Rewriting Fannin Legislation Topic of BOC Meeting

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Blue Ridge, Ga – The October 28th Fannin County Board of Commissioners consisted of the ongoing discussion of new pay documents for county employees and the rewriting of county legislation.The meeting began with the continued discussion of the pay documents that were presented to the board a little over a month ago by county attorney, Lynn Doss. The documents were given to the board as a form of legal advice to help direct the board on matters of making the paying of county employees as fair as possible.

After a month of reviewing the documents, the board still hasn’t come to a decision.

Post 1 commissioner Earl Johnson wanted everyone to know that he wasn’t taking this process lightly.

“This is a big deal and the decision is going to affect a lot of people…I’m not going to give a definite answer until I have it all thought out and clear in my head,”

said Johnson.

A couple of the aspects of the document were discussed but not in detail. However, Johnson did say that he believed there needed to be a pay scale for Fannin County employees. He also said he did not believe that having an appeal board to handle the hiring and firing of county employees was necessary.

Again, Johnson spoke up to say,

“I don’t’ think that adding another board to handle hiring and firing is necessary. To me that’s just adding another form of government.”

Once the discussion on the pay documents ended, citizen Joe Webb spoke during public commentary on Home Rule.

At the September 9th BOC meeting, Webb invited anyone interested in rewriting local legislation to meet once a week for two hours as a committee to discuss what might be appropriate for the governing regulations for the BOC.

After reviewing and discussing the county legislation of four weeks of meeting, the committee decided that the county should only do things that could be implemented under Home Rule, which means the county wouldn’t take things to state legislation in Atlanta for approval. Instead, the BOC could vote to pass a variety of things themselves.

Webb and the rest of the committee are planning on meeting with each individual member of the BOC to discuss all they have been studying and preparing on rewriting local legislation in hopes of convincing the board to move forward with the process of rewriting the legislation of Fannin County.

After Webb’s commentary on local legislation, Johnson spoke to say that as of now he doesn’t feel like there is any clear legislation for Fannin County. Since there are three different documents for Fannin’s legislation, Johnson said he felt that having a clear copy of legislation would only benefit the county.

Post 2 commissioner Larry Joe Sosebee added in that he believed if our local legislation were ruled under Home Rule that the BOC would share in the responsibility for decisions that were made since they would be voting to pass them together.

Before the meeting was adjourned, Chair Bill Simonds stated that he thought the county legislation needed to stay the way that it had always been with the chair holder making and taking responsibility for the decisions that are made.

Watch the full video of the meeting below:

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