Obama Takes Executive Action on Guns, Local Lawmakers React

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President Obama signed 23 executive actions today for stricter gun-control measures.According to one report, some of these actions include ordering Federal Agencies to make more data available for background checks, directing the CDC to research gun violence, and appointing a director to the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agency. In a press conference today, he also urged new and tougher bans on assault-weapons and a ten round limit on magazines.

All week, though, law makers have warned the President of taking executive action on gun-control, saying such measures are an impeachable offense. Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) said he’d do everything in his power to stop Obama, including filing articles of impeachment. More locally, though, in his first speech from the floor of Congress, New Ninth District Congressman Doug Collins said we need to protect the Right to Bear Arms the same way we protect the Right to the Freedom of Speech. During a visit to East Ellijay last week, Collins also said Obama’s (then) possible use of executive orders to force gun-control measures is divisive and troubling.

Fourteenth District Congressman Tom Graves also responded to the president’s action today.

“As the father of three and the husband of an elementary school teacher, it has been devastating to see the loss of life at the hands of armed madmen,”

Graves stated,

“In the aftermath of these tragedies, our nation has at once been united in grief and divided by a political agenda put forward by the president. The political agenda disregards the reality that violent criminals and murderers do not live by the laws of our land. It focuses on the re-regulation of lawful gun use, with the least consideration given to the rights of people to protect themselves, their families and their places of community gathering. I will continue to defend Second Amendment rights and oppose legislation that seeks to infringe on or intimidate people from exercising those rights.”

FYN has contacted local law enforcement regarding the enforcement of the new executive orders. We have yet to receive a response.


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