Grant for Green Creek Trail to proceed, new flooring for animal control

Green Creek Trail

BLUE RIDGE, Ga – The Green Creek Trail grant application was approved by the board of commissioners after tabling the issue for two weeks.

If approved, the grant will provide funds to update the outer walking trail and make it ADA accessible.

The grant would improve the one-mile trail loop around the outer edge of the old campground, the inner trails are not included. The kiosks and the trailhead are part of the improvements and ramps as well as slopes would need to be built for handicapped individuals.

The trail is already asphalt.

Signage and maintenance plan would be a part of the updates too. The road department and recreation department now collaborate on maintenance of the area.

The maximum grant amount is $200,000 and a grant match is required by the county of at least 20 percent. Gribble recommended Fannin commit to a $50,000 match. It’s a reimbursement grant as well so the county would need to budget the $250,000 in the 2023 year and will receive $200,000 back after completing the process.

SPLOST and tourism project development fund could potentially be used to fund the project.

Post Two Glenn Patterson asked if additional patrols could drive through the Green Creek Trail area. Some of the calls he received about Green Creek Trail included concerned citizens who use the trail and often find beer cans discarded.

Chairman Jamie Hensley added that they can add a no alcohol sign at Green Creek. The trail is supposed to be closed at night, but the gate in the area isn’t typically closed at night.

Animal Control Updates

Animal control is in the midst of researching new software to update processes. The issue of purchasing new software was tabled for another two weeks.

New flooring options for the animal control facility are also being considered for $21,779. This would include the kennels, back area, but not the office area. The new flooring would assist with the drainage issue and appears to be a durable option. It also comes with a warranty.

Hensley believed the funds could come from the animal control budget for the year.

The animal control facility would be closed for four days to install the new flooring. During that time, the county would rely on rescues to house the animals until they could move back into the facility. Fannin’s already been in talks with some rescues.

The board approved the purchase.

American Rescue Act Funds for Elected Officials

The commissioners approved providing American Rescue Act funds (ARP) to elected officials in Fannin County, excluding the commissioners. They previously provided funds to government employees who weren’t elected.

“Elected officials are really the ones who have to make everything happen,” Hensley explained. “At a time where we’re short-handed, they have to shift things around to make the service we provide to our citizens [possible].”

It would affect around six or seven elected officials.

Post One Johnny Scearce and Post Two Glenn Patterson agreed with the move.

Patterson asked that the funds be made optional in case someone didn’t want to take the money.

The amounts for the elected officials will be presented at the next meeting.

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