Repairing While in Flight


Written by George McClellan

Imagine you’re repairing an airplane in flight. If you lose focus on keeping it flying then voiding the
warranty by using other than genuine factory authorized parts won’t make any difference when they pick
up the pieces after the crash.

Imagine it’s the President who is doing the in-flight repairs and along comes a Democrat from the peanut
gallery demanding her three course meal, coffee and desert before the flight ends. That about explains
how the two plus trillion dollar repair bill is being highjacked by demands from the passenger section. If
the plane does crash, the”Looters” will be there before the emergency response people to scour the
wreckage for anything useful they can find for their own purposes.

This China Virus relief bill business has revealed one politician who qualifies for a mention in Profiles in
Courage. He’s Thomas Massie (I-Ky), the only one of that lot to say the Congress should take a minute to
re-consider their voice vote because its basically unconstitutional. Whoa! That was brave to fly in the face
of the House Speaker. He ignited a fire. Pelosi slammed him for wanting to slow the passage of that Pork
filled $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill while others screamed he be “kicked out” of the Republican Party.

Is this an example of the Pot calling the Kettle black? Wasn’t it Pelosi in fact, who first stepped in to slow
the passage of the bill by demanding her hot meal, coffee and desert for everyone?

Massie is an Independent and could probably care less what the GOP, or Pelosi thought. He stood his
ground by simply revealing a roll call vote was required. Hiding behind the China Virus, Congresspersons,
if they chose, could stay at home and submit a voice vote thereby dodging personal responsibility at reelection time. It was Massie’s intention to point out that both Pelosi and House minority leader McCarthy
were working together to block a recorded vote just to insulate members of Congress from accountability.

In repairing the airplane in flight, think of Massie as the one selling genuine factory authorized parts.
Not unexpectedly, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, joined the fray by agreeing with Nancy Pelosi that Rep.
Massie, was a “dangerous nuisance”for insisting on a roll-call vote before the House passed the relief
bill. Massie tweeted against Pelosi and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, saying they were
attempting to "insulate" lawmakers from”accountability” on fiscal conservatism. In the same interview with
Maddow, Pelosi announced her intention to raid the treasury again in terms of doing more for American
workers. “When they talk about this as $2 trillion and all that it does for America’s workers and families,
it’s the least we could do. And we have much more to do.” Bull S___!

Democrats don’t want the airplane repaired. Pelosi’s vision is to be able to loot the treasury even more.
“We know that this cannot be our final bill,” she said,”The $2 trillion bill package signed Friday has many
glaring omissions that must be rectified, including expanding which workers qualify for unpaid, job-
protected leave, free health care services for coronavirus patients and more funding for hospitals and
health centers.” Here come Medicare for all, aka: Obamacare lite.

Pelosi is already see’s the future Congress as entirely Democrat and Trump, reduced to a morbid episode
to be rewritten as a dark era of American history. If they succeed, Americas race to Socialism, after
Trump, will run apace unless voters throw the bums out when the plane finally lands.

When Trump finally signed the China-Virus Relief Bill, he stuck another pin in his Pelosi voodoo doll by
not inviting her to gloat at the signing. She must be seething with rage and humiliation because she
couldn’t be present at the signing to take credit for helping the”American Worker.”

At the moment, the airplane is still in the air but, we have no parts (money) only paper that pretends its
money! Many Leftist Governors are turning dictatorial in their zeal to use the China-virus as an excuse to
ignore the Constitution and, Pelosi’s raid of the treasury is expected to help them continue their
constitutional assault. Mr. Don Cole, Republican candidate for Ga. House Dist. 2, inspired this essay.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

The China Plan to Kill America’s Economy


Written by George McClellan

Two Republican Senators who seem to have taken insider trading advantage of a stock drop by
dumping their holdings before the public announcement that would cause a sell off, face media
and voter scrutiny calling for their resignations or arrests. I don’t disagree! They should resign.

But, Diane Feinstein, a Democrat Senator, did the same thing at the same time on the same
information and yet she’s not challenged at all. No one calls for her arrest or resignation,
because, well, she is Diane Feinstein after all, a Democrat, and she mean’s well!

Isn’t Diane Feinstein the same Democrat Senator Feinstein who harbored a Chinese spy on her
staff for twenty years, even when she chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee? Yes, it was
indeed! The very same Diane Feinstein who profited by dumping her stocks before the China
epidemic that is damaging our economy. Why should she be allowed to operate below the
horizon line without public scrutiny? In his book Animal Farm, George Orwell wrote, “All the
animals are equal, except the Pigs are more equal.”

Has the Democrat party secretly joined hands with Communist China to undermine America and
make it subservient to growing Chinese economic hegemony? The shocking scheme of Nancy
Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer to bring the China Virus bill to a screeching halt after it was agreed
on, for political reasons complies with China’s design to halt our Economy because they can’t
deal with Trump. Pelosi has angered working Americans for her pure irresponsible

The Democrats motto,”You never want a serious crisis to go to waste” is in full force here. “This
is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision,” Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC)
reportedly told his fellow Democratic lawmakers during a conference call. So, to hell with the
American people facing the Coronavirus and its debilitating affects on America’s economy. To
Democrats, it’s their game plan (Klaus-Piven) and using the emergency Coronavirus funding bill
to clog the system with junk is exactly the crisis opportunity they want and China needs.

How does Pelos’s looting the treasury to fund the Green New Deal, Planned Parenthood,
funding solar panels technology, the dying Unions, an opera house and a thousand other
useless stuff that Americans neither need or want, advance the remedy of our immediate peril?

With 1400 pages of crap, Pelosi choked off the emergency relief bill like an oversized wad of
toilet paper plugging up a commode. Sen. John Tester (D-Mt) claim’s “McConnell’s bill” couldn’t
pass bipartisan support, ie: it’s the Republicans fault because they are not cooperating fairly
with Democrats. That’s how Democrats play the game, they lie, cheat and steal!

For Democrats, the current crisis is a great time to legislatively provide for 100 % broadband
internet coverage for all rural schools, infrastructure spending, expanding Social Security
benefits, ensure Democrat safe elections, and limiting “bailouts” of large corporations, nothing
directly related to our immediate economic Coronavirus crisis.

Pelosi knows her Progressive wish list is filled with things they would never get normally. But
that’s the point! To shutter the economy is why they’re doing this and to make Trump pay for his
insolent perfidy by beating Hillary Clinton in 2016. Democrats still cling to the belief that they run
the country, not as equals, but as our betters because, like George Orwell’s pigs, they hold the
House from where the font of inexhaustible tax payer funds flow. Democrats aren’t Americans,
they are Chinese in disguise. They speak of “democracy” but we are not a democracy, we are a
Republic. We can handle our shady Senators, but the Democrats refuse to handle theirs.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, let’s go kick ’em out!

