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On Wednesday I stopped by one of the local rec departments to iron out some details for an upcoming event that Team FYN Sports plans to cover. As often happens in small towns where time seems to move a little slower, you can’t go into a place where people are as close as a rec department and just have your meeting and leave. You end up talking about something like, in this case sports, that leads into one topic after another. Add a couple more people into the mix that you haven’t seen in a while and soon enough you glance down at your watch and you’ve been there for two hours with no idea where the time went. Southerners especially know what I mean.

Anyway, naturally with this being SEC country we had to talk about college football. And even more so when one of the people in the conversation was a Tennessee fan (you know who you are!)

Eventually our conversation turned to memories of our first college football games. The memories spanned years and were entwined with heartfelt stories of family, friends and Sanford stadium. There were tales of witnessing games where records were set and broken, of firsts and lasts. A couple of us could even recall games with rivalries so bitter that a rowdy fan from the opposing team was either physically injured or injured with glares.

Ah the glorious Sanford Stadium! And during a Georgia/Tennessee game, too!

For each of us that was sitting in the room we had a look of wonder in our eye. We were recalling memories that were so precious to us that we wouldn’t trade them for all the University of Florida defeats in the world. Especially the ones were loved ones were involved. Those are always the most precious.

Hearing those glorious tales took me back to my own first University of Georgia game. I couldn’t tell you who they were playing, but I remember watching the team run out with the big Georgia flag and feeling a since of pride I hadn’t felt before. I was with my mom and my grandparents. I had never seen my Nana get so rowdy. And my Papa Skip was especially proud to have the three most important women in his life with him and dressed in red and black. And a new love was born for me.

As a side note, my brother would later commit the ultimate sin in that side of the family and declare himself to be a Florida fan. I’m sure it broke Papa’s heart at the time, but he soon got over it when he had someone to accompany him to the Georgia/Florida game besides my Nana. Such is the seriousness of rivalries in the Southeastern Conference.

Here is a gem of a picture featuring my brother Devin, wearing a Florida shirt, and I with Governor Brian Kemp, who is a UGA alum. Even the governor gave Devin a hard time for being a Florida fan!

I know I probably sound like a broken record by now, but I firmly believe that nothing besides religion brings people together like a football game. Which is probably why it’s so common to refer to football as a religion in the South. You may hate someone during the week, but come Saturday morning if you’re both wearing red and black you’re going to at least be cordial.

I know that it may be more intense in other college towns, but in Athens people will arrive a full day early to claim their tailgating spots. Red and black tents flood the streets of downtown on every plot of grass that grows. Women (including myself) will go to get their nails and hair done ahead of time, and dress to the nine in ninety degree weather. There is no telling how many hundreds of thousands of dollars get spent on food and drinks for one weekend of tailgating alone.

I was recently watching an old episode of the show Designing Women. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, it’s about four women running an interior design firm in Atlanta. In one scene Julia Sugarbaker, who is the sharp-tongued primary owner of the firm, is leaving for a football game with one of her co-workers. Sadly, she was going to a Georgia Tech game, but we’ll overlook that part for now.

As the two characters are heading out the door, Julia says that she and her husband used to plan their weekends around the Georgia Tech games. She quips, “In the East, football is a cultural exercise. In the Midwest, it’s cannibalism. In the West, it’s a tourist attraction. But in the South, it’s a religion!”

Fetch Football Friday with Sports Director Jason Banks, BKP and Rick!


Today BKP and Jason had an extra “player” on the couch. Rick sat in this morning to give his insight on the college football games that are going down this weekend. We are in week 14 of college football and here are the HOT match-ups for this weekend: TCU is taking on Oklahoma at 12:30 PM, Georgia is going against Auburn at 4:00 PM, and then at 8:00 PM you have Ohio State vs Wisconsin and Miami vs Clemson. Who do you think is going to come out as top dog in these great games? Tune in again Monday at 8:30 AM to hear TeamFYNSports recap of each of these games during Monday Morning Quarterback.


Fannin County Players Sign Letters of Intent to Play College Football

FCHS Football

C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S  To River Dixon, Andrew Pavao and Jacob Reece.

The Young Men from Fannin County High School signed letters of intent to play College Football for Shorter University, Reinhardt University and Carson Newmen College, February 1st 2017 in the presence of Teammates, Coaches and Family.

Fannin College Day


River Dixon – Shorter University  

fannin college day 4fannin college day 2











Andre Pavao – Reinhardt University

fannin college day 5Fannin college day 6










Jacob Reece – Carson Newmen College

fannin college day 3Fannin College Day 1


FBS Coaching Changes: Taggart and Tuberville Take on New Jobs


Two new head coaching positions have opened up in the last three days, as Western Kentucky head coach Willie Taggart announced on Friday that he was leaving the Hilltoppers for the South Florida head coaching job and Tommy Tuberville announced on Saturday that he was leaving Texas Tech for Cincinnati. (more…)

More Coaching Changes: Dykes and Jones Jet for Bigger Jobs


Two new head coaching positions have opened in college football this year thanks to Sonny Dykes, who left Louisiana Tech to take the Cal head coaching job, and Butch Jones, who left Cincinnati to accept the Tennessee head coaching position. (more…)

Fetch Football Forum: Redefining Rivals


This Saturday, October 27th is the day that the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party kicks off again between the #2 Florida Gators and the #10 Georgia Bulldogs, pitting two fierce rivals against each other yet again.

