August 8, 2017 Council Meeting Agenda

Legal Notice

Council Meeting
August 8, 2017
6:00 p.m.
480 West First Street

1) Call Meeting to Order
2) Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance
3) Council Meeting Rules of Procedures (to be presented at each meeting by the City Clerk)
4) Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting (if minutes are completed and available)
a) July 11, 2017 Council Meeting Minutes (Incudes Executive Session Minutes)
b) July 21, 2017 Special Called Council Meeting Minutes

Action Agenda Items (Items requiring the approval of the Council):
5) FY2016 Audited Financial Statements – Tacie Jo Bracken—AS
6) FY2017 Budget Amendment No. 1 – Alicia Stewart—AS
7) 2017 General Election Poll Managers Appointment—BG
8) Fannin County and Joint Cities Service Delivery Strategy Agreement (Final Draft Approval)—KL
9) Carter & Sloope Task Release No. 13 (Water Meter Replacement, Phase IV)—KL
10) LifeForce Contract (Renew Contract)—KL
Purchasing Approvals:
11) MatchPoint Estimate No. 200 (Leak Detection Services to be paid from the Water Loss Control Funds)—RH
12) Carter & Sloope Invoice No. 22063—KL
13) EPD Invoice No. Mayor Donna Whitener-2017-003320—KL
Discussion Agenda Items (Items for discussion only):
14) Taxes—DW
Public Comments:
15) Cesar Martinez—The Blue Ridge Business Association
16) Sandy Willbanks—Davis Street
17) Ben Kissel—Storm Water
18) Executive Session (if needed)—Personnel & Land Sale / Acquisition
19) Adjournment

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