Who Is Richard “Ric” Grenell?…The Destroyer


Written by George McClellan

If I was a betting man, I’d say Trump is going to have a gay ol’ time cleaning out his closet.
That’ why he appointed Ric Grenell his “acting” Director of National Intelligence. Grenell is still
Trumps Ambassador to Germany and apparently will remain so. He’s a Harvard graduate, not
always a good thing but it checks off a needed box. He spent some years at the UN defending
the US from the collectivist machinations of those mediocre cretins, and has pushed hard to
make NATO countries, especially Germany, pay their fair share for their own defense.

In light of his experience over the past three years, President Trump has come to realize that
the Intelligence community’s role is not to serve the American people, but to protect and serve
the personal interests of what we have come to know as the “Deep State”.Look at it like a large
family, the Cosa Nostra for example, intent on its own self preservation to the detriment of any
outsiders, and Trump is most definitely an outsider.

To his advantage, Mr. Grenell is a constitutionalist, Trump supporter who has cultivated a team
of like thinking patriots with the sole purpose, at Trumps direction, to purge the bloated non
functional bureaucracies of the governments national security and foreign policy establishments.
Gone will be the “Never Trump” leakers and policy saboteurs to be replaced hopefully, with
actual true conservative patriots. William Barr has already started on the DoJ.

Like the government, big families like Cosa Nostra, the labor and teachers unions and college
faculties, all have leaders, semi-gods if you will, whose sole purpose is to promote their “families”
fortunes at the expense of that vast field of silly fools, the American taxpayer.

Some years ago, non-professional parts of the US government were allowed to unionize. That
was for the worker bees so they felt they were a part of “the family.”The important organs of the
government however, the spy’s and law enforcement arms, didn’t unionize, they just became the
de facto “Capos” of the bureaucracies, unwatched and unaccountable. Our elected pro forma
congressional overseers to the federal bureaucracies, many bereft of how their oversight duties
are conducted and fearful of exposure of their own individual perfidies, compromised their
important duties into near uselessness. The “Family” survives! Thank J. Edgar Hoover for that.

Ric Grenell, a one off character of noted government accomplishment, who’s sexual proclivities
are no secret rendering him immune to either foreign or domestic pressure to do anything
except his job, is now to be Trumps wrecking ball. That makes him fearless and being fearless
and a “gay.” Republican appointed by Trump to do a housecleaning job, makes the miscreants
of the “family” fearful about their own safety. The rats will soon flee the sinking ship.

The pressure is on. Because Grenell brings to government service a work ethic the family lost
long ago, a willingness to rise above standard conformity and mediocrity, and leave a trail of
quality accomplishment in his path, Grenell has three years of wasted time to catch up on. The
media of course, the Deep States self-defense arm, no longer knows what to do. They’ve shot
their wad so to speak. All their old tricks are out of the bag so all they can do now is scream that
Trump is set on ruining America’s respected institutions.

This purge is not limited to Obama sycophantic leakers and saboteurs, it includes the GOP’s old
guard “conservative” hands (RINO), who found their loyalty to the elites of the Deep State
stronger than their purported conservatism or oaths of office. Let the wrecking begin!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

A Very Confusing Campaign


Written by George McClellan

The idea of a creating a “Workers Paradise” where the government provides to you according to
your needs, and takes from you according to your ability, a la, Socialism, is a long failed idea
resurrected by the Democrats from the dung heap of history. America, as a “Shinning City On A
Hill” because of Donald Trump, is still as viable and filled with promise as when Ronald Reagan
said it and Donald Trump is restoring it.

I stand in amazement to realize what’s really happening politically in America today. America is
on a roll. Unemployment numbers are as low to rock bottom as they have been for decades.
Minority employment is soaring; most people are satisfied with their health care plans and don’t
want medicare for all; economically stifling rules and regulations, impediments to economic
growth are being rolled back, agriculture advancements are making America the worlds
breadbasket and yet, the scrum of contenders vying to be the president choice of the Democrat
party, insisting on revisiting the misery of a bygone era by claiming American’s would be happier
if only they should become more like Venezuela, or worse, Cuba, still has traction.

Bernie Sanders absolutely needs to be the Democrat Party’s candidate. His is the very face of
Soviet era Marxism. That way the whole world will see that Americas Democrat party still lives in
the 1920′;s and 30’39;s era of oppressed workers, imposed production goals, party bosses, party
run trade Unions (like our teachers unions) and peasant workers living in squalid conditions who
will do anything to survive. Yes, just like Cuba!

Trumps energy policies, like a warm wind sweeping across the prairie, have swept away
Americas need for Arabian Oil. China, desperate to sustain its image as a major world player
needs imported energy and lots of it. Trumps new trade agreement with a stubborn China has
opened American energy export markets to their needs and re-opened the export markets of
their mass produced junque we so desperately need, to fill the shelves at Walmart. The
Coronavirus setback is meaningful economically, but temporary to the worlds economic scene.
On top of that, European money is flowing into Americas markets because even European
Union’s collectivism is ruining their hopes for prosperity. Britain got out. Others will too!

Americans are ill informed today. Our once reliable news papers are almost an anarchism as
the NYT operates more like the Soviets old Pravda than the Newspaper that once trumpeted
Americas greatness. We no longer need to rely on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or Fox news for our
information because all they report on, all we hear, is the same boring crap surrounding the
Democrats unending derangement over losing the 2016 election to a fellow they don’t like. Their
mantra: “that can’;t possibly have happened because the fix (for Hilary) was in.”

They didn’t win, therefore, naturally, they have a right to be angry. That’s why the Media fills their
air ways with supposed Russian involvement in our elections, Trumps phone call with the
President of the Ukraine, Trumps disrespecting the Congress (Oh boy, what a bunch of losers
they turned out to be), Trumps interference with the DoJ’s conduct of slamming an old man into
prison for years, Trumps unhealthy trade deal with China, Trumps rolling back Obama’s good
works, all while ignoring the Deep State crimes of Hillary Clinton and the corrupt Obama
administration. No longer are Obama’s fingerprints not to be found in the treasonous activity to
bring down his successor, they’re everywhere, yet he survives.