Rivalries in college football are like popcorn at the movies: it’s a huge part of what makes the whole experience so enjoyable. However, I think the scope of a “rivalry game” isn’t quite narrow enough, so I feel the need to set the record straight.

Let the Games Begin: A Preview of a Crazy College Football Season


Well fans, this is it: the days of the college football offseason are now down to less than a month, which means it will be no time before our favorite players hit the field. With the season quickly approaching, I decided to do what any college football fanatic would do and make my predictions for the 2012-2013 season. While some fans may want to shield their eyes (I’m talking to you, Rebel/Black Bear Nation), most should be left with a pretty good feeling on what’s to come; that is, if it goes by my script.

The Final Straw: Is Isaiah Crowell Done as a Dawg?


Fans of the Georgia Bulldogs woke up to some unpleasant news this morning, as troubled Bulldogs back Isaiah Crowell was arrested in Athens around 3:00 this morning and charged with possessing a concealed weapon, having a weapon in a school zone and having an altered ID mark on that weapon.

Reports have indicated that Crowell drove his 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis to a road block in Athens, where an officer smelled marijuana in the car and asked to search the vehicle. Crowell, who was accompanied by freshmen Josh Harvey-Clemons, Blake Tibbs and Sheldon Dawson as well as sophomore Quintavius Harrow, consented to the search, which resulted in the officer finding a 9-mm Luger handgun with an altered serial number under the driver’s seat. Despite Crowell saying that he let other people drive the car (one report has said that the other driver’s were not any of the four riding with Crowell), he was taken to jail. None of Crowell’s passengers were charged.

2012 NCAAF Preview: 10 Coaches Looking to Move Up


In my last article concerning college football head coaches, we looked at the negative side of the circle of life that defines the coaching profession as we took a look at the coaches whose résumés will more likely need to be updated once the upcoming season ends. Today we will look at the happier side of the coaching carousel that comes with college football and instead focus on the assistant and head coaches that may find themselves at a bigger school with a bigger contract next season. Here’s my list of the top ten coaches that have a chance to move up on the totem pole and where I see them landing. (more…)

2012 NCAAF Preview: 10 Coaches That Must Win or Go Home


The Corleone family from the famous Godfather trilogy would have made excellent athletic directors in this day and age, because the mindset of “it’s nothing personal, it’s just business” is exactly how college football head coaches are handled, no matter their legacy (see Bobby Bowden) or how likeable they may be. College head coaches have one job, and that job is to win; if they don’t do it as quickly as the bosses and the alumni like, they are given a pink slip without so much as a second thought. Although some may call the system unfair, it is the nature of the beast and everyone knows the drill: there will be head coaches fired this year, and the year after, and the year after that. With the 2012 season getting closer and closer, it’s time to look at the ten FBS head coaches that must put up or shut up in order to return to their respected schools come 2013. (more…)

2012 College Football Preview: 14 Matchups That Must Happen


Today is Sunday, June 17th, which is significant for two reasons: it is Father’s Day, the one day out of the year that we take time to thank our dads for walking us through the other 364 days with very little disruption, and it is exactly 74 days until the 2012 college football season kicks off. With the days quickly winding down, it’s important that the avid fan out there knows what to look out for once the first sets of games get under way in what promises to be another year full of wild upsets, dramatic comebacks, and hilarious head coaching meltdowns. (more…)

J-Hill’s Two Minute Drill


What a difference a day makes. By waiting an extra 24 hours for this week’s Two Minute Drill, we were able to witness and discuss one of the NBA’s greatest players going down with a debilitating injury plus all seven rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the five biggest stories from the week that was: (more…)

J-Hill’s Two Minute Drill: Super Bowl Sunday Edition


Hello, and welcome to “J-Hill’s Two Minute Drill”. In case you aren’t familiar with The Drill, it is where I take a look at five of the biggest stories in the sports world and give my take on each situation. Today is Super Bowl Sunday, so while fans everywhere get the pizza and wings ready, let’s dive into the headlines around the world of sports: (more…)

College Football Coverage: Ranking the New Head Coaches for 2012


The end of the football season is a very sad time to those who practically worship the sport like myself, but it does give us valuable time to reflect on everything we witnessed and start looking forward to the future. One such topic that comes up at this point in time is coaching changes. Twenty seven college teams changed head coaches in preparation for the 2012 season, calling for the need of a ranking of these new coaches. That’s exactly what I’ve provided in this article, which is a bit long but it’s very detailed for each coach. (more…)

LT’s New Year Sports Thoughts


To quote Eddie Murphy in “Trading Places,” “Merry New Year” I know the New Year is a few days old, but that’s okay, my New Year doesn’t begin until after the bowl season. Speaking of bowl games, did anybody actually go to bowl games this year? There were quite a few bowl games that had more empty seats than a Jennifer Aniston movie. (more…)

J-Hill’s Two Minute Drill


Another week down, another week of sports to catch up on. Let’s see what’s up for discussion in this edition of the Drill: (more…)

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