Woody and Sosebee State Their Vision for Tax Commissioner’s Office

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In the Tax Commissioners race, the candidates were different about what changes they would bring to the office. Both candidates gave examples of their long-standing dedicated work in non-elected Fannin government offices. Marie Woody focused more on the structure of the office and training for employees; whereas, Shirley Sosebee spoke about how to improve efficiency within the office.

Ms.  Woody stated that her goal is to get the Tax Commissioner’s, the Tax Assessors and Land Development offices harmoniously working together. Ms. Sosebee said that she would improve the efficiency of the Tax Commissioners office by having more forms and information available electronically. Another of Ms. Sosebee’s goals, if elected is to continue straightening out the mobile home tax digest.

As to the question of solving tax delinquency, Ms.  Woody said that she would send certified letters to let people know they are behind on their taxes.  Ms. Sosebee gave an example of how successful she is at hunting down tax dodgers.  Last year, there were 100 properties slated for auction due to back taxes owed.  By time of the auction, she had resolved 88 of the cases and only 12 properties were sold to collect back taxes.  In 2015 tax collection, which Ms. Sosebee oversaw, tax collection was 95% of what was owed.

Both candidates talked about the difficulty taxpayers have accessing the Tax Commissioners office.  Ms. Woody wants to open the office at 8 am; Ms. Sosebee is considering a satellite office outside of downtown Blue Ridge that is open once a week.


FetchYourNews is compiling voters’ questions to the candidates.  If you have any questions for  Ms. Sosebee or Ms. Woody, submit them in the comments section at the end of the Fannin Elections Voters’ Guide. Please don’t include editorial statements in the question. FetchYourNews will be asking candidates these questions in interviews throughout the campaign season.



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