Fannin Schools Score State Awards for Nutrition

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Fannin County Schools Nutrition Director Candice Sisson recently accepted recognition certificates on behalf of several schools in the system for their high participation rate in the nutrition program. During the May Board of Education meeting last week, Superintendent Mark Henson presented Ms. Sisson with the awards, recognizing Sisson for her hard work and accomplishments with the nutrition program.

“The Georgia Department of Education and the Fannin County School System would like to honor the following schools for reaching a high level of student participation of the school nutrition program during the 2010-2011 school year,”

Henson said, highlighting,

“seventy-five point one percent of students in attendance in Georgia Schools ate lunch each day and 34.9 percent ate breakfast.”

Henson noted these percentages are among the highest in the nation.

East Fannin Elementary, West Fannin Elementary, and Fannin County Middle School were the three schools recognized for their high participation rate in the nutrition program. Eighty percent of West Fannin Students participated in the program last year; at East Fannin, 89 percent of students were served breakfast and 91, lunch and in Fannin Middle, 50 percent were served breakfast.

Sisson said high school students in Fannin County have five to six menu choices and elementary school and middle school students have three to five choices.

Superintendent Henson thanked Sisson and her staff for their hard work and appreciated everything they do for the school system.

“Ms. Sisson,”

Henson said,

“is one of those unheralded heroes in student achievement because a lot of times we look at teaching, learning, and we forget about those (seemingly) small things, like students being well-fed (which) contributes to student achievement.”

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