HSBR Doubles the Love with a special spay/neuter voucher in November!


“The Humane Society of Blue Ridge is very proud to receive a
$5,000 grant from the Georgia Department of Agriculture to assist
with its Spay Neuter Incentive Program (SNIP)”, says Karen Kelly,
HSBR Haven manager. The current SNIP program offered by
HSBR is a $50 voucher for the surgery cost of any dog or cat,
male or female, at select vet offices.

In the spirit of its DOUBLE THE LOVE matching funds campaign,
HSBR will give a $100 voucher for each eligible spay or neuter
pet surgery during the month of November, up to a total of 50.
“We’ve given away over 450 SNIP vouchers already this year,
and this grant enables us to give back a doubly special gift of love
to the community”, says Kelly.

So, “DOUBLE THE LOVE” for your pet and take advantage of this
special voucher program from HSBR during the month of
November only. Get your pets spayed or neutered with a $100
voucher! Come to the Haven to pick up a voucher.

We are located at 171 Mineral Springs Rd., Blue Ridge GA 30513.
Normal hours:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00-5:00 and
Saturday from 10-2. Call 706-632-4357 for more details.

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