Ask the Doc – sensitive hearing, pain in feet, and seasonal depression


Doctor Whaley from the Georgia Cancer Specialist joins us every Friday to answer viewer questions and talk about the latest medical study he has read. Today he answered these viewer questions:

Is there a condition which could cause my hearing to become more sensitive? I noticed normal sounds, TV, Radio, or a crowd seem louder than usual and I have continually lowered the sound on the TV in the last few months so I wondered what could cause this?

I have started having pain in my feet, just behind my toes, it only hurts if I sit for a while and then stand, I experience sharp pains in both feet and it is painful to walk, it does subside after I walk for a maybe 5 minutes so I wondered if I am getting arthritis?

Is it normal to feel sad or depressed during the holidays?

If you have a question for our doctor please send them to and as always we would like to thank the Georgia Cancer Specialist for sponsoring this segment.

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