What happened to his failed "Arab Spring" foreign policy that killed a US Ambassador and
others in Benghazi, his gun running scheme in Mexico, his overthrowing of Libya, a country still
in chaos, his overthrowing the Egyptian president to install the Muslim Brotherhood, a failed

scheme; His “red line” fiasco with Syria that initiated the Syrian civil war; his facilitating the mass
movement of Islam all over the world, including here, the sure precursor of coming conflict and
His State Departments running advance for Iran’s nuclear program, and the list is endless.

We’ve seen the face of Socialism during the eight slow years of Obama’s attempt to pull down
the walls of the “Shining City on the Hill”! Will we see it again with an elderly crackpot Marxist
who campaigns for a Socialist America.

Come on you guys. Give us a break! Swallow your pride and help keep America Great. Re-
elect the only candidate who has done something positive for America, Donald Trump. Dump
socialism, protect America. It’s all we’ve got. If it goes, it’s gone forever.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em

The Weariness of Desperate Politics


Written by George McClellan

We instinctively know that everything in life and nature runs in cycles; except the Democrats
desperate determination to destroy Donald Trump. They are not in the least cycling back to
anything resembling normality but turning the constitutional Impeachment process into a political
tool that will haunt Presidents forever, unless it is stopped right now.

It may appear that Democrats are trying to impeach Trump on his motives, as they want to see
them, not on the facts. “Screw the facts.” Democrats make up their own facts as we see in this
impeachment process time and again. It would seal the re-election of any Republican Senator
who just stood up and shouted “enough of this BS, let’s vote and got home!” The Democrats are
a contemptible collection of evil doers, unwilling to follow the rules that have served America
since its beginning. They must create rules that supports only their agenda.

But why the dementia? Because Trump is ruining their long laid out plans to “fundamentally
change America.” They want a diverse multicultural Marxist society that historically is the death
of every Representative form of government. Democrats argue for true democracy when
democracy is not the goal, only a means of reaching the goal.

Presently, in the growing weariness of this sham impeachment of Trump business, the
Democrats are losing their audience. It is a next to the last stand the Progressives have to stop
Trumps hemorrhaging of their socialization of America plans so cunningly laid out over forty plus
years. Trump said it correctly:”they’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in their way.”

Too, the TDS virus has divided the Democrat Party because they haven’t unified the whole of
their party to accept their vision of Bolshevism. Bolsheviks, in the developing Soviet empire,
simply jailed or killed non-believers and recidivists. The Democrats can hardly do that but, as
the trail of unaccounted deaths in the wake of the Clinton’s political matriculation from Little
Rock to the White House, to Chappaqua has shown, it can be done.

On top of their organizational and policy problems, the Democrats have presented no plan to
govern except to defeat Trump. Impeachment is all they have left to fire up their”hate Trump”
campaign,because he defeated Hillary Clinton at the ballot box. They’ll use it again.

As weary as this trial has become, there is something significant going on out here in fly-
overland; a subtle but singular change of voters opinions, an underlying force gaining strength
and momentum that should alarm the Democrats because it threatens to overtake them by
exposing and eroding the foundation of their whole Marxist agenda. The Deep State is the
Democrat Party, with the odd Republican thrown in for bipartisanship purposes.

The development of this phony trial without a crime shows us the Democrats do have an
Achilles heel. It’s the Biden-Ukrainian controversy that will expose the Obama administration
and Joe Biden’s role in it as the corrupt politicians they are. If it’s not true, how then has Joe
Biden, a multi-millionaire and so demonstrably a stupid man, survived the political process for
decades? How does Joe’s equally inept, drug addled son, Hunter Biden, find a position on a
corrupt energy company’s board in a foreign country, at a salary that defies understanding. The
examples go on and on but, Trump has ripped off the scab of their criminality. That’s why they
want him gone, never to come back. Trump has four more years to kill the dragon. We have four
more years to help him return conservatism and sanity to our federal government.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Impeachment, Where Is Thy Sting?


Written by George McClellan

This Democratic Party’s impeachment farce, apart from costing taxpayers boat loads of money
we don’t have, will never achieve the Progressives intended goal of getting rid of Donald
Trump!And, Hillary Clinton will never become President and Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Nancy Pelosi, the elderly nymphet of botox non-importance, is putting forward a brave face
against her dilemma. Nancy realizes that AOC’s squad of Radicals is now the driving force for
impeachment and that she has lost control not only of her caucus but the argument as well.
Being between a rock and a hard spot, Pelosi will use the soothing words of our Constitution,
plus meditative prayer when it supports her, as a sop for the masses. She’ll as quickly change
the script when it does not support her, like this impeachment nonsense. What are the charges
brought against Donald Trump: “Abuse of Power and “,”Obstruction of Congress” and how are
they impeachable? Sounds like Obama’s administration.

Those charges are meaningless, laughably lacking any serious import. Always, in the face of
failure, Democrats, at the last minute will drag up some important new evidence in the form of a
non-player witness like Lev Parnas, who manages to impeach his own testimony with every
breathless interviewer, or claiming they found missing uncounted ballots in the trunk of a poll
watchers car? They do this all the time. It’s because they're basically criminals, liars and cheats
like deadly microbes in a petri dish, slowly dying without power. Where’s the Energizer Bunny
when you need her?

What does the US Constitution say about it? Well first, the charges are unconstitutional. The
Constitution Party of Georgia, via the Madison Forum, weigh- in with these observations:
“Article 2, Section 4 clearly requires a significant and serious crime to justify impeachment. No
such crime is alleged in the two impeachment articles because the House Intelligence and
Judiciary Committees did not hear witnesses who provided evidence of impeachable actions
through their firsthand accounts of the material facts in question.”

The laughably fabricated word for word discussion of the phone call between Trump and
Ukraine President Zalensky, performed by House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, (D-Ca),
was immediately destroyed by release of the real phone call transcript. It should have been
enough to stop them but their scheme goes on. Our elected Politicians should realize their oaths
require them to observe the Constitution and adhere to the tenants of Due Process found in the
5th and 14th Amendments. What could be difficult about that? The rules were practiced when
Nixon faced Impeachment and resigned and when Bill Clinton was impeached and didn’t.

