New artistic workshops are blooming at the Art Center!


 2017 Spring & Early Summer Art Center Classes

Stained Glass Workshop
April 18, 2017 Tuesday, 1 Session
May 16, 2017 Tuesday, 1 Session
June 13, 2017 Tuesday, 1 Session
12:00 pm-5:00 pm
Instructor:   Lenzy Griffin Bond
Class Fee:   $60.00 non-members + $20.00 Supply Fee
                     $54.00 BRMAA Members + $20.00 Supply Fee             
stained class workshop in fannin
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This workshop will teach students the process of making a stained glass piece, sun catcher size.  The Instructor will offer patterns and glass to choose for a project.  The techniques the students will learn are scoring and breaking the glass, grinding, foiling, soldering, use of patina and polishing.  The students will take home a great piece of artwork to hang in their window and admire each day!  This workshop is also good for those students who have done stained glass in the past.  The supply list includes: safety glasses, pen or pencil, black sharpie, and please wear closed heel and toe shoes.  Come expand your knowledge and learn a new form or art!      
Adult Tap and Barre Tone
Beginning & Intermediate
April 21, 28, May 5, 12, 2017-Friday, 4 Sessions
May 19, June 9, 16, 2017-Friday, 3 Sessions
10:15 am-12:00 pm
Instructor:   Mary Gucciardo and Venae Ellis
Class Fee:   $40.00 non-members
                    $36 BRMAA Members 
adult tap class
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This workshop series is for individuals who want to learn tap for the first time or for those who want a refresher in tap dance.  Learn the basics of a variety of tap styles designed to develop rhythm, style, and sound.  Each session also incorporates Barre sculpting exercises taken from traditional ballet class, and weight training using the Ballet Barre.  Each student will receive an uplifting warm-up for the major muscle group, invigorating tap movements to increase aerobic power and burn calories, exercises to tone the upper body, lower body, and core, and beautiful closing stretches to further increase alignment, flexibility, and proper posture.  It is a great class to meet new friends and have a fun time.  The class requires tap shoes, exercise mat and water.  Optional dumbbell weights for toning 1-5 lbs can be used.
Zentangle in Black, White, Gold and Silver
April 22, 2017 Saturday, 1 Session
10:00 am-1:00 pm
Instructor: Melanie Rothchild
Class Fee:   $35.00 non-members + $5.00 Supply Fee
                    $31.50 BRMAA Members + $5.00 Supply Fee                   
Using the knowledge gained in Introduction to Zentangle, this class will introduce you to using different materials including black tiles with white, silver and gold patterns.  The student will create and take home two Zentangle tiles with black backgrounds using white, silver and gold ink.  The techniques students will learn are the traditional Zentangle patterns using different base materials.  This class can inspire you to create more patterns with the knowledge you learn.

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Restorative Yoga
April 30, 2017 Sunday, 1 Session
May 19, 2017 Friday, 1 Session
4:00 pm-6:00 pm
Instructor:  Sharon Coogle
Class Fee:   $12.00 non-member & BRMAA Members 
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Restorative yoga allows the practitioner to enter a state of deep physical and mental relaxation. Although some yoga experience is helpful, there is no prerequisite of knowledge or flexibility; extensive use of props and supports helps every body attain positions that encourage restoration.
Beginning DSLR Photography
May 2, 9, 16, 23, 2017, 4 Session
2:00 pm-5:00 pm
Instructor:   Joyce Dumas
Class Fee:   $95.00 non-members & $85.50 BRMAA members
unnamed (4)
Have the photographer’s eye but you’re lacking the camera know-how? Joyce Dumas is offering a course in basic DSLR photography, covering exposure, lighting, composition, and camera function. Students will be working hands-on in the classroom to account for changing lighting situations, function in different modes, and compose an interesting shot. This class will be taking photo of subjects inside and outside.  This 4-week course requires you to bring DSLR     Camera, charged batteries, a memory card, and your camera manual to every class.  Come learn and expand you knowledge of photography!

