Cannery Dates & Guidelines Summer 2020


2020 Fannin County Canning Plant Guidelines
811 Summit Street Blue Ridge, GA 30513
Across from the Swan Drive in Marquee

 The Canning Plant will begin full-time operation on July 7, 2020 by appointment only and with
COVID-19 guidelines in place.

 We will take appointments for 7:30 AM, 9:10 AM, 11:50 AM, and 1:30 PM each day.
Appointments for products containing meat will not be made after the 11:50 appointment.

 The canning plant will be open on Tuesday and Thursday each week from July 7 until
September 29. Appointments will be scheduled in 90 minute increments. Please alter quantity
of your product (if needed) to adhere to the 90 minute time frame.

COVID-19 guidelines are as follows:

1. Anyone with a temperature above 100.3 , with a cough, with shortness of breath, who
has been feeling ill, or who has knowingly been exposed to the COVID-19 virus should NOT
come to the canning plant. We will take the temperature of every individual as he or she
enters the Canning Plant.

2. Agriculture teachers, cannery staff, and anyone who comes to the Canning Plant will be
required to wear a face mask/covering.

3. The canning plant will be sanitized before and after each customer. Appointments are
being scheduled to ensure time for cleaning and sanitizing between customers.

4. Hand soap and disposable towels will be provided.

5. Social distancing of 6 feet will be required inside the canning facility. Please adhere to
station markers set up inside the canning plant.

6. Groups will be limited to a maximum of 3 people.

7. When your appointment time is over, you will need to leave the building and return later
for product pick up.

 Customers will be required to make appointments by texting or calling Rhonda Mathews at
706-455-2545 from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday – Thursday. If no answer, then please leave a
voicemail and your call will be returned ASAP.

 We encourage customers to do as much prep work as possible at home before coming to the
canning plant (ex. washing produce, snapping beans, washing jars, frying meat, cutting apples)


Dr. Michael Gwatney


Chad Galloway

Terry Bramlett

Bobby Bearden

Mike Cole

Lewis DeWeese



All ingredients for canning various produce are the responsibility of the customer.
The cannery does not provide salt and other canning ingredients.

Basic supplies such as spoons, pots and pans, etc. are available for use while canning.
Cannery customers are reminded that the facility is operated as an educational program to the

Customers are responsible for preparing various produce according to individual recipes and
getting it in the jar/can with assistance and guidance from cannery personnel.

Once the product is placed in the jars or cans, it is then the responsibility of the customer to
clean the work area.

All products processed at this facility must be for home use only.

Basic information will be available by calling the Cannery phone number 706-632-0208 and
listening to the greeting. Please do not leave a voicemail on this line.

Staff: The cannery will be managed by the Fannin County Agricultural Education staff and
operated by the Fannin County Board of Education.

Rhonda Mathews – Young Farmer Teacher

Emily Fellenbaum – FCHS Ag Teacher

Cherie White – FCMS Ag Teacher

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