• Sports talk Thursday with Lauren Hunter-Shout-out to softball

    I’ll be the first to tell you that growing up I was never athletic. People always seem to find that hard to believe since I’m a sports reporter. But there was a time that I was really interested in trying softball. When I was little (aka the age I should’ve started playing a sport if […]

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  • Sports talk Thursday with Lauren Hunter-Back in season

    If any of you are under the age of 18 and reading this article, then I imagine this week was probably a tough week for you. I say that because the majority of schools in the state of Georgia started back this week. I can remember being in high school and having a knot of […]

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  • Sports talk Thursday with Lauren Hunter-Football is coming

    We’ve been talking about it all summer. I’ve covered more camps than I can count. Young athletes have been out as early as January lifting and preparing for it. Finally on Wednesday I felt it. Football season is coming. Wednesday morning bright and early found me on the football field of Fannin County High School […]

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  • Sports talk Thursday with Lauren Hunter- Thank a coach!

    Over the last week and a half BKP and I have been going from school to school interviewing head football coaches for our North Georgia Coaching Series. Now if any of y’all know BKP, you’ll know what I mean when I say that he’s been doing most of the talking and I’ve been doing most […]

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  • Fannin Rebels wrap up 2019 youth football camp

    The slight breeze in the air on Wednesday may have been an indication that fall is on its way, but the shouts of youth football players on the field of the Fannin County High School football field confirmed it. The Fannin Rebels finished their youth football camp strong after three mornings of learning everything they’ll […]

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  • Sports talk Thursday with Lauren Hunter-Politics in sports?

    The U.S. Women’s National Team has been making headlines recently for victories as a team, and as individuals for political statements. Last week, the team won their second back-to-back World Cup. Shortly after the game, player Allie Long was seen dropping an American flag during the post-game celebration. Her teammate Kelley O’Hara recognized the significance […]

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  • Sports talk Thursday with Lauren Hunter: All about the money

    For years, there has been a great debate on whether or not college athletes should receive compensation from companies for using their likeness on products. Last week California lawmakers took steps to ensure that this compensation happens, with a bill at the state level that would allow college athletes to receive money for use of […]

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  • Sports talk Thursday with Lauren Hunter-This one’s for the girls

    As many of you reading this probably already know, it’s not uncommon to see a female reporter on your TV screen for sports outlets like ESPN or Fox Sports. Women are branching out into the sports world unlike ever before, with just as much if not more knowledge than their male co-workers. Unfortunately, despite the […]

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  • Sports talk Thursday with Lauren Hunter

    About five years ago I told my dad, who is one of my biggest fans but also one of the most blunt people you’ll ever meet, that I wanted to be the first female head coach in the NFL. “You can’t do that, Lauren,” he said. “Why?” I argued. I was expecting some drawn-out response […]

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  • Sports talk Thursday with Lauren Hunter-For love of the game

    Recently I’ve started watching the show Friday Night Lights again. Let me just say- this is partially important because I’m not a big TV show person. I don’t have the patience to sit through an hour-long episode nor do I usually have the time to keep up with a series. But I figure with pre-season […]

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