Cowgirl Buckle Pendant
May 3, 2017, 1 Session
10:30 am-1:30 pm
Instructor:   Barbara Chatham
Class Fee:   $30.00 non-members & members
                     $30.00 Supply Fee                
unnamed (5)
This is a great jewelry class for those who like western motifs.  Students will learn to design and wire-wrap gemstones within a buckle.  The gemstones include lapis, amethyst, cornelian and charms.  You will learn techniques of forming a leather cord with a sailor’s slide knot for lengthening and shortening your necklace. The designer piece of jewelry will be one of a kind!  Come create a new piece of jewelry for your collection.
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Watercolor Portrait Workshop
May 5 & 6, 2017, 2 Session
10:30 am-5:30 pm
Instructor:  Dylan Pierce
Class Fee:   $225.00   Non-Members 
                     $202.50  BRMAA Members               
portrait workshop
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You will focus on bringing to life portraits using principles to create depth and realism.  This is a step by step layering process with lots of demonstrations.  You will also use a unique method of juxtaposing colors for lifelike skin tones and focus on principles which help emphasize the need or expression you wish to convey.  One portrait will be focused on for both days.  Another project includes making a chart demonstrating how color changes temperature as the planes of the face change from light to dark.  Two other exercises will be demonstrated to show how the timing of watercolor works.  As a student, the techniques you will learn are transparent layering, juxtaposing colors for beautiful skin tones and finding and losing particular edges to bring 

  out realism and character.  The instructor will show warm to cool color theory to add dimension and liveliness.  There is a class list for this watercolor class.

Clay Open Studio for Beginners
May 11, 12, 13 (Thursday, Friday & Sat.) 3 Sessions
10:00 am-1:00 pm
Instructor:  Marie-Luce Van Asten
Class Fee:   $75.00 non-members + $30.00 Supply Fee
                    $67.50 BRMAA Members + $30.00 Supply Fee
unnamed (6)
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What great fun to work with your hands and create art!  This pottery class is a wonderful way to develop your skills by using basic shapes to encourage you to develop your own style.  Students can come with their own projects or the Instructor can suggest projects.  With a minimum of tools you can create functional pieces of art by molding and shaping with your own hands.  The techniques you will learn include coiling, pinching and slab methods.  You will learn some tricks to help you create wonderful ceramic and discover differ way to decorate and glaze your creations.  There is a supply fee which includes clay and glazes.  The supply list includes:  apron, newspaper, clear plastic to wrap the clay, old toothbrush, flat wooden spoon, small sponge, stamps or texture material, rolling pin if you have one and a board at least 12″X12″.   The Art Supply Station has pottery kits you can purchase for your class.
The Art Of Woodburning (Pyrography)
Beginning & Intermediate
May 12 & 13, 2017 Friday & Saturday, 2 Sessions
10:30 am-5:30 pm
Instructor:  Orchid Davis
Class Fee:   $150.00 non-members + $50.00 Supply Fee
                    $135.50 BRMAA Members + $50.00 Supply Fee
wood burning in fannin
Bring back one of the favorite classes, Pyrography is the art of woodburning.  Students will learn the art of pictorial woodburning beginning with the use of the 4 basic types of burning pens and covering the various techniques involved in burning fur, feathers and foliage.  Emphasis will be on the use of shading to achieve a realistic look enhanced by thin washes of acrylic color.  Students will take home a project that is burned in on a choice of basswood, gourds or leather.  The patterns will include wildlife subjects of a tiger, red tailed hawk or a wild mustang.  The supply fee will include all materials in which to burn in on and patterns.  The supply list includes your own wood burners and pens.  If you do not have one, the Instructor will supply a loaner unit for the class.  Come join the fun!
Kudzu Basket Weaving-Round Nesting Baskets
May 13, 2017, 1 Session
10:30 am-2:30 pm
Instructor:  Melissa Winstead Barnett
Class Fee:   $80.00   Non-Members + $5.00 Supply Fee
                    $72.00  BRMAA Members + $5.00 Supply Fee              
Nesting baskets class in fannin
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If you missed out on the 1st Kudzu Basket Class, Melissa has created a new class with more art to take home!  Students will create a set of 3 round nesting baskets woven using the kudzu vine. The kudzu baskets will have a handle which will add to overall design of the basket.  These baskets make great displays in your home or fantastic gifts. Come join the class and create something new.   Supply list includes; hand pruners, needle nose pliers, phillips head screwdriver, gloves and a pocket knife.

Playful Painting with Alcohol Inks
May 19, 2017, Friday, 1 Session
1:30 am-3:30 pm
Instructor:  Joyce Clair
Class Fee:   $40.00   Non-Members + $10.00 Supply Fee
                    $40.00  BRMAA Members + $10.00 Supply Fee              
playful painting in fannin
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Play with colorful alcohol inks on Yupo paper and discover impressions of landscapes, flowers and other hidden images.  Students will use a variety of tools and techniques to move inks on a plastic-like paper and to add definition to your image.  Students will first practice demonstrated techniques and then create three 5X7 paintings.  One painting will be selected for matting.  Techniques students learn are color blending, dropping in, splattering, lifting, blowing, stamping, sculpting, nozzle paint and finger painting with alcohol inks.  The Supply Fee includes: alcohol ink, yupo paper, gloves and mat.

