• 29% of Fannin County Has Already Voted in the General Election

    As of noon Thursday, Nov. 3rd , 5,218 Fannin voters have already voted in early voting.  Fannin County has 17,932 registered voters. Friday, Nov. 4th is the last day of early voting, which you can do from 9-5pm at the Board of Elections at the Fannin County Courthouse.  The next time you can vote is […]

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  • Superheros, Princesses and Sports Stars Invade City Park

    BRES Student Council unanimously votes “The new park is great.” BRES pre-K, kindergarten, first grade and special education got special Halloween treat from the City of Blue Ridge –  a welcome to the new park.  Mayor Donna Whitener and City Council member Rhonda Thomas were there, candy in hand, to show the students the park. […]

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  • Cohutta Wildfire Update: Fire Now at 354 Acres, Expected to Grow Larger

    Conasauga District Ranger Jeff Gardner, who covers the Cohutta Wilderness, gave FetchYourNews the  following update on the Cohutta Wilderness fire on Friday Oct. 28th. The fire has spread to 354 acres, up 269 acres from the 85-acre size that FetchYourNews reported on Oct. 26th. The fire is taking a south to north route along an […]

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  • Saturday Voting TODAY

    Fannin County Court House is open for Saturday voting today from 9 – 4:30 pm.  Fannin County Board of Elections says that approximately 4,000 people in Fannin County have already voted.  This is approximately 25% of Fannin’s registered voters, which is around 17,000. If you haven’t received your voter registration card yet, you can always […]

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  • Cohutta Wildfire Update: Fire Burns 1,224 acres

    Image courtesy of USFS, Conasauga Ranger District USFS Conasauga Ranger District provided the following update from the Cohutta Wildfire.  Conasauga Ranger District covers the Cohutta Wilderness. Cohutta Wilderness Wildfire, Fannin County GAINESVILLE (October 31, 2016) – UPDATE: The Rough Ridge wildfire within the Cohutta Wilderness in Fannin County, Georgia has burned 1224 acres as of […]

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  • ‘Wild Guys’ Encounter Bear at Blue Ridge Community Theater

    Luckily, they were able to hold the bear back with sticks and screams. ‘Wild Guys’ is in its last weekend at Blue Ridge Community Theater.  Four men are out for a “man’s weekend” somewhere in the woods – somewhere because they are actually lost.  One guy believes he can access his primal man inside himself; […]

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  • Savannah under Mandatory Evacuation as Hurricane Matthew Approaches

    Late Thursday, Gov. Deal issured mandatory evacuation for the 500,000 residents of six counties along the Georgia coast.  This includes Savannah.  Intense wind, tidal surges and flooding is expected.  Gov. Deal has also encouraged evacuations of low-lying areas west of Interstate 95.  Intense winds, tidal surges and flooding is expected.  Tides could cover all of […]

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  • Rec Department Director John Scalera Resigns

    At a special-called meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 4th, the Board of Commissioners announced the resignation of John Scalera, Director of Fannin County’s Recreation Department.  The move comes as no surprise as the Commissioners have disagreed with Scalera’s management of the Rec Department in numerous meetings.  Their criticisms of Scalera’s management of the department have ranged […]

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  • The Playground is HERE! And Will be Ready for Screams by Halloween!

    Council Members Angie Arp and Bruce Pack check on progress of the playground at City Park.   After seven months of waiting, the City Park playground is back.  The playground features four slides ranging from 8 feet to 12 feet; 10 different climbing areas; a circular spinner and swings.  Several of the components are specifically […]

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  • Yes, WFES Does Have a Creepy Outbuilding Haunted by Rabbits

    At least once a year during the WFES Fall Festival. A chilly, windy, October’s eve was the setting for the WFES Fall Festival and its annual must see event – the WFES Haunted House.  Shannon Cioffi, WFES Parent Liaison,  Charlene Hubbard,  WFES Librarian, three FCHS students and WFES parent volunteers put together this years’ open […]

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  • Volunteers Work to Halt Hemlock Infestation

    It only takes seven years for a .8mm aphid-like Hemlock Woolly Adelgid to kill 85% of a hemlock stand and the North Georgia mountains are infested with the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid.  The National Forest Service compares the damage of the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid to the Great Chestnut Blight of the 1920’s and 1930’s, which happened […]

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  • Dividing the Hotel/Motel Tax ‘Pot of Gold’

    $1,405,392 is the amount of money collected in 2015 through Fannin County’s Hotel/Motel tax.  The projected collection for 2016 is $1,574,039.  The average growth per year in Hotel/Motel tax revenue is 11.83% – an increasing ‘pot of gold’ that legally must be divided between the the local government and the county organization designated to promoting tourism, […]

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