Throw a Dog a Bone – Help fund the HSBR Dog Park

When was the last time you visited our Campus and our Off-Leash Dog Park at 171 Mineral Springs Rd?
It is a beautiful space, but it is in need of a little attention.  With the wet and snowy winter we had, we have a lot of mud down at the dog park, on both the Large and Small dog sides.  With renewed attention to this – we tried to put some grass seeds down to promote the grass growth, but again, with all the rain, the grass seeds have all washed away and we are back to the MUD!!!
We have done some research, and have found some PET TURF that will work perfectly for us at the dog park.  We are aiming to raise funds to get one side done (the small dog side), and then move on to the big dog side. 
The PET TURF is expensive – it will cost about $25,000 to get the Small dog side done.  We have created a  special campaign with hopes of a beautiful green turf-coated Dog Park!  
In tandem with the Turf Upgrade,
we have resurrected the Throw A Dog A Bone program.
This will help with regular maintenance and smaller improvements to the dog park – like a water feature or two!  Depending on how many bones we sell, this too can contribute to the PET TURF!

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