About fairness, the Georgia Constitutional Party wrote: “The House committees deprived Trump
of due process by violating many of their own due process rules. For example, the House
Intelligence Committee denied the minority party the ability to issue subpoenas, call their own
witnesses, and receive proper notice of meetings. When Trump refused to participate in these
corrupt anti-American proceedings, the Judiciary Committee bypassed litigation and charged
him with Obstruction of Congress in the second impeachment article. Such a dishonest process
threatens to transform our republic’s standards of equal protection under just laws. Those who
voted for either of the impeachment articles violated their oath of office to uphold the

This is not a legal trial but a political farce designed to try to prevent Trump a second term in
2020. For Democrats to accomplish their goal i’s imperative that they meddle with the rules,
even in the Senate, so they can demand “fairness”; in the process. If that rascally Mitch
McConnell won’t do their bidding in the name of fairness and Trump is acquitted, then the

Republican process must be corrupt. Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md), said: “anybody not for
witnesses in the trial would be “fixing and rigging the trial” and “complicit in a cover-up.” So, we
need four Republican senators, and I think the pressure will build because if you’re not willing to
call witnesses and get relevant documents at a trial, you are for fixing and rigging the trial. And
they would be complicit in a cover-up.” Therefore, the argument goes, any Republican Senator
who shows pro-Trump bias should recuse themselves, but not Democrat Senators because they
are not biased. My God, where are we headed as a nation, Into totalitarism? Yes, if Democrats
are allowed to succeed.

Pelosi is famous for taking a positive position on issues that favor Democrats and changing
her opinion when the reverse applies to them. Her articles of impeachment obviously lack
substance and what does Pelosi say?: “So, in any case, it’s not a question of saying what proof.
It says what allegations have been made and that has to be subjected to scrutiny as to how we
go forward, but it should not be ignored, and the context of other events that have happened
that would substantiate some of that," All babble.

Didn’t that old MSM TV news reporter Dan Rather, who got fired for his plotting do that to
George Bush? Rather, when caught lying himself, said:”It’s not the lack of evidence, it’s the
seriousness of the charges that need to be investigated!" Those are methods and techniques
right out of the Democrat "How to destroy your enemy”playbook”. In the end, one of the two
main party’s will be destroyed.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, let’s go get ’em!

A Reality Check


Written by George McClellan

The Democrats need a reality check. Can anyone seriously believe, after watching their final
debate fiasco the dysfunctional Leftist media hopes will select the next president of the United
States, that any of the Democrat candidates up on that Dias Thursday night, are even remotely
qualified to replace Donald Trump? I didn’t think so either. Ceded front Runner, the dufus Joe
Biden, cant even string a coherent sentence together let alone make any sense of his policies.
He must take his speech lessons from Pelosi’s teacher.

While Nancy Pelosi, giddy with glee was high fiving everyone whilst dispensing a collection of
cheap pens as impeachment of Donald Trump souvenirs, the President is not cowering in some
corner afraid of the stinging rebuke to his leadership the Left-Wing media wants to deliver him,
Actually he’s steadfast conducting government business as a real business manager should.

What was the big news from the Democrat debate? Squaw woman, Elizabeth Warren who
speaks with forked tongue, accused Socialist millionaire Bernie Sanders, behind the scenes on
an open mike, of calling her a liar in public. Shocking! But, isn’t she? Yes, she’s a damn liar right
up there with Hillary Clinton, a fact that can’t be denied. Bernie could just tell her: “Elizabeth, did
I hurt your feelings by calling you a liar? I’m so sorry, but I thought you knew!” then walk away.

If any of that lot ever manage to become President and could make changes, America, short of
an intervening civil war would, in one decade become a miserable stinking hole of third world
animosities, tribal hatreds, racial conflicts, territorial warlord kingdoms and Islamic Jihadists all
vying to see how much they could steal from a moribund government. The rule of law, nearly
unenforceable now with Progressive politicians embracing Sanctuary cities, would all but
disappear. Violent crime, drug use, suicides will run amok and what was once a happy and
prosperous people, the ones who paid the bills, would be gone if not forgotten for ever.

Not one issue of foreign policy was mentioned on that debate stage. They all ignored Trumps
bipartisan trade agreement, the approval of USMCA, the anti-regime riots in Tehran, the fact
that Russians have joined Assad in slaughtering more Syrian’s in their own country; the Iraqi
government voting to demand the removal of Americans troops; the new role Turkey is trying to
craft as the tough guy in the Middle-east to foster perhaps, a return of the Ottoman empire.

No one addressed the issue of Iran’s desperate economic position or what it would mean if they
finally did achieve a nuclear weapon; or how to deal with the North Koreans who do have them.
Not one word was spoken about US defense needs in preparing to face off with the growing
Chinese menace, or the cancerous Islamic menace infecting the West, or the challenges to our
NATO allies afflicted with the disease of uncontrolled middle-east Muslim migration.

Candidates were not asked about the criminalization of the IRS, the DOS, DOJ or even how to
solve the problem of repairing the reputation of the corrupted FBI. No, the feckless Democratic
presidential hopefuls argue instead for open borders for the worlds poor, ignorant, hungry,
disease ridden sots who won’t help change their own countries, but want to come here to ruin
ours; Medicare and free schooling for all; end all education debt payments, fling open the
university doors to everybody even the unqualified (a sinister scheme of White privilege
designed to exclude people of color), minimum wage for all, free housing and no cops to harass
anybody. That’s the Sanders/Warren ticket for America. It’s Communism plain and simple! We
can do better than that. Trump fights, we can’t afford to lose that man.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Wrong Priorities


Written by George McClellan

What the heck is wrong with Americans today? Whatever it is, it’s a confusing media induced
phenomena that focuses our attention on wrong priorities by embracing whole new definitions of
social terms we need to learn in order to survive in the Progressive new world of Democrat party
domination. It’s an elitist perception that assumes Americans are really a bunch of “rubes” that
need to be entertained rather that informed. Enter the Kardashians for an example.

Our fake news media, as a propaganda medium for socialist living, focuses only on what’s truly
unimportant to most Americans feeding us doses of entertainment pablum to satisfy, they think,
the desperate needs of the lowest common denominator of public interest, half naked women
with big asses. Forget that Democrat politicians, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler and Schiff are all
contemptible liars who construct improbable scenarios that, like true fiction, go nowhere.

The media needs to understand that most Americans have absolutely no interest at all in the
totally unimportant fact that Harry and Meagan have thrown in the towel on their royal duties to
move to Canada. So, who cares? I just read something more important: Soleimani just met
Jeffery Epstein who told him “he didn’t commit suicide.” Now that’s important news!

The damage being done to the Democrat Party by its rabid hatred of America’s most successful
President ever, Donald Trump, is almost unbelievable yet the media ignores the signs of decay.
They are not alarmed that the scheming House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, seems to believe that
the stigma of “impeachment” will stick to the Presidents coat tails as an anchor of shame, to
stand forever as a pitiful example of the electorate voting Trump into office instead of the odious
Hillary Clinton. It won’t happen simply because Pelosi hopes it will. Instead, his Impeachment
will shine like a burnished Nobel prize medallion.

