FCHS 2019 Prom Court

Fannin County High

Here is this year’s Fannin County High School Prom Court.

Pictured above are your King and Queen, Cole Harper and Cassie Stepp

Pictured below are you Prince and Princess, Jade White and Hannah Cruse

Sworn in for second term, Appalachian Judicial Circuit District Attorney B. Alison Sosebee


Thursday, December 29th,  Pickens County Probate Judge David W. Lindsey administered the oath of office for Appalachian Judicial Circuit District Attorney B. Alison Sosebee. Fannin, Pickens, and Gilmer counties make up the circuit. 

Sosebee, “I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the voters of Fannin, Gilmer and Pickens counties for being elected to another term as District Attorney of the Appalachian Judicial Circuit.  Being sworn in to a second term is both an honor and humbling that the citizens of the Appalachian Judicial Circuit have placed their trust in me. In looking forward to the upcoming term, each criminal case will continue to be evaluated on its merits and this determination will be made without bias or prejudice towards any person.  I also look forward to continuing and expanding the community outreach and prevention programs supported and sponsored by the District Attorney’s office.”

B. Alison Sosebee is a lifelong resident of Fannin County and she is the mother of two sons, Nathaniel and Grahym Maloof. She is the daughter of Robert L. Sosebee, Sr., the general manager of Tri-State Electric Cooperative for several years and Barbara Payne Sosebee.

B. Alison Sosebee is a lifelong resident of Fannin County and she is the mother of two sons, Nathaniel and Grahym Maloof. She is the daughter of Robert L. Sosebee, Sr., the general manager of Tri-State Electric Cooperative for several years and Barbara Payne Sosebee.

The Circuit’s Chief Judge Brenda S. Weaver made some brief comments concerning accountability courts. Weaver stressed how important it is to have the support of the District Attorney for the accountability courts to be successful.  Weaver thanked Sosebee for the DA’s committed support to the speciality courts.  The specialty courts consist of Appalachian Judicial Circuit Adult Drug Court, Mental Health Court, Adult Veterans Drug Court,  Family Drug Court,  & Juvenile Drug Court.

Sosebee will be starting her second term. She ran unopposed in both the 2016 primary and general election. Sosebee defeated incumbent Joe Hendricks and former superior court judge Harry Doss in the 2012 primary for her first term.

Watch the video below and meet DA. B. Alison Sosebee

Morning Monologue 9/14/16


BKP talks “Obama’s Presidential Campaign” for Hillary and the Court  Plea of “Clinton Conspirators.”


Fannin’s Troubles, Who lit the candle?


BKP dives deep into Fannin County, it’s attorney, the recent Court Cases, and Brenda Weaver’s resignation from the Judicial Qualifications Commission. BKP walks you through County Expenses to see the spark that lit the candle.


Judge Weaver Resigns as Chair of JQC

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Appalachian Judicial Circuit Chief Superior Court Judge Brenda Weaver has resigned as Chairperson and member of the Judicial Qualifications Commission.  Judge Weaver gave her resignation today August 12, 2016.  She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to serve and thanked the other members saying,

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity I was given  to serve as a member and as the Chairperson of this commission.  The work of this  commission is extremely  important and nothing and no one should distract from its duties and responsibilities.  As a member,  each of you spend  a lot of time each month, reading  materials and preparing for each meeting.  Thank you.
Weaver presides in the Adult Felony Drug Court and the Veterans Court in her circuit.  Last night, August the 11th, there was a total of 10 participants who graduated from the two courts.   She says she plans to use the additional time she now will have to continue to expand and improve the services that these courts provide for the citizens of her circuit.
                               2015 Drug Court Graduation


Morning Monologue 6/27/16


Arrests and Headlines, Fraud and Conspiracy.


Fannin County BOC Holds Regular Meeting on July 14th 2015


The Fannin County Board of Commissioners held its regular meeting on July 14th, 2015. The meeting took place just a few hours after a court decision in favor of Fannin County Post Commissioners Earl Johnson and Larry Joe Sosebee. A lawsuit filed by Commission Chair Bill Simonds against the post commissioners, seeking sole control of hiring and firing of Department Heads in the County was dismissed in a court proceeding in Fannin.

The meeting began with approval of minutes and a 1st vote on Home Rule Spending Limit Ordinance. Comments from the Commissioners appeared to show effort of trying to put the court case behind them and moving forward to do the work elected to do for Fannin County. Commission Chair Simonds response did not give a definite answer as to whether he will appeal.

Chief Appraiser Dawn Cochran and Personal Property Appraiser Yvonne Middlebrook spoke to the Commissioners concerning the personal property laws as pertains to the Tax Assessor’s office. The pair sought the “agreement” if you will from the Commissioners for the Tax Assessor’s office to follow the law and send certified letters, followed by subpoenas, in circumstances where businesses failed to respond to the request for inventory information. There was not a specific name mentioned during this time however we were left with an impression it was a sizeable business that was not in compliance. The Commission Board moved and agreed to the request showing its support. While it is not necessary for a vote from the Commission Board to follow the law, the support for the proper action to take place was shown by the vote.

Additional business of the County saw the approval of the upcoming expenditures to move from $2500 to $4500 through resolution. There was comments (opposition) if you will from someone stating this was not the legal way to change this, asking if it shouldn’t be done by an ordinance change. Lynn Doss, County Attorney, replied, in essence, the amount was under a previous higher amount, therefore it shouldn’t be a problem.

There was discussion on the 10% Splost and a motion and move to begin investigation into the a new Fannin County Fire Department. Currently the Fire Department is housed downtown in a small and difficult in and out location. The property for a new facility has been purchased and it appears early planning stages will begin. There was also a motion and a move which was passed to pay for the new facility from Splost. Mr. Johnson saying, “People like to touch how the tax money is spent.”

During public commentary concerns regarding a bonus to Marie Woody was questioned. The bonus was given by the Water Authority however it was claimed the $1200 check was written out of the Splost account. Some from the crowd said they heard from rumor and asked for transparency. Lynn Doss, County Attorney, stood and replied the meeting of the Water Authority, where the decision was made to give the bonus, was public.

Ending comments from the Commissioners seemed to show a sign of relief for having the court case behind it and Earl Johnson made the point of having 3 working on decisions was a better scenario for the taxpayers of Fannin County. Johnson referred to a list of roads to be paved he had received in the mail, explaining it would make sense for the 3 to meet on these matters since he could use his expertise in paving to negotiate better pricing for the County. Hopefully the Commissioners will move forward and work together.

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