Fannin County Sheriff Dane Kirby speaks out on the budget

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Since taking office in 2009, Sheriff Kirby has operated your Sheriffs Office with the lowest budget of any of the surrounding Counties.

Keeping costs low has always been a priority of this administration. It is our goal to keep the size and cost of your Sheriff’s Office in proportion with the needs of our County. Below is the last 3 years budget numbers for Fannin, Gilmer and Union County Sheriff’s Offices.

2014        Union                                    Gilmer                                   FANNIN
$2,099,599                            $2,839,865                         $1,750,436   (Spent $1,664,457)

2015       Union                                     Gilmer                                   FANNIN

$2,357,779                            $3,035,065                          $1,773,731   (Spent $1,680,463)
($258,180 increase)              ($195,200 increase)           ($23,295 increase)


2016        Union                                     Gilmer                                   FANNIN

$2,496,348                            $3,246,028                          $1,781,151
($138,569 increase)             ($210,963 increase)            ($7,420 increase)


For historical purposes, the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office 2010 budget was $1,623,013.
That shows an increase of $158,138 over a 6 year period.  As you can see, our surrounding Counties budgets increase almost that same amount or substantially more EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

Not only have we been able to keep our budget numbers very low, but we continuously spent UNDER BUDGET year after year.


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