Mr. King’s Essential’s of Healthcare class visits BRES for Basic Healthcare Lessons

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Students in Mr. King’s Essential’s of Healthcare class at FCHS had to choose their end of the semester comprehensive assignment. These students chose to present a “Basic Healthcare” lesson to our 5th grade students at Blue Ridge Elementary. They are hoping to present to East and West Fannin next week.

The lesson included how students could recognize an emergency and how to contact 911. It also include having student make a cheat sheet with their home address and important information they may need to know during an emergency. The lesson also taught student how to recognize signs of stroke and heart attack as well as what to do if someone passes out, has a neck injury, or is in a fire situation. The FCHS student also taught and demonstrated how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and how to do “Hands-Only” CPR.

The FCHS students were Rachel Bruce, Cassidy Culpepper, Aerial McKinney, Gracie Stewart, Gage Merck, Angela Alverez, Eden Callegari, Dadrian Flowers, Emilee Herendon, Hallie Sosebee, and Hannah Sosebee.

These students are currently enrolled in the Essentials of Healthcare course at FCHS. Each of these students will have the opportunity to enroll in any of the following classes to complete their pathway: Sports Medicine, Emergency Medical Responder, Patient Care Fundamentals, Pharmacy Operations and Fundamentals, and Allied Health and Medicine. Each of the third level classes offer some form of certificate or credential. Classes such as the Patient Care Fundamentals and the Pharmacy Operations and Fundamentals offer students a chance to sit for their credentialing exam. If student successful meet all requirements and pass the state exam, students can graduate from FCHS as a Certified Nursing Assistant or Pharmacy Technician. Many of these students have plans to complete multiple or even all of the 3rd level courses offered which could allow them to graduate with multiple credentials.

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