As to the laughable impeachment issue, it should be obvious to even the most casual observer
that Pelosi’s mindless gibberish about her reasons for not sending the doomed House Articles
of Impeachment for trial in the Senate, is making her the butt of jokes and worse, a probable
target for removal by her less sanguine party members who must have come to the inevitable
conclusion that an exhausted Nancy has run her course and needs to be retired. The media
refuses to confirm what we see that their priority should be to save the Democrat Party, not sink

Iranian’s are flooding the streets of their cities, calling, not for “Death to America” because
Trump killed a General, but “Down with the Regime” demanding an end to forty years of Islamic
oppression, economic failure and the daily failure of everything else they do. Naw, the priorities
of our media focused on the removal of a terrorist leader likening it to the unlawful assassination
of an honored Islamic Scholar and Democrats got right in line with the media.

The Media still wallows in the glory of Trumps impeachment over a telephone call to the Ukraine
president shamefully to initiate an investigation on the nefarious activities of the Ukrainian
Energy Company and Hunter Biden’s roll in it, lest Trump should withhold allocated funds. That
story immediately fell apart because Joe Biden did do it, so still, no answers have come to the
serious questions of how an incompetent, dope using, cashiered reserve naval officer, became
wealthy over the years his papa was VP. What are the media’s priorities? Well, to prove that
Democrats don’t really commit crimes, they just make little mistakes, silly errors and minor
improprieties. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get’em!

America’s Fifth Columnists?


Written by George McClellan

What is it with these Democrats? Even after three years of incomparable success under Trumps
leadership, they are still consumed by rage. They cannot understand why Trump hasn’t already
collapsed under their withering assaults like any normal Republican should. But, he beats them
at every turn; makes them look like the incompetent amateurs they have become and in their
derision, they take sides with our enemy. Their public persona, now exposed for all to see,
clearly stamps them as an American Fifth Column for supporting the fascism that is Islam.

The killing of an Iranian General on a Baghdad battlefield he was preparing to capture was, for
democrats an unholy, totally illegal ‘assassination’ of a harmless Islamic scholar defending his
poor country. Never mind that Obama, without due process, used the same weapons to kill an
American citizen engaged in anti-American terrorism. But, the killing of that fellow was quickly
dropped by the Leftist media and now is all but forgotten.

Democrats are going ‘nuts’ over Trump fulfilling his promises to restore America’s rightful
position of world hegemony and with it, the respect that comes with overwhelming military
strength. Obama goal was to make Americans miserable and having nearly succeeded,
Democrats argue that that’s they way it should stand. According to them, If third world countries
feel the need to demonstrate against the ‘Great Satan’ then it’s because America has
suppressed them for decades and drove them to it and now it’s time for them to get even and
Americans should just stand back and let ’em. Apparently, that includes Iran.

And, lest we forget, when Obama killed his terrorist target(s) with drones, he also lacked
Congressional approval. Neither did Obama have any post war plan to keep Syria from falling
into ISIS hands, and he actually orchestrated the murder, or assassination was it? of Libya’s
dictator Kadafy, even after he gave up his nuclear program.

But Trump clearly does not subscribe to a foreign policy that enshrines weakness through
appeasement as the vehicle to protect America. Indeed, he just delivered a message to the
Iranian Mulla’s to be careful about attacking American’s again. And then comes Nancy Pelosi
and her’Ship of Fools’ Dreadnought machine to try to limit the presidents ability to attack
terrorists, when opportunity arises. Never mind that she can’t get her articles of impeachment
delivered to the Senate. Maybe she should use the US Post Office to get ’em there.

Since the untimely but welcomed death of Iranian Islamic Scholar Gen. Qassim Soleimani, the
Leftist media and their Democrat proxies have gone into hyper-ventilation approaching near
apoplexy over the President’s decisive actions that he promised he would do. We now see the
two Socialist candidates for President, Bernie Sanders and white Indian squaw who speaks with
forked tongue, Elizabeth Warren, in a conference call with radical Islamic elements whose sole
intent is to bring America, then the world, into their 14th century Islamic fold of fascists slavery.
Soleimani, an active disciple of that evil scheme, reaped his just reward in Baghdad. I wonder
who got his ring?

Interestingly, a video of a C-Span speech by Nancy Pelosi laying out the Democrats tactics of
destruction used to corral Republicans is available on YouTube. It's the Democrat playbook
version of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals: ‘demonize, smear, falsehoods, then merchandise it
then wrap-up tactic’ tactics we see right before our eyes .

Socialism is too expensive for a free people and Jeffery
Epstein didn’t kill himself.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

How Stands The Union?


Written by George McClellan

The Devil and Daniel Webster (1936) by Stephen Vincent Benet, should be required reading by
high schoolers everywhere to complement the many other fine books and essays from the early
20th Century with political themes.

This story focuses on a post-colonial American New England and uses a 19th century politician,
Daniel Webster, the greatest man never to become President and who thousands trusted, right
next to God, as a protagonist against evil. It was a 20th century examination of 18th century
politics that was affecting America then. In this story, the subject, a woeful soul afflicted with bad
luck, Jabez Stone, a metaphor for todays “deplorable”; was willing to sell his soul to the Devil
for a change in his misfortunes. The long dead, Daniel Webster was summoned to argue with
the devil in an impromptu trial to save Stone’s (Americas) eternal soul.

While many people of that era were as studiously non-religious as many are folks today, they
saw no purpose then to destroy other peoples faith in God because they also recognized that
their society, bonded by Judeo-Christian moral codes, were basically a productive, happy
people undisturbed by what devil politicians thought was best for them. Yes, they had their
internal political disputes that generated contending political parties like the Mugwamps, the
Bull-Moose’s and the Copperheads among others, but most had the best interests of America in
mind and all saw the Constitution as nearly infallible, unlike our devil Democrats of today!

The question remains: “How Stands the Union?”; Today, not one politician, except Trump, has
risen above the political horizon line to show the statesmanship required to keep America safe
from outside evil influences. Our biggest danger now lies internally but, we’ve been warned. The
current belief in growing wealthy in politics over pure statesmanship, has changed the soul of
America. The little people, us deplorable’s in fly-over land, are almost helpless to correct the
problems because, as Hillary Clinton has shown us, even the vote can be corrupted.

The woeful list of Progressive wannabe presidential candidates for 2020 is laughable to the
extreme because they all tend to the extreme Left. It’s impossible to converse with these
creatures because they won’t listen. Maybe they’ll listen after the 2020 elections.

