC to present the actual project details to the ETC Judges.  The Video Studio will give FCHS a place to produce a daily news program and create educational videos to support academic classes.  Students will be able to reserve the studio to pursue their creative ideas in the form of video production.


At the awards ceremony, both the FCCLA and the TSA students won the $10,000 grand prizes!  It was an honor for FCHS to be able to win both grants, and the students did an excellent job outlining how the grants would be spent.  The ETC Ignite process gave these students the opportunity to be creative and demonstrate their presentation skills and knowledge in an environment outside of the normal classroom.  In addition to the $10,000 awards, each team also received a $500 check for being a top 4 finalist.  The grant money was presented to the schools at the awards banquet, and both teams are preparing to implement their projects.  It is expected that both projects will be operational by the end of the school year.


Gibbs “I am so proud of the work done by these students.  They spent several hours of their personal time working on these projects for the benefit of their schools.  Both of these projects will have a lasting impact on faculty and students at FCHS for years to come.  It is great to see the talented students at FCHS showcasing their abilities outside of their normal classroom environment.”


Hunter Alexander, TSA President and Ignite Team Member “Before we went, I was confident that we had won.  When they announced the first winner, it was the other FCHS team, and our team’s hearts sank thinking we had not won.  We all held hands waiting for the next winner to be announced, and when we heard the word “Fannin” we jumped out of our seats congratulating each other.  We are really proud to be winners and we are also happy that the other FCHS team won as well.”


If you would like any additional information, please contact Bubba Gibbs at 706-632-2081.


Photos.  All L to R


IMG0341 – taken after both teams presented their project plans to the ETC Judges in the Fall


Lora Gwatney, Will Garland, Logan Gerald, Maddie Crain, Hunter Alexander, Jordan Anderson, Jessie DeCosta, and Justin Wheat


IMG0512 – taken after both teams were presented their $10,000 grants!



Jessie DeCosta, Jordan Anderson, Justin Wheat, Lora Gwatney, Maddie Crain, Hunter Alexander, and Logan Gerald (not pictured Will Garland)


IMG1785 – the FCCLA Team



Jessie DeCosta, Jordan Anderson, Justin Wheat




IMG 0510 – the TSA Team

Lora Gwatney, Maddie Crain, Hunter Alexander, and Logan Gerald (not pictured Will Garland)





The Fannin County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, creed, or disability in admission to its programs, services, and activities, in access to them, in treatment of individuals, or in any aspect of their operations. For additional information or referral to the appropriate system coordinator, contact the system superintendent’s office at 2290 East First Street, Blue Ridge, Georgia 30513 or 706-632-3771.   ­­  

FCHS Students earned Gold Metals at FCCLA State Competition

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Three Fannin County High School students competed at the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) State Competition in Athens, Georgia in early March.

Freshmen, Ryley Mervine and Shelby Hood, competed in Chapter Service Project Display and Junior, Shayna Bowyer, competed in Teach and Train. All three students earned a Gold Medal in their event.

Shayna is one of two students that will represent the state of Georgia and advance to the National Competition in Nashville, Tennessee in July.



Pictured above are, from left, Ryley Mervine, Shelby Hood, and Shayna Bowyer.

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