Fannin County Board of Education Changes Meeting Location to Accommodate Expected Protestors


The Thursday night Fannin County Board of Education meeting will be at Fannin County High School cafeteria instead of the Board of Education office.  The time is still 6 pm.  The Board of Education asks that people wishing to attend the meeting to please park on the stadium side of the cafeteria between the lunch room and the stadium.  There is a scholarship event in the High School Performing Arts Center at the same time as the meeting.  Families of the scholarship students need to be able to park in front of the Performing Arts Center.

The Board of Education has changed from the usual meeting location at the Board office to the cafeteria to accommodate expected protesters at the meeting. The protesters will be speaking about providing bathrooms for transgender students in the Fannin County School System.  The Board is not voting or making decisions regarding transgender bathrooms. Superintendent Mark Henson has stated that Fannin County Schools comply with US laws regarding civil rights of transgender students. (see article “Fannin Board of Education: Superintendent Henson Will Follow US Law Regarding Transgender Bathrooms”)

The subject of transgender bathrooms will come up during the public comments portion of the meeting.  Each monthly Board of Education meeting has a section of the meeting reserved for public comments.  Public comments are a time for just that, parents or people in Fannin County to speak to the entire School Board about what they think is important.  A topic that comes up during public comments will be heard by the Board, but it does not mean that the Board will or must take action on the topic.

Protesters are getting together before the Board of Education at the First Baptist Church down the street from the Board of Education.  They will begin gathering at 5 pm for prayer and will walk from the church to the Board of Education meeting, which will be held at the cafeteria.



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  1. Bathroom PoliceWatch May 11, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    Birth certificates and a glance in your pants required to go to the bathroom at this meeting? Is that what the haters are trying to do here, make our children obsessed with other people privately going to the bathroom? … Don’t get so foamed up in the bathroom looking at others that you choke on the urinal cakes.

    How intelligent of the Fannin School Board and legal counsel to not fall for fake-Christian-GOP hate. This is bathroom bullying. This quiet and small minority has never been a problem till the ignorant FOX News-GOP-TRumpers made a non-sense issue of sanctioning hate and discrimination. What’s next, banning TItle IX and women’s sports? No equality for the weakest amongst us? Thug rule?

    As to North Carolina, if you haters weren’t so ignorant (do you fail in anything in homeschooling?) you wold see the real issue with the HB@ hate law is star sanctioning of all kinds of discrimination. Ain’t gonna happen, and this time, the confederates committing crimes and treasons will pay dearly. The rest of us have put up with stupid long enough. Ask the Bundy family dunces how well their time in Hannity’s limelight has helped those freeloaders. Whine about goubbermint all you haters and grifters want to, but the rest of us will impose rule of law. God is on our side.

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