Blue Ridge Passes Water Adjustment Policy

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The Blue Ridge City Council passed a new water adjustment agreement this week. During its January meeting, council approved a water policy to account for excessive water loss in the event leaks. According to the agreement, the city will adjust customer water bills that exceed a customer’s average bill by $1000. The agreement goes on to explain that customers wishing to take advantage of the adjustment must provide proof the water line has been repaired prior to the adjustments. According to the agreement, customers who turn their bills into insurance companies for reimbursement are not eligible for the adjustment.

The policy also addresses sewer services, explaining that sewer adjustments are considered separately and are based on the impact to the city sewer system.

“Proof must be provided that the leak did not enter the sewer system and the billed amount must exceed the average by $100,”

the agreement states.

In a conversation with FYN this week, Council Member Rodney Kendall said water and sewer adjustments will be prorated.

Council passed the agreement unanimously.

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