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The Character Ed word for the month of December was Dependability.  The definition is “deserving trust or confidence; able to be counted on.”

The following students and staff were chosen for consistently displaying this character trait throughout the month.  Congratulations to all of you!

Pictured from top to bottom and left to right- Row 1: Ximena Leal, William Acevedo, Camryn Dockery, Ethan Erwin, and Nathan Gourley.  Row 2: Carmen Gorton, Alivia Hurd, Tommy Turner, Noah Carroll, Kage Cook, and Will Henderson.  Row 3: Mallory Dickey and Bristol Hawkins. Row 4: Connor Reddin and Wyatt Craine. Row 5: Mariana Garcia, Bentley Cole, Melissa Acevedo, Mahlon Lunsford, Ella Barfield, and Rylee Ledford.  Row 6: Manning Sandefur, Cyrus Bell, Jordan Garland, Lana Hicks, and Staff Winner Charlene Hubbard.

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