Introduction to Zentangle
May 20, 2017 Saturday, 1 Session
10:00 am-3:00 pm
Instructor:   Melanie Rothchild CZT
Class Fee:   $35.00 non-members + $20.00 Supply Fee
                    $31.50 BRMAA Members + $20.00 Supply Fee
zentangle class in fannin
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This class will teach you a basic understanding of the Zentangle Method (TM), which is the artful use of structured patterns and shapes to create intricate and fantastic pictures on Zentangle squares. Zentangle is an art form in pen and ink that requires no previous artistic training.   You will complete 2 original Zentangle tiles and will learn about the resources available to continue on your own.  The techniques you learn will be structured patterns using pen and paper tiles, and using “strings” to make templates.  Come join the class and make some new friends!  There will be a 1/2 lunch, students may bring a bag lunch.
Heart, Hands and Healing Art
May 20, 2017 (Saturday) 1 session
July 22, 2017 (Saturday) 1 session
Nov. 4, 2017 (Saturday) 1 session
10:30 am- 1:00 pm
Instructor: Vicki Wagoner
Class Fee  $ 45 non-member (tuition includes canvas and paints)
                   $ 40.50 *BRMAA Member*
healing art in fannin
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Hypnotherapist and artist, Vicki Wagoner, encourages creative and personal expression through a simple yet profound process of painting with your hands-no brushes, rules or artistic abilities required! The painting creates itself as you allow yourself to release any fear of painting, unblocking or reconnecting to your inner artist’s creative expression.  Each participant starts with the same blank canvas, and when the session is over, Vicki assists you to discover the epiphanies of new perspectives, possibilities, and insight that have been subconsciously created during the painting process. It will transform your life!  Please wear old clothes allowing your inner child to play!  All materials and interpretation of messages in painting included
Fearless Watercolor for Beginners
May 25, 2017 (Thursday) 1 session
1:30 pm- 4:30 pm
Instructor: Joyce Clair
Class Fee: $ 45.00 non-member + $10.00 Supply Fee
                   $ 40.50 *BRMAA Member* + $10.00 Supply Fee
watercolor class in fannin for beginners
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Watercolor painting can be fun and fearless if you have a plan, know how to use basic tools and techniques, and just “go with the flow”.  The goal is to paint loosely to create your impression of an image.   Mistakes are expected, not perfection.  Some mistakes are “happy accidents” and others may be corrected if needed.  Yes, watercolor can be corrected and you will learn these “secrets” from the Instructor.  This class is for beginners with no experience or some experience.  After a practice session, the class will sketch and paint an 8X10 landscape or waterscape step-by-step with the Instructor.  The finished painting will be placed in a 11X14 mat, ready for framing.  You will learn how to plan, control and fix watercolor.  The techniques learned are characteristics of watercolor paint, proper tools, basic watercolor painting techniques, color theory, color mixing and composition tips.  The supply fee includes: watercolor paper and paint, brushes, mat and other supplies to paint one painting.
Relief Printmaking
June 2 & 3, 2017 (Friday & Saturday)  2 Session
10:15 am-1:15 pm
Instructor:   Lisa & Chris Fraker
Class Fee:   $100.00 Non-members
                     $90.00 BRMAA members              
relief printmaking in fannin
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What a great class to take if you want to expand your creativity into a new medium.  This class is an introduction to relief printmaking.  Students will learn how to use relief tools and create a relief print in one color.  This is a great beginner’s method because it allows you to explore a variety of texture in 2D work.  The 2 prints you will take home are created using techniques of carving into a block, inking the block and pulling a print.  The supply list will be provided upon registering for class.  Come join in and create something you can show your friends and family!
Circular Copper Disk & Howlite Earrings
June 7, 2017, 1 Session
10:30 am-1:30 pm
Instructor:   Barbara Chatham
Class Fee:   $30.00 non-members & members
                     $30.00 Supply Fee                
jewlry techniques
What a great class to learn some jewelry techniques to enhance your knowledge on jewelry making.  You can make your own pair of earrings or give the beautiful set as a gift to someone special.
Students will learn to forge and dome copper disks as well as cut


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