Brian Kemp makes stop in Fannin County to explain why he should be Georgia’s next governor

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BLUE RIDGE, Ga. – Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp stopped in Fannin County Feb. 20 to introduce himself and to address citizen concerns.

Part of his Putting Georgians First Bus Stop tour, Kemp plans on visiting more than 50 counties in nine days to introduce his conservative 4 Point Plan and to let voters know of his platform as he makes his way in the Georgia governor’s race.

The governor’s seat in the state of Georgia is currently held by Nathan Deal. Deal was first elected in 2010 and has served two consecutive four-year terms. According to Georgia state law, this seat is popularly elected every four years by a plurality and is limited to two consecutive terms.

Fannin County, Georgia, Blue Ridge, Governor, Nathan Deal, Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, Bus Stop Tour, Spending Cap, Tax Reform, Gun Control, Economic Development, Governor's Race, Election 2018

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp explains his 4 Point Plan to Fannin County Residents.

Governor Deal has met the term limit criteria and will be ineligible to seek a third term in 2018.

Kemp who has held the position of Georgia Secretary of State since January 2010 spoke of what he feels sets him apart from others in the race: “I’ve learned a lot over the years, but I’m still the same guy when I first ran for legislature.”

Owning a small construction business in Athens, Georgia, Kemp first ran for a local office. “I really just became very frustrated with government, and I decided to do something about it,” Kemp said.

Wanting to bring a common sense, small business owner mentality to state government, Kemp pursued furthering his influence and stated that his main focus in government is “figuring out ways to do more with less.”

Kemp laid out his 4 Point Plan for residents of Fannin County with the first step being to make Georgia number one for small businesses.

Citing that Governor Deal has made great steps in achieving this, Kemp would like to continue to build on what Deal has accomplished.

“We need to continue to provide an environment and make it better,” Kemp stated about ways to attract and sustain small business growth. Kemp would like to see regulatory reform in this area, giving entrepreneurs more opportunity to expand and development in Georgia.

Kemp’s second step would involve spending reform. Georgia’s 2015 operating budget was set at $20.8 billion and the 2019 budget is proposed to be $26 billion, showing an increase of $5.2 billion in just five years.

Kemp would like to implement a spending cap, so that items will be more heavily scrutinized when considered for the budget. “When you’re in the good times, that’s when you need the spending cap,” Kemp explained.

Kemp said that if elected governor, he would question all spending: “How much is it going to cost? Who’s going to pay for it? And what are the long-term ramifications?”.

Ultimately, Kemp would like to start seeing a decrease in tax percentages for everyone in the state of Georgia but is also not opposed to a short-term solution of tax rebate for residents.

Step three is to move all of the state of Georgia forward focusing on both urban and rural areas. Strengthening rural Georgia would not only focus on economic development but also goods and services provided in these counties.

Kemp cited the need for quality healthcare providers and quality education. He would like to focus on agriculture as well and move toward finding more resources and creating a higher demand for Georgia’s exports.

Finally, Kemp would like to put Georgians first. He would like to see Georgia’s resources spent and utilized on Georgia residents. Putting a stop to sanctuary cities, cracking down on gang and drug-related crime, and deporting criminal illegal immigrants are few areas where Kemp feels our state could step up and save in resources that could otherwise be used for residents of Georgia.

Fannin County, Georgia, Blue Ridge, Governor, Nathan Deal, Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, Bus Stop Tour, Spending Cap, Tax Reform, Gun Control, Economic Development, Governor's Race, Election 2018

Kemp takes time to talk with audience members in Fannin County on his Bus Stop Tour.

Kemp took questions from the audience, and one such question that garnered everyone’s attention was a question relating to gun control and in particular the safety in our schools.

Kemp, a strong proponent of the Second Amendment, acknowledged that the current state of our country in regards to the mass shootings that take place every year is one that he never would have imagined growing up. He added that it saddens him to even think about.

When asked specifically about armed personnel in our schools, Kemp replied, “I support the abilities of local school boards and local schools to take care of their children.”

He stated that on a local level, if a school system felt the need for armed guards or further security measures, he would fully support their decision.

Kemp left the audience with a commitment he promised to uphold and one that he says has not changed during his terms as an elected official: “I was going to tell the people what I was going to do, and when I got in office, I was actually going to do that.”

Kemp assures everyone that if elected governor in the state of Georgia, that he will “deliver on those promises.”



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ICYMI: Collins Talks Tax Reform Progress with Fox News

State & National

ICYMI: Collins Talks Tax Reform Progress with Fox News

WASHINGTON—Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference, joined “Happening Now” with Jon Scott today to discuss the progress Congress has made towards sending a tax reform bill to the president.


