McCaysville Police Department revises day to day procedures

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McCaysville, Ga. – Amidst the outbreak of Covid-19 many government services and departments are having to amend policies and procedures to adapt to an ever changing environment.

Small towns are not immune to the stress that Covid-19 is putting on public systems. Many areas are responding to guidelines being put in place in an attempt to flatten the curve and slow the spread of the very contagious virus.

McCaysville Chief of Police Michael Earley released a statement detailing the procedures that his department will implement immediately until further notice. Earley did stress that the procedures are for the safety of his staff and the public, and that all new policies would only be temporary.

Statement from McCaysville Chief of Police Michael Earley:

City of McCaysville Police Department
CEO: Chief of Police Michael O. Earley
Dear Citizens,
Our state and country have come under the the grips of the threat of Covid-19, better known as the corona virus. Our city, thus far, has been fortunate and has been relatively untouched by the illness. However, in the face of grave information from the CDC, federal officials, and the healthcare professionals regarding the spread and mortality rates in certain marginal groups, your police department will not stand idle. In order to maintain an operational and healthy police force, our department will be altering some of our day to day activities. These modifications are temporary and are intended to only last the duration of our current crisis.In citizen encounters, our officers have been instructed to avoid certain courtesies, such as shaking hands. They have also been instructed to limit casual interactions with the public. This is not to encourage rudeness, but to limit the mediums of contact most likely to spread the virus. In the performance of law enforcement duties, officers may come into contact with affected persons, and by limiting contact with the public we will reduce the chance of exposing our citizens to an undue risk.While we will be enduring these limitations, all of our employees will be at work and our will be carrying our their normal patrols. We will, however, be closing the lobby area at our physical location, and no longer offer fingerprints services for alcohol employment permits. You will still be able to reach us by phone at 706-492-4636. If you still need to file a report you can still be able to do so by contacting 911.

I will also be authorizing our officers to take certain non-emergency calls by phone. These calls will be those in which no crime is in progress and where no evidence ca.n be obtained. These include misdemeanor thefts, incidents of fraud, medical calls, custody disputes, civil disputes and “Are you OK?” checks.

I cannot emphasize enough that these modifications in our operations are both temporary and essential to keeping the City of McCaysville safe. Please pray for the leaders of this nation, state, and local government. Pray that God will heal our people and we find a cure to prevent the spread of the virus.

God bless you all,
Michael O. Earley
Chief of Police


Natalie Kissel

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