Concerns Raised about Safety on Loving Road

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Blue Ridge, Ga – The safety of the almost 40-year-old junkyard on Loving Road. was called into question by a concerned citizen during a Board of Commissioners meeting despite the business being in compliance of the county ordinances.

The citizen stated that the business is storing junk, trash, and scrap metal in the road’s right of way and all the way up to the asphalt edge. County law states that the right of way extends 40 feet from the center of the road. Therefore, nothing should be left or placed in that area.

Fetch Your News investigated the junkyard and found nothing touching the road’s asphalt and a guard rail separating the road from the business. It meets the 40 feet from the center road line standards.

Guard rail separates the yard and Loving Road.

Another concern raised was about the tractor trailers that come and go in the junkyard. The large trailers sometimes take up to five minutes to turn into the junkyard and block both lanes. They fear that the trucks blocking the road, coupled with short-sight distances on Loving Road could result in a major accident.

When driving through that area of Loving Road, the speed limit and congested area signs are clearly visible on both sides of the road. Motorists driving by the junkyard know to proceed with caution due to the multiple road signs when approaching the business.

Three signs warn motorists to slow down before reaching the junkyard.

When asked for a comment, Commissioner Helton had this to say about the business and the concerns,

“For about 40 years, Mr. Queen has provided a valuable service to Fannin County citizens by accepting large metal materials that otherwise would be scattered all over our beautiful county. There is a guardrail along the road that separates Loving Road, and this facility with a 35 mph speed limit that addresses safety issues. To my knowledge, this location is within Fannin County ordinance requirements.”

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  1. loving road refugee August 13, 2019 at 1:08 am

    People that are moving into this area because they enjoyed the peace are now destroying the beauty of it to make it like the trash city they left. Mind your buisness and slow down. Get off your phone and pay attention to where your going. use the time your sitting there to reflect on life and slow down to enjoy it. Or leave down. we really do not need more rude stuck up noses in the air people around here. my advice they need to get a life and stay out of other peoples.

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