On the path ahead for tax reform:

“Tax reform is coming. The administration is on board. The House and the Senate are on board. We’re looking forward to staying focused on that . . . tax reform is on track.”

“You have a president who is engaged, a president who has said that this is good for our economy. He understands the working class and what they’re doing, and how they need the tax reform, and how our businesses need it to make us competitive across the globe.” 

On Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s calling the tax reform plan “Armageddon”:

“Nancy Pelosi is the queen of hyperbole. . . . Here’s the problem—it’s a simple fact—she is in love with a government that likes to spend your money, so she’s going to say everything she can to keep as much money in Washington, D.C. to do what she wants to do . . .”

“[Republicans] believe that the American people and businesses are the ones that drive this country—not the federal government.”

Senator David Perdue: We’re One Step Closer To Getting Tax Done This Year

Politics, State & National

Senator David Perdue: We’re One Step Closer To Getting Tax Done This Year

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA), a member of the Senate Budget Committee, released the following statement after the U.S. Senate moved one step closer to fixing our tax code this year:

“Let’s be very clear. This budget is a sham and the entire budget process is a fraud being perpetrated on the American people. Only four times in the past 43 years has the budget process fully worked to fund the government on time. The only reason we’re even doing the budget like this is to get tax done this year.

“In the middle of the dog-and-pony show tonight there was a glimmer of hope. Senator Whitehouse and I teamed up to author a bipartisan amendment to acknowledge our frustration with the budget process and the need to fix it. The U.S. Senate agreed unanimously that the budget process is broken. Getting the entire U.S. Senate, both Republicans and Democrats, to acknowledge the futility of the current budget process and the political side shows that come with it, is a step in the right direction. We need to fix this.

“It is all related. In order for the federal government to have the ability to act on our national priorities, we must solve the debt crisis. To solve the debt crisis, we have to fix our budget process. Job one is getting the economy going, and the economy will move if we get this tax deal done. It’s as simple as that.”

The U.S. Senate unanimously agreed by a voice vote to Senator Perdue’s bipartisan amendment with Senator Whitehouse that acknowledges Congress’ broken budget process (Perdue 1167).

Rep. Collins: “Speaker Will Keep Us Through Christmas” for Tax Bill

GMFTO, News, Politics

9th Congressional district Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) spoke exclusively to FYNTV on Friday’s edition of Good Morning From the Office. Collins spoke on a multitude of issues, from the executive actions regarding Obamacare, to his personal crusade for adequate internet service and competition in rural Northeast Georgia. However, his remarks regarding tax reform were quite revealing. According to Collins, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) has informed House members that he will keep the House in session, if necessary, throughout the Christmas recess in order to pass tax reform.

The tax question is asked around the 11:00 minute mark of the FULL INTERVIEW below.

BKP: From the House side, will we get tax reform?

Rep. Collins: Yes. I feel very comfortable, in fact, it is the top priority for us in leadership, and the speaker. In fact, the speaker put us on notice yesterday (Thursday) that he would keep us through Christmas or any other holiday to make sure it gets done this year. It was very disturbing to hear some members of the Senate saying “Well, we gotta negotiate, it may be the first of the year” No. It’s time to get behind the American people, time to get behind the President and pass tax reform. It’s way past due.


Senator David Perdue Discusses Tax Priorities On Fox Business

Politics, State & National

Senator David Perdue Discusses Tax Priorities On Fox Business

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) spoke with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Network’s Mornings With Maria about President Trump’s efforts to overhaul the tax code to help middle-class families and make America more competitive.


Acting on Tax: “The first thing is to get this tax bill that the President wants passed. The reason we need this tax package is to get the economy growing again and to put people back to work.”

Driving A Solution: “Right now I’m moving on and trying to drive to a solution on tax. I’m really optimistic that we will get to a tax bill because this economy wants to turn. Consumer optimism is at a 16-year high right now. If we move on this tax fix, I believe we’ll see a nice rebound next year.”

Lowering Rates: “We have to get the corporate tax rate as low as we can. President Trump wants 15 percent and so do I.”

Investing Back Home: “We can clean up corporate welfare as we work on deductions, but the real thing is we’ve got to eliminate is the repatriation tax. There is between $2 and $3 trillion stuck overseas in U.S. profits. That money can come back into the country as a capital investment and create jobs.”

Solving Fiscal Problems: “Job one is get the economy going, then start working on these redundant agencies. I believe if we get tax done this year, the economy starts to work, then we can start saving social security, whose trust fund goes to zero in 17 years, and Medicare.”

Senator David Perdue: Making U.S. Companies More Competitive Is A Top Priority

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Senator David Perdue: August 2017 In Photos



Senator David Perdue: The RAISE Act Should Be Part Of Congress’ Immigration Solution

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