FCHS Vows to Crush Carrollton High School in Political Competition

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Student Ambassadors Amanda McDaniels, Isabel Wanner and Logan Fitts with the Fannin County School Board.


In a bruising upset last year, first place Fannin County High School was trounced by  Carrollton High School at the last minute. Up until the last day of competition, FCHS was ahead by 18,000 points.  On that day, Carrollton High School dumped 48,000 points into their coffers, beating FCHS by 30,000 points.  Carrollton High School (take a glimpse of the Carrollton team here) had a slight lead going into the competition. At 1,526 students, it has 546 more students than FCHS’ 980.  As you can see by the scores, in this game, numbers are everything.

The two high schools are competing with around 100 schools state-wide in the Georgia Secretary of State Student Ambassadors.  Teams earn points through civic participation and voter registration.  Last year, FCHS Student Ambassadors attended local government meetings, observed at polls, registered voters, and visited the General Assembly.

Student Ambassador Logan Fitts said Speaker Ralston is a big help and a big fan.  “Last year he recognized us as outstanding Georgia citizens.”

The stakes couldn’t be higher in this game. Teens learn how individual actions influence local and state governments.  They learn how street potholes get fixed.  And, this November, teens will vote on whether potholes will get fixed when they vote on SPLOST 2016.  In 15 years, they could be the ones deciding what goes on Fannin County’s  SPLOST 2031.

“We are going to take ‘em down,” said Student Ambassador Amanda McDaniels.  Their strategy is being involved in lots of meeting, volunteering and community events.  The team is  looking for more community partners that they can work with to earn points.

Most of FCHS Student Ambassadors are seniors.  They are recruiting juniors and sophomores to create an FCHS dynasty in the Secretary of State’s Student Ambassador’s Program.






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