Commission moves ahead with disaster planning

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BLUE RIDGE, Ga – In the September 22, 2020, Fannin County Commission meeting, the commissioners approved an intergovernmental agreement with the Fannin County School Board for disaster planning.

“We’ve been working on a debris removal plan for the county in case of disaster. We’ve done one or two steps previously and this is just another step in that plan,” EMS Director Robert Graham explained.

The county can now use the property behind East Fannin to store debris in the event of a major disaster. The lot is currently vacant and would only be used for temporary storage.

“There’s no charge. We don’t actually use it unless there is a disaster and we activate our debris removal plan,” Graham added.

If enacted, a contractor would remove the wreckage from the disaster site to the East Fannin lot until it can be moved out of the county. Once completed, the lot must return to its original state. FEMA requires a third party monitor the debris as well.

The county and board of education attorney developed the agreement between the two parties.

“It’s simply the federal government requiring us to do something that we hope may never happen in this county, but to meet their requirements we have to have a preparedness program that is all signed off,” Chairman Stan Helton stated.

Post Two Glenn Patterson echoed his support for the planning and hopes its never necessary.

Helton added that they thoroughly researched the matter and the area behind the school was the best location.

The board also approved a variance request for some Fannin residents.

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