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Although the Fannin County High School Baseball season may have gotten cut short, the seniors are still able to move forward and look ahead into their futures with excitement. Senior Jerritt Holloway took the step to further his baseball career by committing to continue his studies and play the sport at Montreat College in North Carolina.

Holloway was not only involved in baseball, but he also took up basketball in his last year of high school. The dual athlete was seen as a leader amongst his peers and was given the position of Blue Crew leader to guide the student section in each football game to energize the team and show off their Rebel Pride.

Jerritt has played baseball for the past 15 years and is excited to continue the trend throughout college. He has played baseball for the school the past four years where he has lettered two of those on the Varsity team at the position of catcher. The athlete stated that his favorite memory of the sport would be, “When Miles Johnson stole home in the North Hall Series.” 

Junior year was the peak for the athlete when he was given the title of Rookie of the Year and was part of the team’s success as they made it all the way to the Elite 8 and finished fifth in the state. When asking Jerritt why he chose to commit to Montreat College he replied, “ The reason I chose Montreat College is because the number one thing they care about is family. They have each other’s backs. Also, the campus is beautiful. I just want to make my family proud, get a college education, and go play the game that I love. This has always been a dream of mine and I thank God for everything he has blessed me with.”

 “Jerritt is the catalyst that got our baseball team going. When he went, we went a lot of times and it started with the grit and determination that he has to get the job done. Much like he has done to achieve his dream to play at the next level. He had a goal and a “why” and he came to work for that each and every day whether it was at practice or in the game. The greatest sacrifice of all is sacrificing for a fellow teammate and he was willing to do that every pitch. I am extremely proud of him and of this senior class. All five seniors have committed to play college baseball, which gets us to 10 guys in the last three years. It was an honor to coach these guys and be a small part of the journey,” Head Coach Travis Stone of the Fannin County Rebel Baseball team shared with Team FYN Sports.

Good luck to the Rebel in his journey to North Carolina as he becomes a Cavalier and represents Fannin County High School well on and off of the field. 

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