But, look at us today! Democrats field the sodomite from South Bend, a white squaw who
speaks with a forked tongue, an elderly socialist caricature of the Wizard of Oz, himself worth
millions and owner of three residences that we know of wanting to turn us all into copies of the
Russian peasant class he so adores and, lest we forget, and how can we when he entertains us
daily with his idiotic prognostications, the lovable  dear, quid pro Joe who, I’m now convinced,
lacks any measure of common sense. With this line up we don’t have to guess "How Stands
The Union," we already know!

Our government has been in the hands of a self-appointed “elite”; class for too long. But
somebody has got to run the government. We fail ourselves when we let them stay there. The
Washington DC “elites”; like cadre of incestious born children have become the stupidest people
in the world and they prove it daily and that's exactly why Donald trump was elected over the
elite’s chosen messiah, Hillary Clinton. Most Americans have been to the fairgrounds midway,
contemplated the freak show denizens and know that’s all it really is, just a freak show after all.

So, How Stands The Union? Really shaky! Too many Democrats (Marxists) in power.
Remember freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get 'em!

The Politics of Self-Destruction


Pelosi and Dumb and Dumber, Pelosi’s right and left hands, Adam Schiff & Jerold Nadler,
conducting their sham inquisition attempting to find any questionable issue they can to hang
around our presidents neck to remove him from office are running headlong into a meat grinder.
They settled for ‘Obstruction of Congress’ and ‘Abusing his Power.” Wow, I thought it was
something serious like Treason, Bribery or Collusion.

I won’t even suggest using the term “fairness” anymore. That concept was tossed out years
ago. What we are hopefully experiencing, is the needed collapse of the Democrat party. Nadler,
the House Justice Committee chairman refused to even allow Republican witnesses to testify,
when the vote of the whole Congress a week ago, said they could! So, what we are really
witnessing here is a desperate Democrat last effort “coup d’tet” against President Trump that
will, like their other nefarious schemes to impeach him, end up as another complete fiasco.

Besides, against all Democrat pronouncements to the contrary, we still have a Constitution. For
the uninitiated a quick review is in order. Amendment 5, in part, tells us: “No person shall be
held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment
of a Grand Jury.” This does not exclude the President but the founders left Impeachment as an
administrative solution to removing him. That’s all the Democrats need to impeach Trump.

The 5th Amendment, ratified 228 years ago, still stands as untouchable without ratification by
congress, the Executive or the Judiciary, as the "Supreme Law of the Land. Anything to the
contrary “not-with-standing all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of
the several States, shall be bound by Oath” as expressed in Article 6. Does this omit the
President? I don’t think so. As I see it, the 5th amendment applies to any public act, publication,
communication, investigation, trials, & etc.! Article 6 binds everyone in government including
the Supreme Court to all of the Amendments and Articles of due process! Doesn’t Pelosi,
Nadler and Schiff know the Constitution? Do they even care? Does the desires of the
Progressive (Marxist) Democrat Party supplant the US Constitution? They think it does!

The ever changing goal posts the Democrats have erected rely on issues already debunked.
The Mueller Report found no crimes against the President vis a vis, Russian collusion or
anything else for that matter. The deranged Democrats then changed it to Bribery, then misuse
of government, self enrichment (note: he’s already a billionaire), and now, they’re back to the
Russian Collusion business and talk about it as if it’s a done face, true in every detail.

Alan Dershowitz, a Constitutional scholar, laid out the Constitutional violations that Schiff and
Nadler are themselves committing by pursuing their phony impeachment process. Dershowitz
called them out by name as violating their own Oath’s of Office. And he asked, “will they be held
accountable for their actions?” Don’t bet on it. The Deep State is very protective of itself.

For what it’s worth, Democrats have actually admitted that their attempt to impeach Trump is
baseless. The House Judiciary Committee Report released Saturday, admitted two critical
points: First, Democrats are trying to change the standard of impeachment by changing the
rules to fit their fairy tale, and second, the Democrats are proceeding with case against
President Trump not because of any past wrongdoing (their is no proof), but to “Save the
Nation” from Trump remaining in office and none of that rises to the level of constitutional
permissibility. That’s what elections are for, not Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff to decide.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Georgia’s Senatorial Dilemma


If you are not a Georgia voter, you can ignore this essay. But, it is important to national politics
and the realignment of the classic Republican party that is firmly stuck in Americas burden, the
Tar Baby that is the Deep State, effectively designed for purposeful mediocrity and or money.
Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, against the advice of the State GOP establishment, has decided
to nominate a successful conservative businesswoman Kelly Loeffler, to fill the soon to be
vacated Senate seat of the retiring Johnny Isakson. The Republican party is going nuts over his
decision because it’s his, not theirs. Who is she and why did Kemp choose her over the party’s
objection? Gov. Kemp say’s she’s conservative and I trust his judgement; I voted for him.

The States Republican Party insists Georgia’s 9th Dist. Rep. Doug Collins, the now publicly
voracious pro-Trump bulldog chewing on the pants legs of the Democrat dufus Jerry Nadler,
Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is more worthy of filling Johnny’s seat. Why Doug
Collin? Because he’s noisy? He’s doing fine where he’s at and I’m not at all sanguine that his
selection would be all that good for Georgians. Georgia’s two political parties are themselves,
only state size versions of the deep state designed to keep outsiders from fouling their business
nest. Doug Collin’s quick rise in the House GOP leadership suggests his potential deep state
credentials. I’m just wondering out loud! I like Paul Broun as a logical choice for Senator.

I reside in the 9th Dist. and Collin’s is my Rep. I voted for Doug when he first ran and I
contributed to his campaign. But, in his first year he appeared to be moving subtly to the political
center supporting the national party’s moderate position in most things. Paul Ryan was the
House Speaker then. Since Trump, Collin’s conservative voting record agreeably hovers in the
97% in support of Trump, so apparently he's got his groove back. Having said that he is exactly
where he needs to be and where we need him, as Georgia’s 9th District Congressman, not a
Senator. He can challenge for that job later if he wants it bad enough.

I also understand the only way a motivated Congressman can move up in the ranks of party
leadership is by donning the cloak of invisibility, toe the party line and allow one’s principles to
be suborned to the dark side. But, having said that we are realizing the Republican party is no
longer the party of Constitutional Conservatism but have become instead, an elected group of
privileged elites whose primary mission now appears is to protect the status quo or, the Deep
State. I admit to being puzzled by Rep. Collin’s rising star as an outspoken supporter of
President Trump, but that doesn’t qualify him to be our senator. I remain very skeptical.

