Chimps Jill and Arthur to be Reunited for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we have so much to be excited about here at the sanctuary. Twenty-nine-year-old Jill will soon be reunited with her son, 17-year-old Arthur!

Though we don’t know all the details of their relationship, we know that they were separated for years in the lab and may have been separated at or soon after Arthur’s birth.

Jill and Arthur will soon have the chance to meet!

We don’t know what to expect and realize that they may not know one another as mother and son, but we can’t wait to see their reaction!

Our chimpanzee care team is carefully introducing Marlon’s group of six males (including Arthur) to Jurita’s group of ten females (including Jill) in Chimps Ahoy Villa. Soon, it will be Jill and Arthur’s turn to be in the same room together. Will they recognize one another? Will they play? Or will they ignore one another?

We don’t know, but what a special Mother’s Day reunion this may be!

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Arthur is Jill’s son. The pair was separated in the lab and will soon meet in Chimps Ahoy Villa in time for Mother’s Day.
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Photos by Crystal Alba & Leslie Wade

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