Just What Are Our Values?


Opinion by George McClellan:


The murders of the nine black church members in Charleston, SC, by the white nut case Roof, provided the extreme left the excuse to instantly demean white America by attacking the symbols of wicked White Southern culture, but especially the Confederate Battle Flag, to which weak, feckless state and local politicians, at all levels, quickly and fearfully acquiesced.

The DOJ immediately sought to charge Roof, who survived, with additionalhate crimeson top of the nine capital murder charges he faces at the state level. Now comes a disgruntled, black, mentally disturbed, out of the closet homosexual, democrat, Obama supporter, who did not survive but professed his hatred of whites by murdering two of them on live TV. The talk of hateis noticeably absent. No matter, in any event his evil deed couldnt possible be classified a hate crimebecause he falls into the protected category of black, queer, justifiably angry democrat Obama supporter. And, as he only murdered two white people, former colleagues at a Roanoke TV station where they finally couldnt keep him any longer because of his nuttiness, the excuse must be therefore, work place violence, just like Army Major Hassan at Fort Hood, Tx. a few years ago.

I immediately thought, when I heard the shooters name, Vester Lee Flanagan, well, here we go again, a white Irishman this time. What will the left now demand we give up for the sake of diversity, St. Patricks Day celebrations and green beer? I cant tell you how relieved I was when the shooters true identity came out, not a deranged white man, but a deranged gay negro.

It hasnt yet been asked if this character ever visited a Jihadist Web site. You can bet if he had, that information would be suppressed and anyone mentioning it would be deemed an Islamaphobic hate monger, fired from job and destroyed publicly. Unhappily, thats the state of our current politically correct society.

From what has already been revealed about Vester Flanagan, apart from being an admitted gayand that other black males dissed him for it, he was also angry, hostile, mean, threatening and incompetent. He was also by definition, racist, if thats possible being black. This is a result of two failed but long entrenched and beloved Progressive programs that capitalizes on white guiltdeveloped for social control, fairness and income inequality: Affirmative Action and its hand maiden, Diversity. It is the signal reason why we have a bloated federal government; the reason why so many federal agencies are expensive and over bloated with useless personnel who are incompetent in their missions. It is the reason why nothing can be done when contacting these agencies seeking help and advice. The over whelming problems in the VA Hospital system, lack of service for sick and injured veterans, stands as a prime example of this incompetence.

It was lucky for the Left that Flanagan used a pistol and not the favored weapon of close in murders, a hammer. The Left can now pursue their anti-gun agenda like the Democrat Governor of Virginia did even before the smoke cleared, by deploring guns as the cause of so many acts of violence in America. Hummn, he apparently hasnt read the FBIs hammer deaths report.

Do you remember why the Va. Governorship is in Democrat hands? Because the GOP refused to financially help the Republican candidate, beyond a mere justifiable pittance, because he was a tea party Conservative! What are our values? Clearly the GOP doesnt have a clue what they are and were losing the arguments because nobody argues them.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get em! (27 August 2015)

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  1. John Mullinix August 29, 2015 at 7:36 am

    I watched CNN interview one of the victim’s fathers last night. The interview went uninterrupted for at least 30 minutes; no commercials and no talking head commentary. This girl’s father went on for 30 minutes on how we needed more gun control in the USA.

    I watched CNN’s coverage of Donald Trump’s speech in Alabama a week ago. For an hour before Trump came to the lectern, they announced that they would cover his comments live, from the stadium in Alabama. Their “pre-speech show” was all about how Trump was not going to fill the stadium. When Trump took the stage and started speaking, they cut to a commercial break. When they came back, they did the split screen thing and had one of their talking heads doing a live commentary by telling the viewers what Trump was saying. I switched to FOX news to hear what Trump was actually saying

    I am sorry that this father lost his daughter but he used her death to politicize his political agenda on nationwide TV and CNN was right there to help him do that. And yet, when a presidential candidate speaks at a rally, they cannot be bothered to carry it live as they had promised. I think we need to be far more critical of the main stream media than we are.

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