Our soon to be ‘senior’ Senator David Perdue never held public office before he ran to replace
the retired Saxby Chambliss. But, he was a successful businessman, spoke to the electorate in
humble phrases, won the job and has not failed to satisfy. That he’s pro-Trump is an added
blessing. Successful folks like Perdue and hopefully, Kelly Loeffler are exactly what government
needs. They are both successful business leaders and Loeffler, like Perdue, does not carry the
baggage of having been a money grubbing politician and that can’t be bad.

Kelly Loeffler apparently stands high in the Governors estimation and I can’t see a single reason
why she should not have a shot at helping David Perdue and President Trump. Their primary
objective is to drain the swamp. In arriving at this assessment, I realize I break with the opinion
of Sean Hannity and saddle up with Eric Erickson. But, neither have I especially been a camp
follower of either. That’s why I write my own opinions in these essays. Let’s support Gov. Kemp!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Yes Virginia, There Is A Deep State


The secret is out. No longer is it a mere lunatic theory of the ‘Vast Right Wing Conspirators,”
there does exist a “Deep State” within the body politic of the Federal Government.
The Democrat party, in their zeal to reverse the 2016 election of Donald Trump over their
champion the corrupt Hillary Clinton, have proven it. The screwballs of the Radical Left, over the
better advice of their leader, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, convinced her to pursue the removal of the
illegitimate president Donald Trump using the only strings of power in their control, the House
majority, to accuse the President of crimes their own party members have committed.

The pursuit by the radical Leftist to undo the 2016 election hinged upon a sad, expensive, two
year investigation of the Presidents supposed nefarious activities vis a vis the Russians, by an
appointed special prosecutor of unimpeachable integrity, Robert Mueller. For the Democrats,
sadly, that investigation produced no evidence whatsoever, ruining instead Mr. Mueller’s
undeserved reputation after his pitiful showing at the Democrat House Judiciary Committee
hearing chaired by the radical dufus, Rep. Jerry Nadler.

Nadler's fumbling of his charge to unseat Trump was then passed to the House Intelligence
Committee chaired by the equally demented Adam Schiff. Schiff’s own hand picked witnesses
schiffted on him when their testimony unequivocally confirmed a Deep State does indeed, exist.
First was Lt. Col. Vindman who testified: he was concerned over “influencers promoting a false
narrative of Ukraine inconsistent with the consensus views of the interagency.” One wonders, is
‘Interagency Consensus’ a definition of Deep State? You bet it does!

Vindman earned high praise from the leftist media with his hearsay evidence that President
Trump had committed serious offenses with his phone call to the new President of the Ukraine.
It was Vindman’s opinion that president Trump was “shifting U.S. policy away from providing
offensive weapons to the Ukrainian government!” Vindman iced the cake with this comment:
“While my interagency colleagues and I were becoming increasingly optimistic on Ukraine’s
prospects, this (The President’s) alternative narrative undermined U.S. government efforts to
expand cooperation with Ukraine.” How dare he (Trump) try to interfere with our foreign policy
mission. Wow, a mere Lt. Col. takes umbrage with the policy decisions of the elected president
of the United States? I can tell ou right now, that a Lt. Col would never, without the assured
backing of his State Dept. superiors, ever contemplate such a treasonous act against his
Commander-in-Chief. Never!

Secondly, Schiff Witness and Vindman’s boss Fiona Hill of the National Security Council Staff,
threw in the 2017 “Intelligence Community Assessment” a product of former CIA director John
Brennan, asserting that Russia’s President Putin and his FSB sought to affect U.S. foreign
policy in Europe, including in Ukraine. Mueller couldn’t prove it. So, the deep state feels the

Who decides U.S. foreign policy anyway? Apparently not president Trump according to Fiona
Hill. In fact, she told Congress that, “If the president, or anyone else, impedes or subverts the
national security of the United States in order to further domestic political or personal interests,
that is more than worthy of your attention.” Hill asserted also, “that the president has no right to
change U.S. foreign policy.” Wow, Yes Virginia, there is a deep state! Her boss, John Bolton was
a crypto deep stater too and that’s why he’s gone. It’s called Trump draining the swamp.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution its the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Conspiracy Theories, True or Not?


I’m not into conspiracy theories and generally won’t support them because at what point does a
meeting or telephone conversation become a conspiracy and against whom? Politically, its only
the Democrats who come unhinged when President Trump conducts the country’s business and
who take umbrage against his foreign policy decisions. Indeed, everything he has done and
intends to do is fair game.

In any business, and government is a business even though it operates at a loss, when things
don’t get done to the CEO’s design, then the reasons for the obfuscations must be found out
and corrected. In Government, his employment decisions especially apply to appointees, his
and the previous administrations, whose continued presence constitutes a danger to the new
administrations success including ambassadors, Cabinet Secretaries and US Attorney’s.

In our federal government it is mostly the unknown, unseen, unelected, deeply embedded
bureaucratic desk occupiers of multiple agencies, doing what they have always done, spend tax
payers money, who ignore White House memos directing change, or tweak intended policy
ideas to rob them of their intended purpose, the Deep State if you will, at work.

To call that sort of stuff a conspiracy might get a writer laughed off the pages. But as we see the
Democrat dementia grow in near hysterical madness while the disjointed Democratic leadership
continues to throw themselves against the rock and shoals of certifiable impeachment lunacy,
the true extent of a conspiracy, by the Democrats, can no longer be denied. From the moment
of Trumps inauguration, “The Resistance” clarion call was trumpeted to all loyal Obamaite’s and
that’s the battle cry of a true Conspiracy intent on altering an election.

Americans expect due process and fair play. Adam Schiff (D-Ca.) has swept all that off the
table. On with the inquisition. Torquemada would have been proud. Schiff is reluctant to resort to
torture because at the moment, all the witness are his witnesses, pre-coached by the Schiff staff
team and as we have seen, their testimony still incapable of carrying Schiff’s desired response
across the goal line to either his or the public’s satisfaction. He doesn’t recognize the difference.

This Schiff show trial is getting weary boring in fact, as polls shown a declining viewership
almost after the first hour of the first day. It’s the old adage” If a tree falls in the woods and
nobody hears it, does it still make a noise? Schiff (enter another cliche here) ”keeps changing
the goal posts” over Trumps phone call to the Ukrainian president from “He did something
wrong” to “Quid Pro Quo,” to “Bribery" and now “No ethical Compass.” Talk about confusion!

First hand, corroborated evidence, is required to make any charge stick. How many people were
on that phone call? How many have been called as witnesses. So far only Obama’s appointees
or lackey’s have been subpoenaed or volunteered to give evidence and they were all “hearsay”
witnesses: “I heard he said, she said” sort of thing. That simply won’t do especially when the
phone call transcript has been made public. Has it been introduced as evidence? Nope!

