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The West Fannin Photography Club meets every Wednesday. Along with school sponsors Miranda Roof and Charlene Hubbard, local photographer Anna Watkins volunteers her time to lead the photography club students through a variety activities that improve their skills. In addition, the photography club has been fortunate to have guest speakers who have shared their talents and passion.

Recent Fannin County High School graduate, Ethan Taylor (pictured above), spoke to the WFES Photography Club students in March. Ethan is an uprising Georgia Tech Student and an aspiring photographer. He taught the students about aperture, dark rooms, composition, editing, lighting, ISO, lead lines, framing, and so much more. The students thoroughly enjoyed listening to Ethan share his love of photography.

Bryce Ware, current 8th grade student at Fannin County Middle School, spoke to the WFES Photography Club on Wednesday, April 3rd. He shared how he became intrigued with photography, how light bends when entering different camera lenses, and his favorite shots to capture. He also brought his collection of usable antique cameras and photography equipment that span all decades from the 1950s to the current day. The WFES Photography Club enjoyed hearing Bryce share his passion for and expertise in photography.

Bryce Ware and Caden Strickland

Avery Collis

Megan Jones

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