Public hearings address Fannin 2021 millage rate

2021 millage

BLUE RIDGE, Ga – Two public hearings were held on September 23, 2021, concerning the setting of Fannin County’s millage rate.

On the county side, the millage rate remained the same as the 2020 rate at 3.862 mills. Fannin County Schools rolled back its rate to 10.159 mills. The total rate will be set at 14.021.

The overall rate in Fannin is dropping from the 2020 rate of 14.253.

“Last year, if you had a fair market value [home] of $250,000 your estimated tax from last year would be $14,025. In comparison, this year it would be $14,002,” Chairman Jamie Hensley explained.

Post Two Glenn Patterson felt like the slight increase on the county side of the millage rate was the right thing to do as far as employees.

Hensley previously mentioned that maintaining the millage instead of accepting the rollback would help to bring 42 employees up to a more livable wage.

“We have firefighters out there for $12 bucks an hour,” Hensley stated. “When you start losing employees to go turn hamburgers…to me that’s where we as commissioners have to look at something for our employees to try and provide a better service.”

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