Americans are getting a first hand view of a future totalitarian government at work if the
Socialists Democrats every come to power again. Listening to the demented blithering of
Democrat candidates about doing away with our 1st amendment rights under the guise of
politically incorrect “hate speech,” and doing away with our 2nd amendment right to bear arms
because they know they cannot succeed if the American people remained armed. Remember,
freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


Send In The Clowns


The Spector of unfairness surrounding Schiff the Abdominal Showman, world’s greatest
spectacle, including lying and denying of real evidence, grows with each question that Chairman
Schiff allows Republicans to ask. It hangs over this failure of a show trial like snot out of a child’s
nose at winter time. It's there to be seen and cannot be ignored or denied.

The Democrats single-minded pursuit of changing the outcome of the 2016 election, and that’s
all this stupid exercise is, that saw their candidate Hillary Clinton lose, is driving them to the pit
of despair. I would bet even money that even now Nancy Pelosi, unless she’s totally afraid of
the ultra-left cabal of AOC’s witch claven, is planning how to get her party out of the snotty mess
they now find themselves stuck in and blame the Republicans for it. Remember the Democrats
motto: “Admit nothing, deny everything and blame somebody else.” Let’s send in the clowns.

Schiff’s star witness’s, in the first day’s public debacle, answered leading questions that were
still hearsay, inadmissible as evidence, that no prosecutor would take to trial. Schiff’s star
witnesses, Ambassador Wm. Taylor and state dept. official George Kent, there to testify,
hopefully, as first hand witnesses (best evidence) to the alleged Presidential crimes, gave
answer that, to even the most casual observer, were not evidence at all, but smacked of hurt
feelings by Deep State bureaucrats being cut out of the diplomatic process by the President
using “back channels.” Diplomats do not set policy, the President does. It is not in a diplomats
job description to avert, delay, stymie or deflect Presidential policy because they don’t like it.
Their solution is the resign.

Back channel negotiations may sound ominous but they’re not, really. Remember when Obama
told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, and captured on an open mic., to “tell Vladimir (Putin)
that he (Obama) would have more flexibility after the election.” That’s back channel. Nobody in
the media thought it treasonous or even outrageous.

Without doubt, President Trump is so “fed up with all the crookedness and corruption that he
wanted Ukraine to investigate the 2016 elections“ and, “the Dems. are doing their best to tie that
to Joe Biden being a contender for 2020. It’s actually a turn of the tables because Joe Biden’s
comments about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired for investigating a corrupt energy company
upon whose board his drug addled son, Hunter Biden, sits at a salary of $50,000. per month.
Biden’s taped comments, according to the Democrats, don’t rise to the level of extortion, but
Trump’s do? Trump has been on the receiving end of all this nonsense from the beginning of
his term. Being the fighter he is, he wants to go on the offensive and turn the tables on the
Marxist who are pursuing him. That will occur if this circus show goes to the Senate for trial.

Thus far, there is no bipartisan support to impeach the president. It’s a democrat one way show
trip to the trash pit. Mitch McConnell can, upon one senatorial resolution to dump the trial as a
waste of time, dump it, or go forward and waste our time calling the Republican’s list of
witnesses, including Hunter Biden, Adam Schiff for Brains, the “leaker,” Obama’s creatures in
the FBI, DIA, CIA, IRS, and NSA. to provide evidence under oath.

The significant thing is, the Democrats will not listen to or accept evidence contrary to their
belief that Trump’s presidency is illicit, the voters were duped, and Hillary should be President.
That’s where all this is headed. An exercise in futility. They know Trump will be re-elected.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Dementia on View


Our American founders purposely divided representative government into three parts, the
Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial, and each have their constitutional roles to play in
making government work. It was the founding father James Madison who observed that “the
epitome of tyranny is the combination of the executive, legislative and judicial functions in a
single branch.” That is the goal the Democrat party now desperately see’s slipping away from
them so long as Donald Trump remains President. What to do? First, go berserk!

The Democrat Party no longer is a champion of the rule of law or the US Constitution, but have
shown themselves wholeheartedly, thanks to Barak Obama, to be champions of Marxism. That
word, “Marxism” Democrats have camouflaged under the moniker of “Progressivism.” The main
point of American governance of the two party system, has always been Constitutional, until the
Marxists usurped the Democrat party changing it into a ‘socialist’ organism. Their next goal is to
move their political message forward into Marxist style socialism. When Americans finally figure
out they’ve been scammed, that will inevitably change into totalitarism. The people will have to
be beaten back into submission.

This socialist campaign was working until Donald J. Trump appealed to Americans, showing
them the declining America the Democrats have already brought us. Consequently,Trump beat
‘em at the vote. It was never ever conceivable in their plan to lose the 2016 election. That would
have been the lock on a dim future for America. Now, the popular “Trump Derangement
Syndrome" reverberates in the media every time her highness, Hillary Clinton, opens her mouth.
The change of governments in our two party system has heretofore always been peaceful if not
complained about by the losing side. But, for one party to absolutely refuse to accept the vote
results because they thought the fix was in for their candidate, exposes their un-American
derangement making them dangerous and, as we increasingly see on American streets, violent.

To attempt to remove the Presidential winner by stealth, fraud and trickery, using the subterfuge
of false flags to generate official investigations, by developing phony reports, the illegal
interceptions of communications (i.e.: wire tapping), enlisting fake witnesses under the equally
false flag of “whistleblower,” and out and out cheating by discredited federal law enforcement
agencies, seriously smacks of treason.

Failing all their other attempts to remove or discredit the President, even as he fulfills his
election promises, they turn to yet another creative scam, the phone call between two
presidents a “leaker” allegedly thought was bribery, when in truth, it focuses all eyes on the real
culprit of bribery, Democrat candidate, sleepy Joe Biden and his untalented son, Hunter.

The sham kangaroo court act the demented House Democrats are performing, under the one
sided leadership of Adam Schiff for brains, fails to rise to the level of fairness that American’s
expect. We’re not stupid! These one-sided hearings shows a desperation by the losing
Democrats to save Joe Biden’s reputation, deny the truth of Joe’s own recorded admission he
made threats by bribery to remove a prosecutor, and using his political influence to provide a
standard of living for his useless son Hunter, he has grown to expect. It’s the standard
Democrat MO: “Deny everything, admit nothing and blame somebody else,” even when it has
been seen on TV over and over again. Now is not the time for the GOP to weaken. It’s time for a
new strategy, attack, attack, attack!

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