Fannin County Republican Party- Annual Valentines dinner.

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FANNIN COUNTY, GA- On Feb. 4 the Fannin County Republican Party hosted their annual Valentines dinner.

Special guests included Bruce Thompson (labor commissioner), Rebecca Yardly (ninth district chairman), Steve Gooch (51st District state senate- Senate Majority Leader), Suzanne Stepp Davenport (Fannin County Chamber of Commerce) and Johnny Chastain (seventh district house representative).

Fannin GOP Chairman, Frank Wood, started the night with a thanks to the community and to the sponsors of the night. In mentioning the progress of the club for 2022 Wood stated, “we have had a great year for the party- raising $5,000 in scholarships for high school seniors.”

Johnny Scearce led the pledge. Prior to leading the prayer, Mike Cole asked for a moment of silence for David Ralston.

Bruce Thompson was the first of the special guests to say a few words. 

He spoke about several changes made in the first few days. Thompson mentioned rectifying the parking that had been taken from handicap by the former administration. 

“We immediately went to work changing culture. You have to change culture if you’re going to change operations,” Thompson said.

Rebecca Yardley began with congratulating new house representative Johnny Chastain. 

She went on to introduce statistics from the elections saying, “in November Fannin County had a 63.08% turn out, being the fourth largest turn out in the state.” 

Additionally, Yardley asked everyone in attendance to get involved on March 11th for the Fannin County Republican Convention. 

Yardley is running for State GOP Chair.

Steve Gooch started his time mentioning David Ralston by saying “it’s sad to be here tonight not sharing the stage with David.” 

Gooch went on to say he is working hard to support the elderly and the youth. 

“This year the Georgia senate created a new senate standing committee called the Committee on Children and Families. this committee will enhance our focus on our state’s most vulnerable citizens,” Gooch said.

Likewise, Gooch stated “republicans believe in protecting our borders, we believe in supporting our allies around the globe- and yes, republicans would have shot down that [Chinese] spy balloon four days ago.”

Suzanne Stepp Davenport from Fannin County Chamber of Commerce talked about the impact SPLOST has had in the county.

“Some effects of the use of SPLOST can be observed at the new recreational fields, the construction of the salt shed, weather expansion, body cameras, and fire station one,” Davenport explained.

Davenport went on to say $9 million will be injected into the county from SPLOST.

New District House Representative Johnny Chastain began with his excitement about the growing number of young republicans stating, “let’s make an effort to get behind them [young republicans].” 

Rep. Chastain said a thank you to many including Steve Gooch, and his family. 

Rep. Chastain continued by inviting people of the district to contact him when there is something that needs his attention, or that needs to be worked on. 

FYN asked Mr. Chastain what he is most excited about achieving in his new position. 

He replied with “I am most excited about representing the district, getting sworn in and getting my first committee assignments.” 

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